Sunday, August 5, 2007

Double Digits

With perhaps more drama than I was hoping for, I did manage 10 miles this morning. I waited awhile to write, and yet I still am not quite decided on how I feel about it. I mean, YAHOO, I just went double digits and more than I ever have, but it wasn't pretty and I feel fairly yucky still.

It started with a huge storm. I wasn't sure if I should go or wait it out and risk it getting really hot, so, I went. It was quite a downpour! I really wanted to have fun with it and certainly never got upset, but it was a little rough. The rain part was fun, but the ankle deep, unavoidable currents in some places and scary-close lightning, not so much. My shuffle threw up the white flag at only one mile, if that tells you how soaked I was. Hope it's okay after it dries out. I certainly got some, "woman, you are insane," looks. That part, I kinda like!

The rain miraculously quit at 2 miles and good thing. I think the extra weight of the water and slogging through really took a toll on me as I was quite tired feeling. But, I came out of it okay and decided I could live with being soaked through. At mile 5, my sweet husband was sitting with the boys, still in their jammies and munching on blueberry bars. He had towels, dry socks, and gatorade. I was half way and this gave me strength. What a sweetheart!!

At mile 6, I had a thought, "I only have 4 left. Holy cow!? When did I start thinking like that?" I remember when 4 was practically a death sentence!!

After that, I held my own until about 8 and started to tire. Took a few breaks to gel and drink, but had a harder time picking back up. The hill nastiness started at around then and put me just about over the edge. I slowed and just kept saying, "head up, breathe good (yeah that's real scientific) and keep your feet moving." I made it to 10 but wanting to quit so badly. I could really rejoice in all this if:

1. My joints didn't hurt so bad -- ice has helped and my hobbling is now looking like someone in their sixties - believe me, I started in the 90's. Had a hard time even walking a little in the neighborhood to loosen up after the run.

2. I had gotten the message sooner that you need like 3 times the normal Body Glide in torrential downpours. OUCH. I am not a happy camper.

3. I had eaten more with the ibuprofen. Once again, my stomach is on fire and I have paid for it most of the day. Really got to see about some Celebrex on Monday. Duh, who do I work for again???

All in all, I will likely be beaming by tomorrow that I did 10. I'm sure I'll be back for more.
10 miles ~ 2:14:35 ~ 13:27 pace


Running Ragged said...

Woot!!! You did it!!!...and in a couple of days you won't remember the pain (just like giving birth ;) )

Once your body gets used to all that mileage the aches and pains, including the usage of IB will go down!

Again...congratulations! And Kudos to your hubby and kids for being supportive.

Running Hoosier said...


GREAT JOB.. way to stick it out and perservere.

And yes, more body glide is required when it is really, really wet out (like you, I learned the hard way).

The pain will subside and you will be out again to run and run further. Soon 10 mile will sound like nothing.

Patty said...

"Lady you are insane looks" are my favorite! HUGE congrates on the ten and in the rain, in my formula I would give you credit for 10.5 if not 11!

As encouragement I will tell you that my legs felt MUCH better after my twenty than they did after my first several tens. All the miles you are putting in will eventually get your legs to simply go along rather than fight you to stop. YOU CAN WEAR THEM DOWN!

One more thing? Are you eating some protein in your recovery meal? I have found doing so (like a bottle of Boost) makes a huge difference in my muscle soreness. The word is that it has to be within an hour of finishing, 30 minutes is better, and it should be a mix of protein and carbs like peanut butter and crackers/toast/bread and jam/apple, Boost, or even a chicken sandwich but remember meat is harder to digest than other forms of protein. FINALLY, after 2.5 years of running, my oldest tried this after her 16 mile run and said she couldn't believe the difference she felt. Give it a shot, it won't hurt you and may help.

Single said...

That's a big accomplishment! I remember my first 10 from two and a half years ago. It WILL get easier.


[And I did write more...I was just too tired yesterday.]


kate said...

What a sweet husband you have! That must have been a sight for sore eyes.

And congrats on your first double didgit run! That's a milestone worth being proud of, even if it was a little bit more painful than you expected. I will echo the other comments on here by saying it will get easier, I promise! You toughed it out during some horrible conditions - great job!!

Brooke said...

congrats on the 10 miler. Just think, pretty soon you'll be saying "Only 10 miles"

GB said...

Once you do your first double digit run, the rest get easier. You're doing great, Nancy! I enjoy reading about your training. Keep up the good, hard work!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Sat and Sunday were both nasty days - so good for you for following through. I bet you will look back on this post in a few weeks and think - wow, 10 was easy! - and now look what I can do!

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Ten miles is a real accomplishment--especially for a non-runner. Ha. Enjoy your progress and down the road you'll look at your training calendar when you have a 10 miler and see it as a casual run.

Ali said...

congrats on your 10 miler ... great job

Brian Hawkinson said...

Great job! I still love how even your pacing is, and in the rain none the less! I have never ran in rain and am a little skeptical... I always imagine rain/water in the shoes would cause some serious blisters... Was this the case for you? And great pointer on the body glide. Didn't know I would need more if it was raining, now I do!

Soon enough 10 will be a breeze...