Friday, August 24, 2007

Momma Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said....

Well, after a day and a half of soaking and babying my feet, one blister is completely healed and the other two are red and raging in the tissues underneath. I thought they were getting better, but knew this morning that a trip to the doc was in order. I now have an antibiotic which will hopefully take care of this, but I am definitely skipping the scheduled 4 mile run today.

There were actually some scary moments where the infection seemed to be spreading before my eyes, but it seems to have stopped progressing for the moment with some icing. Antibiotics should be kicking in soon.

I'm still hoping to be well enough to do 14 on Sunday. I'm trying to just take a day at a time. There's still lots of time, right?


Bill Carter said...


As a runner you are saying to yourself, "I've just got to do that run Sunday.". Its already on the schedule and if there is one thing we runners hate....its changing the schedule. In this case, yes hopefully you will be better on Sunday, but if not you have to take it easy. Let those dogs get better and know that a little down time will make you stronger in the long run (pun intended and hopefully smile elicited).
Hang in there.


Running Ragged said...

Smart of you to go to the doctor and get your tootsies looked at.

What did the doctor say in regards to you running?

Hang in there!

kate said...

OWIE! Take care of yourself and back off when you need to. But I don't need to tell you that. You're smart; you're a RUNNER!

Marcy said...

Ohhhhh my!! That sounds BAD! I'm curious to hear what the Dr said also. Did he/she tell you to stop running? Rest up for sure, no need to kill yourself running when your body is fighting an infection ;D Sending the quick recovery vibes your way!

Rochester Runner Gal said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your feet! Have you tried really good socks? Several years ago I purchased Thorlos and they really helped me with my blister problems.

Take it easy and rest those feet!

Nancy said...

Doc knows I am training and didn't place any restrictions. Right now it is self limiting until I can get a shoe on and then until I get the shoes figured out, but he seemed to understand "the schedule." He was most interested in what my latest long run mileage was and how much was my next. Nice thing is, this isn't like a pulled or torn muscle or ligament, the skin heals up pretty quick.

I do wear good socks and these shoes had been fine for 200 miles, but I tried a new insert for support and didn't get them laced very tight. I think it caused too much sliding around. The dilemma is, whether or not to leave the insert in and just lace tighter. Makes me very nervous for when I do heal up, but I do need more support than these shoes were providing. I have been trying other shoes too, but nothing has been just right, yet.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions and well-wishes.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

There is ALOT of time left. You have lots of weeks before the big day. Think of it as a present of a few days of rest that you had anticipated - do something fun with those adorable boys!

Patty said...

Even our blisters have something to teach us. Please share the lesson when you figure out what it is/was. Thanks.

Running Hoosier said...


I feel for you. I had gotten a blister on my toe that went under the toenail and thus I lost the toenail. This was all during a 200 mile relay, so I couldn't quit(really I couldn't let the other team members down). So I vote to rest the feets, I know the dilema of what ails afterwards.

DawnB said...

Good luck with you long run on Sunday!!

Brian Hawkinson said...

Sorry to hear about your foot. My best wishes are going your way.

I hope you were able to get your long run in, but not at the expense of your foot. Best of luck!

Bob - said...

Hope u enjoyed ur run today.... and learning more about how to take care of ur feet...

A layer of Vaseline is good to put on ur spots that u normally get blisters... larger shoe size, mine are one size half or larger is good because ur feet swell & bump on the toe box.. and yes good socks...I use smartwool.

Take care

Michelle said...


Blisters are evil!!

Were you able to run today?

Hope your doggies feel better soon!