Friday, October 24, 2008

Too Funny Not to Share

Tired of the campaign rhetoric, the commercials, the call in shows, the newspapers, the debates, the phone calls, the signs....

So you turn to Dancing With The Stars for a little mindless relaxation and what do you find?

  • Back and hip still hurting, sans running
  • Appt with ortho in less than a week
  • A little nervous there will be no answers but there's no sense in worrying about it
  • Really don't want to bore anyone with my whining
  • Swimming 3 - 4x per week.
  • I hate counting laps but I think 30 minutes is around a mile.
  • Last night I did 32 minutes of continuous swimming.
  • I get a foot cramp at 25 minutes every single time I swim. What up?
  • I attempted a couple flip turns - they quickly reminded me of the decade or two that have passed since being competitive. hee hee
  • I bought some flip flops for keeping at the gym. Somehow I thought I bought 8's and got home with 11's :S
  • Rough start to the Viv Weight Loss Challenge but I think I've righted the ship.
  • I'm thinking of dressing as a scary Cavewoman for Halloween and suprising the kids. I could use a little club right now.
  • Took my little one to the ISU game last weekend on a date.
  • We lost but I had the time of my life dancing and cheering with a 3 year old.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    The Plan in Bullets

    hMy doc and I have agreed that I will see an ortho guy who does a lot of hips (here to for referred to as He Who Does Hips, only because I couldn't think of a cool symbol). :D @ this maybe?
    +I don't see him until the 30th.
    xIn the meantime, I am not running
    (I'm sure you don't want to read my daily pain scale reports so I probably will not post very much.
    IWe did join a gym with a pool right up the street so I am over the moon about that.
    'I did 1250 tonight, kinda PO'd it wasn't 1600 but what do I know? I really haven't swam much in years.
    JIt could easily have been 1600, I'm horrible at counting and didn't time it.
    sI think it was around 35 minutes of swimming??
    "My racing suit is still from another decade. eek
    NNo amount of lipstick can really overcome my thighs in a decade old suit ;D

    YOne minute they are crying and fighting, the next they are reading books and telling me about the Eiffel Tower.

    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Speed Round

    • I'm here, I'm just swamped
    • I'm also hurting and haven't felt like blogging
    • I miss you all
    • My corneal ulcer is now just a scar, but only after being "debrided". UGH.
    • I've worn my contacts for a total of 4 hours. :D
    • NYC was fun although I wasn't able to garner a blogger meet-up :(
    • I could hole up at the Alex hotel for a month in Manhattan and be happy as a clam
    • I'd love to do a "secondment" ( I had to look it up ) and at least be there a little.
    • I also went to Chicago for a couple days for meetings
    • My colleagues are so dang smart and it's usually a little daunting
    • I haven't run in over a week
    • I finally faced facts that my hip and back hurt almost all the time
    • Apparently limping for the first 4 or 5 steps you take after any sitting isn't normal
    • It's worse after sex
    • This has been going on for a year
    • I know, I know, I don't like to talk about it (one of the few things)
    • I am saddened by my loss of mileage and endurance but I think I have to figure out what is wrong
    • An MRI is probably next
    • The words spina bifida were used about one part of one of my vertebrae in an xray overread- the guy said not remarkable, but STILL!!
    • Muscular versus skeletal? Can't seem to make the call.
    • It's hard to read marathon reports when I suck, but I still do read them. You guys really rock and I am so proud of you. And Tri people just rock times three :D
    • We might join a gym that has a pool. I'
    • My baby finds out if his broken arm is healed tomorrow
    • I am starting to realize what life is going to be like with two sports-minded little kids
    • I wish the Cubs would win a game
    • That's about it for now
    • Thanks for friends who inquire if I am okay. :D I'm okay.