Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Today, I did 13.9 miles, well, I physically covered the distance, anyway. The infection has waned considerably and the blisters healed. I felt confident in trying this after realizing I had tied my shoes very loosely and this is what made me slide around and get so many blisters.

I felt great, much better prepared for a long run than last week's calamity, with maybe the exception of being a little low on sleep. I had energy, I had stamina, I had hydration, I had tunes and a good, if not tentative attitude, but it became painfully ~ I mean painfully, people ~ obvious that I do not have the right pair of shoes. I did an 8 mile loop to my drop off, potty break, change hydration location. At about 7, my feet were aching pretty bad.

After that, every step was really painful. Of course, I wanted to get the miles in and we have been wondering if I just need to strengthen the feet. In retrospect, that last 6 miles were just agony and probably have added greatly to the misery of today. I should have stopped at 8. Arches, tops, even the outsides of my feet are screaming and swollen. I am doing anti-inflammatories and have iced 5 - 6 times yet I still am having difficulty walking. THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!!??

Yes, I have been fitted by professionals, yes, I have practice ran, yes, I have tried several pairs, yes, I wear good socks... What is wrong with me? Why are my feet so damn finnicky? Obviously I am going back to the drawing board on shoes, not sure what this does to the schedule and ability to stay up with the long run mileage. Supposed to do 16 next weekend, I would rather curl up and die quietly in a corner than try that with the current shoes.

I am so disappointed. This run took me 3hrs and 32 minutes. I looked at 13.1, well just because, and saw 3:18 UGH. You know, though, I could handle being slow if I weren't in pure agony. The thing is, I don't think I can do this again and certainly can't go any further until I have some sort of shoe resolution. In the meantime, I am hobbling around wondering what in the world have we been thinking...

I am off to Chicago for a couple days. I had looked forward to repeating my lakefront run but looks like I will be doing a 'test drive' on the treadmill with some different shoes.

Feet at Flickr by Stewart


Patty said...

I am so very sorry that your run was miserable, but YOU DID IT ANYWAY! Talk about a Hero, a Goddess,an inspiration!

I wish I had a magic pill or some answers about the shoes, but if you can complete the miles in spite of the pain you can figure out this problem in time. When I have a problem that I can't solve simply, I am not above asking strangers on the street if they have any ideas for me (that is how I found a job for my second husband that got him closer to home before the birth of our daughter).

You rock Nanc, congrats on making it through the long, angonizing, fourteen miler!

Moon said...

oh, your poor feet! :( But to reiterate what patty said, I still think it's AWESOME that you forged through and got in the mileage.

Is there any way you could see a podiatrist or a sports medicine doctor to talk about the problems you have with your feet? Maybe they'd have some insight if all the other stuff hasn't worked.

Ali said...


I don't know how you did it? It definitely doesn't sound right. Between the blisters last week and the pain this week, shoes shouldn't hurt this much.

I'm with Moon, I think a podiatrist would be helpful

psbowe said...

Shoe shopping is great though, good luck. Running with any pain is no fun, hope things look up soon. Have you tried expermenting with different socks too?

DawnB said...

Sorry your feet is still bothering you Nancy. I hope you have a solution soon

Congratulations on doing your long run!! Great job!!

Running Ragged said...

Congratulations on your long run. You are one tough cookie!

I got a blister on the top oh my toe during yesterday's 1/2 marathon. I named it Nancy, in your honor. lol ;)

I hope you find out how to fix your foot problems (I suggest a foot specialist), because someone as dedicated as you are should enjoy the runs, not dread them.

Hang in there!

Bill Carter said...

You are one tough cookie. Running is hard enough without your feet giving you fits.....
I think the advice to go see a podiatrist is a great idea. Better yet, if you could find a podiatrist who is a runner or consistently works with runners, he or she may have some better advice or treatments.
Feet stink! (literally and figuratively)


Running Hoosier said...

Sorry to hear that you are still have problems with the shoe fit and the foot pain. I know that how foot pain can be so aggrevating, well... any pain can be, especially for us runners. I hope you can find the solution quickly so you can get back to the tempo you are used to.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Nancy, you are amazing in everyway. If anyone should run this race, you deserve it because of your drive. Sore feet, blisters are the worst. You can hobble through other types of injuries or aches, but feet don't forgive easily. Have you tried asking at the foot school/clinic in DSM (drawing a blank at the name) to see if they have any ideas?

sRod said... I was complaining about stomach cramps this past weekend. I stopped 11 miles into a 17 mile run because I couldn't take it anymore. But it sound like you were able to make it through so much worse!

Keep going Nancy.

Bob - said...

Gotta be the shoes (u remember that commercial? )

IT is a pain the ass finding the right shoes, I am still having my share of shoe issues...for some reason my left foot always acts up compared to my right(little bastard)

Good luck Nancy on finding the correct shoes & good job on ur long run, fighting through the pain.

Scott McMurtrey said...

i have to give it to you for finishing the miles even in pain. great job. i don't know what to say about the foot/shoe issues that hasn't been said already. wishing you the best so you can get out and kick some boo-tay this weekend. :)

Michelle said...

OK, I think my feet are having sympathy pains for you.

That sounds horrid!! But great job getting it done!! I totally would have stopped at eight miles if I was in pain. LOL!

I hope you're able to get some answers about your poor doggies soon!!

Kent said...

I recommend you contact Absolute Performance in Waukee or Michael Lee, DPM from Central Iowa Orthopaedics -- they ran the foot/ankle clinic that I believe Amy is talking about. They did the clinic last in May of this year.

Brian Hawkinson said...

I feel for you, I really do. Foot pains have a way of creeping up and attacking, leaving you dumbfounded and depressed because you know this means you have to take a short break, even if that means a few days.

But you should feel satisfaction in running farther than you ever have before! That is a great job!

Single said...

You did a great job--you battled it out. I love a tenacious runner/non-runner. I hope you get relief soon!