Monday, December 31, 2007

Just Keep Doing It

Treadmill for 60 minutes
hip/back - shaky
shape - sickening
attire - censored
run - sad
Law and Order Criminal Intent Marathon - Scary and sadistic but also a savior

mile 1 - 13:00
.25 mile - walk
mile 2 - 12:00
.75 mile - walk
mile 3 - 11:40
.25 mile - walk

Thanks for all the great birthday wishes. I had a nice day and we took the kids to an ISU Cyclone game. They had a ball giving Cy high fives and bugging us until we bought them foam fingers. I hope to make 40 my best year yet, and not just on the running front. Thanks to all of you who have come on this journey with me. I really appreciate your wisdom, support, enthusiasm and friendship. I'm so looking forward to 2008. I hope to have a recap and some goals posted soon.

Please everyone have a great time tonight but be safe and don't forget to hydrate :D

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's the Eve of Something Big

i wish i were younger
i wish i had less wrinkles
i wish i had less pounds
i wish 07 had been my marathon year
i wish i had learned so many lessons so much sooner
some, i am still learning
but oh, what i do have....
i am so so blessed.
1 wonderful amazing man
2 sweet little men
who will still cuddle mom and say,
"that's enough kisses, mom!"
love my house,
great job, amazing boss, the best co-workers,
even great in-laws (can you imagine?)
and 2008 waiting for me
and whatever i want to do.
40 ain't so bad.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Just Do It

Mile 1 - 12:30
.25 - walk
Mile 2 - 12:15
.25 - walk
Mile 3 - 12:10
.5 - walk

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Texting Santa


My Need for Motivation

It turns out, I still have a lot of motivation issues. Life gets in the way of my running too easily. Christmas treats get in the way of my diet too easily. (just about everything gets in the way of my diet too easily.) I'm heavy and I haven't been running much. I have a lot of work to do. I feel like I need an intervention. I guess there isn't much left to do except just do it.

This is the reason I did 8 on the 8th and the real reason for doing an encore, 9 on the 9th (of February) Sweetheart Shuffle. It was fun to see the response and put together the results, but most of all, I need to keep pushing myself to run until better weather and fun events can motivate me. Thanks for coming along with me and for all the support I receive. I also get a ton of support from family. Thanks, Honey.
(Picture on Flickr: Watching it Snow by Artamnesia)

For the race: 9 on the 9th Sweetheart Shuffle will be similar to last time.
  • Run 9 miles on the 9th (anywhere between the 8th - 10th is fine)
  • Post race report (can be wacky, fun, serious, long, short, or anything in between)
  • Email me with time for 9 miles and link to race report
  • Not to worry, I will remind you again.
  • Seriously hot Mansteak Pacer has already been reserved.

Regarding that awesome logo:

I was already thinking 9 on the 9th (yes, sometimes I think in BOLD AND RED!) and started searching the net for 9 patches (3x3 block used in quilting). I found this really adorable 9 patch with hearts and realized a Valentine theme would be appropriate. I emailed the artist, Gretchen at heArt a day, to see if I could use it. Would this be insulting or cool? I had no idea. Turns out, she lives about 100 miles from me in Iowa, is a budding artist and is totally cool with us using her art. She even put the words on for me. How cool is that? How cool are Iowans? :D How cool are bloggers? Totally cool. Thanks, lovely and talented, Gretchen!! I know all my running blogging friends thank you too.

Let's get out there and run!!
(okay, that is mostly just aimed at me!)

Saturday, December 22, 2007


My present to myself (to keep me running through the dead of winter) and to all of you??

More on this beautimous logo (created by the lovely and talented artist, Gretchen, at a heArt a day) and the race to come. For now, put February 9th on your calendars, try to squeeze in some runs during this crazy time, and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!

I hope you like your present!! Spread the word...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MIA in a Good Way

Yes, I have been Missing in Action. Sightings have included:

I hurt my back so I haven't been running. But we didn't have much time for that anyway. Had a fabulous time in NYC. I may have more pictures later. The pics of me in the famous white bargain shirt ($6 and very glam with big flowy sleeves and beads) are at the United Nations. Curtis is looking handsome as evah. I heart you!! My partner in Iowa, Frank, also won and is with us in the last pic with wife Michele. We had a great time celebrating our success in New York.

This week is going to be really busy, sorry I haven't been by to see very many of you. I hope to have an announcement soon on another Virtual Race. (let the speculation begin...)

In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to YOU and YOURS!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

8 on the 8th Official Race Results

The results are in. The race reports are posted. The participation has been fantastic!!

If you participated, you are a winner. It seemed like a lot of work to look up everyone's age and come up with age winners, plus I just said "everyone's a winner"... Here is what I came up with instead.

Each of you has achieved a new title for yourself that can be used whenever and however you would like. Require your wife or kids to use it instead of please, rename your blog, vanity plates, you get the idea. Congrats to all the Breakneck Brothers, Sultans of Swift, Queens of Quick, etc...

Each of the race reports are so unique and clever, I had to comment and provide links. Many people reported "seeing" each other, complained about the lack of aid stations, loved the start time, and of course, raved about the race directors :D Thanks to everyone for such great creativity and wonderful photography. A few samples of the pics are included.

This race was dreamed up by Vickie and Nancy about 5 or 6 weeks ago as they discussed needing something on the calendar to keep them going. Why don't we create our own thing? As it turns out, lots of people had a hole in their calendar and wanted something to keep them going. We've heard from people who definitely would not have been out there but for this race and others who were going to run anyway. No matter. We're thrilled that you joined us for this Virtual Race. And now for the results:

49:18:00 (6:09) Marathon Dude Bill- We'd hate you but you are so darn nice, we can't. CONGRATS, KING!!!
55:35:00 (6:57)
The Toronto Runner - Hate to see how fast he is hydrated and on dry pavement
55:37:00 (6:57)
Left Foot. Right Foot. Repeat as Necessary - Not thrilled with the lack of medals
55:53:00 (6:59) The Running Laminator- Would you believe this included 2 min in a portapotty?
57:26:00 (7:10)
David at Lust for Life - Very first blogger to post his report

1:01:41 (7:42) Bob at Random Thoughts While Running - Leadin the Brothers - Picture of polar bear sliding in honor of racers
1:03:04 (7:52)
Doug the Relentless Runner - Great pic of him in the race T
1:04:43 (8:05)
Shore Turtle Running in and Around New Jersey - Race report in pictures
1:04:48 (8:05)
Reid at Life Strides - Bitten by a dog (OMG!!), also a great finish picture

1:05:55 (8:14) Brian: A Runner's Journey to Endurance - our Head Sultan. Hiked 18 miles the day before!
1:06:00 (8:15)
Brian Sawyer - Furthest he's run since 2002 !!
1:06:31 (8:18)
Ted's Running Journal/Logbook - Great description of all the runners he saw in the race - actually saw Bill win.
1:07:27 (8:26)
Peter: DC Spinster - Squeezed us into his busy day of running
1:09:40 (8:43) Topher who will Run for Donuts - Great report with cute kid pics!
1:13:11 (9:09) Vanilla at Half-Fast - Distracted other racers by wearing heels, you Saucy Minx.

1:14:46 (9:21) akshaye's One More Mile - Better late than never.

1:20:47 (10:06) Wes at A Code Geek's Tail - 1st Sir... Approx from the first half of his marathon using pace
1:22:44 (10:20) jahowie - Gutted it out on the treadmill
1:22:00 (10:15) Dan at If I Can Do It, You Can Do It - You want data? He's got data!
1:23:14 (10:24)
The One and Only Tigger - Report by Playlist Hits - great tunes!!
1:25:46 (10:44) Joe at Learning to Run - Had fun despite the icy conditions
1:27:06 (10:53)
Pat at Note to Self - Offered to take a penalty for not having to deal with snow!
1:41:41 (12:42)
Rob at Run to Lose - Injured himself but kept on going

8:08:00 (61:00) Scott Keeps Running - In a class by himself. Instructions for doing this race in 8hrs 8min :D !!

1:03:00 (7:52) Kristina The Marathon Mama - Not interested in 26 on the 26th - Nice job, Queen Speedy!!
1:07:42 (8:27)
Maddy from Gotta Run! - Treadmill runner -- attire censored
1:08:31 (8:34)
See Zanne Run - 8:34 for 19 miles!!
1:10:00 (8:45)
Our Little World: Journey to 13.1…One Advil at a Time - Nature girl who nearly petted a deer
1:10:16 (8:46)
Marcy...I Signed Up For This? - New Yak Trax advantage
1:11:10 (8:53) Amanda at Run to Finish - I left her out on accident - SO Sorry!!

1:12:05 (9:01) Wendy - yougetwhatyouget - Lead Sista. Ran with a sore wheel
1:12:43 (9:05)
Laura the Lurker - no blog yet - Inspired to get off butt, jog, and maybe start a blog (she did!!)
1:14:03 (9:09) Jamie's Running and Some Sauce on Top - Part of her marathon this weekend!!
1:14:00 (9:21)
Ovens2Betsy: Eat Drink Run Woman - Ran this race twice today, great pictures
1:17:36 (9:34)
Database Diva - Got the gear down for the right temps
1:18:48 (9:50)
Angie the Tall Girl Running - Advantages of the virtual race, great pic
1:19:04 (9:53) Dawn from Life on the Run - Oh Girl? A Hilly Route?
1:19:19 (9:55)
Running with Jenny - Split calculated from 10 miler with 9:55 pace

1:20:26 (10:03) Jess at 21 Days - Looking forward to next year - She's officially our #1 Goddess. (insert wolf whistle)
1:21:03 (10:07)
Susan the Bridge Girl - Thought she was crazy til she got her groove on
1:23:00 (10:22)
Amy at Runner's Lounge - Used "NANCY" like a cuss word, but glad she did it in the end
1:26:00 (10:45)
Marathon Moon - Uses spoonlet of ice cream instead of a shot blok
1:28:00 (11:00)
Lisa - Slow & Steady: Chasin Bunnies - Found a way to get 8 miles in
1:28:55 (11:06)
Micki Just Wants to Have a Run - Felt damn good when she finished

1:30:00 (11:15) Mendy at A Side of Grits - Not too happy, but this one will make her stronger (Our crowned Princess)
1:33:03 (11:37)
Vickie's Living and Tri-ing in River City - Co-conspirator in the race and a peach of a gal
1:33:44 (11:43)
Christie: Why Do I Run? Because I Can - First time she's run 8!! "Felt no different than 5."
1:33:59 (11:43)
Run Audrey Run - Part of 16 miles today, training for Disney
1:35:57 (11:59)
Java Mom - Ready at the stroke of midnight! ??

1:38:51 (12:21) See Nat Run - Running with road salt (She's our Lady)
1:39:24 (12:25)
Runnin' Ragged - Would've only done 4 today!
1:39:55 (12:29)
Nancy from Notes of a Non-Runner - Smart alek race director
1:45:00 (13:07)
Patty's Perspective - Interesting gadgets for cold weather

1:14:09 (10:36) Viper with The Booze Hounds Inc - 7-ish on the 6th? - GREAT JOB GETTING OUT THERE!
1:20:00 (11:25) Amy in Belgium is Fit and Fabulous at Forty-One - 7 miles in yucky weather - WAY TO GO!!
1:17:00 (11:00)
Laura's Life of L - Had time to squeeze in 7 miles - WAY TO GET OUT THERE
1:01:59 (12:23)
Pokey: Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Slow Poke - Got in 5 on the 9th -- ATTA GIRL!!
1:19:31 (9:56)
Flo from Step Away From the Cake - Found a way to get 8 miles in running and biking - WAY TO IMPROVISE - IT ALL COUNTS

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS!! (there may be a few late additions, still waiting on a couple times and race reports.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

8 on the 8th Race Report

Yes, Yes, I know, I organized the damn thing and then ran it on the 7th. You got a problem with that? I didn't think so. :D (why did you think I was being so lenient?)

We've had practically a foot of snow, well, okay, maybe it was 4". I thought it would be fun to run yesterday when it was coming down so beautifully, but a trip to the curb to pick up the recycling bin and a fall on my bum had me remembering the ice underneath. I decided the treadmill had more appeal than normal.

I did do a little carb loading and ate a pre-race breakfast plus a Celebrex for the ache in my left butt cheek. I forgot we have a new Tivo set up so I didn't have anything pre-recorded to watch. *moment of shock and shear panic* Luckily one of the high def channels had A River Runs Through It just starting. Man, that movie does it for me, unforgettable scenes and photography, sexy boys (back when I actually liked Brad Pitt), a love story and wonderful exchanges. This movie is good for my soul and was exactly what I needed to slog through 8 miles. I also had Man Steak T Shirt Pacer and yes, all of you to keep me going.

I didn't keep splits but started out around 11:30 and had to back that way the hell off. :D Well.... I thought I might be able to do it. hee hee. With a few walk breaks, hopping off a couple times to stretch the left side, and one trip to the fridge for liquids (you have to admit, that part is pretty cool, it's there whenever you want or need it), I was able to finish this bad boy in at a 12:22 pace at 1:39:xx. Sorry, my TM doesn't go to seconds after an hour has been logged. In the event of a tie, I will take closer to 1:40. :D

8 miles ~ 1:39: ~ 12:22 pace

In the end, I am really happy that I put this thing together. There is no possible way I would have been on the TM knocking out 8 miles today (nor would I have ever done a race in shorts and just a sports bra!). I'm seriously considering making this a monthly goal just to keep me honest and keep me pushing. Don't worry, I'm not going to drag you all along with me every month.

Please let me know when you have completed your race and posted. In true data girl geeky form, I'm starting a spreadsheet for the results. I probably won't post final results until Sunday night or Monday to give everyone time.

I'll leave you with Norman Maclean from the movie:
Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing to help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don't know what part of ourselves to give or, more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it those we live with and should know who elude us. But we can still love them - we can love completely without complete understanding.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

FREE RACE SHIRTS - 8 on the 8th

Grab your race shirts here!! No limit.

Take as many as you want and feel free to post on your site. Or feel free to take the logo and go to your favorite site and make your own. I don't believe Vickie received 20 orders for real shirts, but if you are still interested, let her know here.

Yes, Marcy, you can pick a man-steak rather than a girl if you like. :D

Monday, December 3, 2007

A New Dance for Winter Runners

I've been thinking about goals and resolutions for next year. Haven't decided what they will be, but I will make some. I think I am right around 620 miles for the year but most of this was run from May - October. I did guesstimate on mileage before May that was logged in my workouts on the company wellness site but I didn't put down exact mileage. One of my goals will certainly be around more consistent mileage.

In the meantime, my mileage has dipped to what I consider dangerously low. The main culprit was that nasty bronchial thing. I'm reading and watching all of you continue to put in amazing miles and be excited about the change of seasons. I'm healthy now and I've apparently mastered physical therapy :D hee, hee. So, it's time to do something about it.

38 degrees ~ breezy ~ icy on several walks and paths
11:28 .91 miles (12:36 pace)
3.91 miles ~ 49:07 ~ 12:33 pace

0 hip pains
0 foot pains
0 walking (can I get a halleluja chorus, people? this is a triple header miracle)
2 dryfit layers
1 windbreaker layer
1 heavy headband, might need more
3$$ dances (have you see this dance? It is quite a sight!)

I realized while running that I had a bowl of cereal this morning and a bite or two of cottage cheese. I was trying to remember if I drank anything at all today. YIKES. I didn't have anything to drink all day. I was SO busy today, I didn't eat or drink (that is for my boss who occasionally reads my blog!) I definitely need to do better on the hydration front. Mr. Hydration will probably have a coronary if he reads this....

Happy Miles!
Icy Path by MontanaRaven on Flickr