Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So, I've been recovering after the 10 miler ( I still like saying that!) , and after a few days of rest, I think my iPod is coming back to life after the rain, too! I thought it was a gonner. I did 4 miles yesterday, sore at first, but got it all worked out. Still enjoying the, "you did HOW many?" comments. Thanks, too, to all of you for your well-wishes and encouragement. RUNNERs are GOOD PEOPLE!

Been thinking about how blessed I am to have my job and everything that it has afforded me. I get to help really neat, good people improve the quality of health care that they provide. (The one's I don't like, I make them call me, Dr. :) ) I am passionate about wellness and prevention and giving folks the right tools and support to reach their goals. One of the things I do is teach health care colleagues new ways of working with patients that will help them make those ever difficult, extremely important, "life style changes". Perfect for a runner, right?

I also get to do some pretty cool things. I got to meet the President, speak to him and shake his hand awhile back. I got to go to Italy (I did not shake the Pope's hand - but that is the Vatican in the background!). I've also been working with some wellness and prevention groups to raise issues in the campaigns and national debates (this IS all-important IOWA and the Straw Poll is this weekend - can you believe the power we Iowegians carry?) It just so happens my cousin in DC does some PR work for Governor Mike Huckabee. Can you believe how this all falls into place?

Let's see, he's one of the biggest proponents of wellness and prevention, taking good care of chronic disease, but also taking responsibility for your own health, has lost 100 pounds by doing the all-important life-style changes himself, wrote a book about it (that I actually USE and SUGGEST in my workshops) AND, HE's a RUNNER!! Yes this is speaking to me both personally and professionally. I helped one of the groups connect the dots and line him up as a speaker for their next major event. How cool is that? (thanks, cous!)

By the way, not only did he lose the weight and start running, he did a marathon. I have included a picture of him finishing -- and YES, the campaign provided me the pic and actual permission to use it!

There's another good before and after at:

As I was thinking about how darn nice and what good people RUNNERs are, I realize, this guy is one of us. I really am not the typical political, campaigning type but I do like the idea of the importance of it all. I sort of feel like I should do more. I know that PR is at a premium before the Straw Poll. I offered to run with him (I'm sure the media would want to cover this) but on second hand, I really don't want to see myself running on the news!! Perhaps I will go to the Straw Poll instead and weigh in. This IS Iowa, He IS a runner, it seems the least I can do....


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

As much as the political ads are driving me crazy already, this is a good reminder that the candidates are people like us - with the same challenges. I like Presidents who are runners - they see to have more of it figured out.

Patty said...

I can see ALL kinds of benefits in seeing yourself running on television :)

I knew I liked you for a reason. You are LIVING your passion, and intent on making a positive difference in the world. What's not to love about that? Keep up the much needed, important work.