Wednesday, August 15, 2007

6 miles in the 80's

80 degrees, you ask?? Darn near, but I'm talking 80's Classic Soft Rock.

14:13 - okay scaredy cat, it's a hill and it's early but you probably don't need to go out that slow. Lovin this music...
"Baby, I'm a want you. Baby, I'm a need you"

13:32 - okay that's better, but giddy up, girl !
"Does anybody really know what time it is?"

12:53 - that's what I'm talkin about - okay it is down hill, don't get too cocky
" When You're in Love with a Beautiful better watch your friends"

13:47 - here we go up the gradual incline, wow, that IS different after that nice downslope, tried out the sport beans, not too bad (green to match my new shuffle)
"I'm all out of love, I'm so lost with out you"

14:11 - BIG HILL, but it felt good. Head up, good form, you're looking good, 14 what???
"Making love out of nothing at all"
12:44 - Yahoo, I'm done, I gave it a little kick, I'm soaked, I LOVE THIS MUSIC!!
"Chuck E's in Love"
I'm not fast, but I certainly enjoy myself. 1:21:24 ~ 13:33 pace ~ several classic hits


Marcy said...

Why is it that the only songs I recognize are from miles 4 and 5? My 80's inner jukebox really stinks :-(

Running Ragged said...

That's what it is all about, having fun and enjoying yourself!

Good job on your 6 miler!

Running Hoosier said...

Nancy, great job on the run... great music choices.

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

You've got more hits than that Time-Life 80s Collection infomercial...

Single said...

Such fun!


Nancy said...

Tom - This collection IS from the infomercial !! It came on after the superbowl and we were cracking up about it, then realized, we knew every song. It's been a lot of fun. Also compressed all the files so I have 10hrs on the shuffle. ( hopefully I don't need all of it on my long runs ! )

Ali said...

do I recognize a little air supply?

Unknown said...

Nice tunes!

Nothing beats a "fun run"

Have A Great Week-end!


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I am a sucker for music too! I almost said older, but then that would mean that I am older too! Enjoy your runs - it is finally cooler!

Nikki said...

LMAO!!! *waves HI* thanks for dropping by!

I sooo busted a gut at the "i'm soo outta love" as you run up the hill..I would have been so outta everything by then ;)

Great run!!

Scott McMurtrey said...

very funny! nice run.

if i had to choose an 80's song to match up with my runs this week it would definitely be maneater, with the road being the evil she. this week she gobbled me up.

Michelle said...

Oh, I love me a little 80s music!!!

Brings back memories of childhood. *sigh*

Sandeepqvlf said...

Nancy, great job on the run... great music choices.