Friday, August 3, 2007

Rounding Out Week 6

The rest of the week consisted of a crack-o-dawn 5 miler on Wednesday and a 3 miler today -- I just couldn't hack the early morning twice but it is getting pretty hot so I elected to do the 3 on the treadmill with a TiVo friend, Horatio Cane. Is TiVo like the best invention in ages? Man, I love it. I have a friend who says once you get used to it, you start wishing you had it for other things (like when you miss something on the stereo and wish you could just back it up!) I'm telling you, my husband has come up with some great gadgets/devices/ and all around nerdy techy ideas but this was one of his better ones. I liked it so much I lobbied for TiVo on every TV in the place. I love you, Honey!

The 5 miler doesn't seem that impressive, except I compared it to my last and then it was pretty cool. Not the same scenery as last week running a long the lake, but a little improvement.

5 miles on Wednesday ~ 1:03:48 ~ 12:45 pace (last week was 1:07)

3 miles on Friday ~ 35:58 ~ 11:58 pace (not quite as fast as my "running with a club run", but I can live with it!)
13:30 Warmed up as I went

For those keeping track, I have logged another mile technically in the TEN's. And, not only did I get an "impressive" on even pacing this week, I got an "impressive" from Tom at Runner's Lounge the other day on my improvement. You runners are so nice! Thanks to everyone for all the support.

Up next, 1-0.............Here's to new milestones!! ( I googled "milestone" pictures and they look a lot like tombstones so I think I will find a nice toasting glass instead!)


Running Ragged said...

That's awesome, pretty soon you have to stop comparing yourself to a turtle and move on to a faster animal! :)

I am running 10 tomorrow as well. I am still debating if I should hook up with my running group (45 min car ride 1 way) or if I should just trek around in the neighborhood. Oy!

Single said...

Thanks for your comment, Nancy. Sounds like you had a great training week. I love your blog--it's great to read about another non-runner!


Patty said...

I am so excited for you and the huge rush you are going to have upon completing your ten mile run. Get ready to feel on top of the world!