Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I started blogging when I started running, and I fell in love with both. I was not a good runner, not even an average runner!!  However, life at the back of the pack brought out the best in me!  I'm not terribly used to being so bad at something, but it forced me to develop a persistence and positivity that suited me well.  I even ran through the pain of torn cartilage for several months.  I've had some issues trying to get through the injury, and two surgeries later, I'm still dealing with it.  I'm not running right now, but I decided I can stand to get the attitude back.

I have long been a fan of self-improvement, specifically, health-related behavior change and how to help patients find their motivation.  Just because I teach the stuff, doesn't mean I'm always good at it!  When I was a little more successful with my diet, I had a little trick called the "One Pound Decision."  Any decision could mean the difference of a pound on the scale tomorrow.  I realize this might be a bit of a stretch, but it helped me immensely in the moment. I've decided to reinstate the One Pound Decision through out my life. What could I accomplish if I made these decisions with... my husband, my house, my work, my diet, exercise?  I plan on having fun finding out!

Thanks to everyone who has followed me here and to those who have given me encouragement for the past several years.  I still miss running like crazy and miss the community, comradarie and creativity.  I wish I could say I was healed, but I am not.  I am deciding next steps on possibly a third surgery, but there is no reason I should have things on hold forever.  It may be a bumpy road back, but I'm going to give it a try! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

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Man, You People are Loyal

Thank you so much to everybody who didn't dump me!!
I remember now how much you all mean to me and how you've helped me to stay positive even when I am at the back of the pack. I've missed you all, even my nemesis. :D

I think you've inspired me to work on the blog. I have to migrate away from http and I need to migrate away from 26.2 as a goal, at least for now. I was driving and thinking about a lot of things, my life, you, my husband, my house, my weight (blah), the decisions I need to make, the actions I need to take and follow through on.......
An idea was born.
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a start! I have no idea if the migration is going to bring you all along or not. Hopefully it will. If not, I'll try to let you know some other way when it is complete.
I'm excited!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Been a Year...

and I'm guessing no one will even have this in reader any more. Oh well. I need to get a few things off my chest. I met with Amy and Art today, running buddies extraordinaire, and I decided I need to do something.

I had surgery in March of last year to fix torn cartilage, rehabbed all summer and did not really improve although I had some killer muscles in my legs. We started investigating things and decided I probably had a lot of scar tissue tethering in my hip. I had another surgery in December only to find out the tear was still there and the stitches were gone, and yes, scar tissue. After fixing it a second time, I was in heaven for about 10 days. Then all the pain came back. :( It isn't awful, but it seems to be always with me.

The latest, after another MRI, is that we think the plastic anchor of the stitch came loose and is sitting in my joint. We can't be sure, but he thinks that is what it is. A big piece of plastic in my joint!! I have to decide do I want him to go back in a third time or maybe send to his colleague in Vail to get his opinion. I am sick of this and you see why I am not blogging. I'm heavy, sedentary, and kind of a mess. I have nothing to say about running and no encouragement to give. I used to be Miss Encouraging, Miss Positive, Miss i don't care how bad I suck I still love running. I feel like that was someone else now. (see why I don't blog? I read old posts and I can't believe that was me. I love that me but I feel like I lost her...)

Still, after seeing Amy and Art, I felt a little encouraged. I really don't care if I have to have another surgery. I just want to be better. But maybe I could at least get back to some decent workouts. Amy had done a slow 9 and Art is working out like a fiend. Man, I miss them.

Trying to decide what to do with the blog. It is not going to be supported much longer so need to migrate to a blogspot. I used to the love the nonrunner thing, now I just hate it. :P and Nancy 26.2 is out of the picture. :( I'm still waiting for some inspiration... I guess I better think of something soon.

I miss you all tons and keep up with you on Facebook if you are there. I still am in awe of all your accomplishments. I feel like I know so many of you and you have been such good friends to me. Thanks for all the encouragement and hanging in there with me. Keep running as long as you can and enjoy every step.