Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Move with me, People!

It's more than time to dust off the ole blog and to get moving again.  I did a lot of running and blogging in 2007 and 2008, but injury forced me to stop.  I'm still not healed, but I need to figure out where I'm at and that involves MOVING!! I'm also not too happy about what all this (mentally and physically) has done to my body.  I promised a virtual race and even dubbed it, the DIAGNOSIS DASH, to get me back on track and moving through the holidays.  Unfortunately I really did almost nothing to promote it.  A little word of mouth and a little prodding of friends...

Anyway, it did get me moving over the holidays so that part was successful, and it's also gotten me to be a little more honest with the scale.  We were definitely going in the wrong direction. 

SO, I did my 5k this morning.  About 1/3 was jogging, the rest a brisk walk.  It was just me, the dog curled up in a soft blanket, and a good re-run of CSI. Oy, the life of a dog!  The crazy thing is, it is the fastest 5k I've probably managed in at least couple years and the scale was the lowest it has been in several months.  Trust me, neither of these data points is anything to write home about but at least we are now trending in the right direction.  It was a low bar.  :D

Anyway, if NO ONE did this with me, it was still a success in my book.  And from what I'm hearing, a few people really ARE joining in -- either in spirit or moving along with me.  My sweet niece has suggested we make our virtual run a monthly event.  I think it is a great idea, especially since she could probably do 6 in the time it takes me to do 3, but virtually, it doesn't matter:  we were out there together today and we had a ball.   :D 

If you decide to move with me, either today or tomorrow, post something here or on Facebook, and I will include you in the "Race Report." ( no need to duplicate if you've already let me know).   It won't be as fancy as some of the Virtual Race Reports of the past, but I will try to make it interesting. 

Thanks, everybody!!  HUGS!!