Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Needed a Feel Good Post Today

Has everyone made their Fairy Double?

My other supporters, besides my sweet hubby and my marathon fairy, are my little guys. They wait on the porch with gatorade, usually still in their PJ's, and yell, "Go, Mom!" This picture was taken a couple of weekends ago while waiting for Dad after his long run.

Sometimes, when I am unusually slow, they yell for me hoping I can hear them where ever I am out there! They also fight over the gatorade so we have started making a bottle for each of them to hold. There is nothing like the feeling after 10 miles of torture to round the corner to cheering, seeing them run down the driveway to greet me, and screaming, "MOOOOM, Good job running!!"

Oh yes, 4 miles on the treadmill today, new NEW BALANCE shoes, my fastest 4 miles ever. 48:08 ~ 12:02 pace.


Tri+Umph said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for dropping by my blog and keep with the positive thoughts, they help more than you could imagine!

By the way, you're 'totally' worthy of reading my blog, I hope you can get something good out of it.

Good luck with the marathon!

Single said...

Thanks Nancy. It's true, when I used to do a marathon group, the men were all losing weight and the women were basically not. Boo Hiss.

BTW--That's a great photo of your boys.


Marcy said...

That is sooooo cute!!!! It IS great when you have your own little cheering system built in. Usually my 1 year old pops her head in the window and screams her head off in excitement when I come back down our street. The 3 yo however . . .yeah she's too busy watching Backyardigans or something more worthwhile LOL

I'll have to steal a fairy. You probably won't even want to know what I'll do to mine (if they have "those" options) LOL

Unknown said...


David H. said...

nice post. Hope the new shoes work out for you.

Running Hoosier said...

I like your cheering section. I am sure they can be quite the motivators. Great job on the twelve on Sunday and the four today.

Moon said...

Congrats on the PR! I love New Balance brand, and was using them up until my last pair petered out and I couldn't find a suitable replacement (finally ended up going with Brooks, but I'm sure I'll eventually have to get another pair before the marathon).

Which, btw, that marathon fairy is the cutest. I think I'll have to get myself one of them :)

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Your little guys are absolutely adorable! Great job on the run! The weather is going to turn and I bet you see that 4 mile time drop again!

Michelle said...

Great job on the treadmill run!!

Awwwww for your sweet boys!! My kids (well, my daughter, actually) encourage me when I'm running, too. They got to see my last race earlier this month, which was awesome for me.

That fairy is adorable!! I think I shall steal the idea and put one on my blog. ;-)

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

great post Nancy, and how cool to have ur kids cheering you on as u come around that corner...

but what is WAY COOLER is the example you parents are showing the kids.... such a huge impact down the line it will have, the kids will remember when they get older about how you guys MOVED ur BUTTS & did not sit on the couch and have them bring u a pop & chips---lolol

so CHEERS to many more hand offs of Gatorade NOT pop/chips :-)

Way to go SUPER MOM!! I will let u keep that Non-Runner thing until u do ur Marathon but to be honest YOU ARE A RUNNER to ME!!

Bill Carter said...

Congrats on the great run. I am always so excited for runners who can involve their family in what they are doing. It is greatest thing to have your own little cheering section.... I'm looking forward to seeing how you progress.


Running Ragged said...

You have adorable boys. Isn't awesome to have them wait for you to come back.

When I first started getting back into running, I went out for a long run, come home and my then 6 year old wanted to know where my medal was (thinking that every time I go out and run I get a medal lol) Precious!

Congratulations on your treadmill run. That is so much better than I would do on it. :)

DawnB said...

Your children are adorable!!!