Monday, January 19, 2009

Here's the Dealio

Hey Everybody I Miss Like Crazy -

I finally have some news to share. Here is what I know...

  • I've mostly been trying to keep the hip and back quiet by not aggravating them much.

  • My hip pain doesn't really change but the back was flaring some in Nov/Dec so I was just going to PT to survive it.

  • I continued to pursue care with an orthopedic guy. We tried ultrasound with drug, full course of anti-inflammatories, core work, etc.

  • Finally, when these weren't working at all, we moved on to the MRI's.

  • My back MRI shows 2 degenerative discs but no real complications.

  • If I can keep them in check with core work and knowing my limits, I can exercise!

  • My hip MRI shows a real injury, a labral tear, but no real complications.

  • I have had this pain in my hip since around August of 07!!

  • The good news is that this is an injury that can be repaired, not some condition or disease that I have to live with for the rest of my life. I'M NOT CRAZY EITHER! It really was NOT RIGHT. I kept saying it doesn't hurt THAT bad, but something in there is NOT RIGHT. I'm so glad I continued to pursue and my doc was willing to continue to pursue until we had some answers.

  • I suppose this is a new and unique excuse for my eternal slowness. :D

  • The bad news is that it will require surgery to fix, crutches, rehab, etc.

  • I am meeting with a surgeon on Feb 2.

  • Also, I can't really make the tear worse so I am free to exercise until surgery!

  • I went yesterday and did 20 min elliptical, planks, pushups, situps and jogged 1 mile.

  • Yes, I jogged one mile!! YEAH.

  • I think I was the biggest girl there. :P Everyone looked just amazing. Geez, I am so jealous of everyone and how little I can do and how pathetic I looked.

  • Despite this really mild sounding work out, I was light-headed and spent. So sad. I have so far to go. I was going to swim too, but didn't think it would be a good idea with already being light-headed.

  • I'm going to try to put some really meaningful exercise in until I get this surgery going.

  • I am trying to remember how fast it can come back with some diligence.

  • Appreciate your cheers, prayers, words of wisdom, etc, whatever your inclination, as I may need some major support through surgery and trying to make a comeback to some running.