Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Dogs Are Barking

Apparently I don't need a marathon fairy so much as I need a foot fairy. I am still having a terrible time with the shoes.... Once I figured out that the Brooks Adrenaline were probably not enough support (pain in balls and arches somewhere into the run), I started looking for other shoes. I think I have had two or three pairs home now, but something is never quite right.

The lastest was to put more supportive inserts in the older Brooks because I have not had toe or bunion problems in those prior to today. Somehow, I have managed to flair up my bunions and came home with a painful, slightly discolored toe. It wasn't black and was actually a blister under the nail. I have a rest day tomorrow but I am worried about getting settled into a shoe quickly as I have 14 to do this Sunday.

On the preparation front, I did much better than poker night! :) I felt pretty good doing six this morning other than the feet. I pushed it at the end to see if I could get under a 10 pace and sustain it for awhile. I realized once again how slow I am but the run was an improvement. No stopping, no walking, no breaks and fairly even pacing except for the one big hill!
6 miles ~ 1:19:03 ~ 13:09 pace


Brian Hawkinson said...

Ah, foot problems are killers. Just got over my foot problem, although it may still be there a little, and I think what I dreaded most was knowing that I couldn't run for a week, even though I wanted to.

I know out here our running stores make you try the shoes on and go out for a run around the block... Is this possible in your area? Maybe this will help with the shoe problem.

Anyway, good luck with the shoes, hope everything works itself out...

J~Mom said...

Great job on your miles!! I hope you figure out the foot problem! Owie!

I made a fairy, too!! Thanks for the idea!

Michelle said...

Nothing sucks worse than having shoes that make your feet hurt.

When I was in college, I ran in shoes that were just awful. Now that I am serious about it again, I went and got myself fitted at the local running store. I knew I had a problem with overpronation, but I never had a shoe before that helped with it. I do now, and I have not had any pain in my feet (or shins) following since I bought them in February.

I hope you're able to find a good shoe quickly!

Running Hoosier said...


Ah the feet, in running they can be our greatest allie or worst enemy. Hope you get it figured out quick.

My foot is actually feeling better and I am fighting with myself not to run this week and start next week, just to give it a few more days of rest and healing.

Nancy said...

Hey Everybody, thanks for your comments. Yes, I have been working hard with the local running store and trial running before I bring them home. However, a couple of blocks only rules out the definite no's up front, I have still had issues of either support a few miles into the run, or blisters...

I inherited some issues and also have very tender feet. I am confident that I will get it figured out in time, just anxious to get going. I hate for it to jeopardize anything, but I am just going to take one day at a time and hopefully adjust as necessary.

It is SO maddening though. Thanks for everyone's concern and support.

Marcy said...

Awwwhhhh man that stinks! I hope you get something workout out soon, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. Good job on the run ;D

Patty said...

You did 12 miles! Good job and congrates! It really stinks that you are having trouble with the feet this far into the training, but keep working on it, I know you can find the right solution for you. I was looking on the Runners World site today as I have had some heel pain myself the last couple of days. Check out the info on that site, it might be helpful.

Had you developed this problem earlier you might have quit, but now you are far enough into this running thing that a little foot pain isn't going to stop you. Instead it is going to teach you something about the guts and determination that is hiding deep in your soul! Let me hear you roar!

Jess said...

Well, if you find a foot fairy -- capture it and send it my way! I could use a good rubbin'!

Bill Carter said...

You certainly have my sympathy. Foot problems stink (and sometimes literally...) in that they are often chronic and hard to fix. There are the usual attempts at reconciliation such as different shoe profile, inserts, sock changes, etc. But I know that for me it is something that I just have to deal with. I do know that post run ice baths seem to make a difference for both my feet and my legs so I have added ice foot baths to my post run routine. Good old anti-inflammatories such as Tylenol and Advil also seem to help, but yeah, foot problems are a bummer.
Congrats on the great miles you are putting in.


DawnB said...

Nancy thank you for your shout out to my sister.

Girl, I can't tell how many pairs and brands I've gone through!! It takes a while for you to find the right ones then when you do you pray that you never have to switch brands!! then it happens they do an upgrade or discontinue the model. From my experience the upgrade just never seems to fit the same!!!

Anyway I hope you are back to happy feet soon.