Thursday, May 29, 2008

People Are Starting to Wonder

Yes, yes, I'm here, and I'm fine, just super busy. Sorry I've been majorly absent. I miss you guys. Thanks to everyone who is checking on me and thinking about me. I did not get tornadoed, although there was an EF5 north of here that was extremely nasty and took 7 poor souls. And p90x did not kill me yet.

The low down:

Wii Fit - several days of fun. I seriously doubt this thing would take any weight off but clearly it is better than sitting on the couch and it is fun. My kids are loving it although they are active little buggers and have been playing Wii Sports so they don't do a lot of their gaming from the couch anyway. If you were diligent with the exercises and yoga, you certainly would see some toning and improvement in balance. I really like the center of balance thingy, it helps you not only do the pose and hold it, but be positioned correctly and think about posture. This is also true in the strength exercises. Depending on the test, my fitness level or Wii age has varied from 33 (WOooo HOOooo) to 60. :P Not terribly accurate on the fitness age but it does show you where your weaknesses are. I am like 80 years in a tree pose on the left, but do it relatively well on the right.

p90x - Loving this to death although I have cut waaaay back this week in prep for the 20k on Saturday. This is a super and very detailed review that I found if you are interested. Written a while ago and she's not inviting any more comments, but I thought it was very worthwhile and accurate. I am definitely getting stronger. However, as this author mentions, if you want to SEE your progress you have to do the diet part. I think she said 80% of your work is in the kitchen. Crap. :D I have developed a fondness for Kenpo which is like kick boxing. Who knew?

20k on Saturday - as always the nerves kick in and I start doubting if I can even finish. My running hasn't been great the past couple weeks, but maybe that means I'm due for a good one. I'm wondering how I'm going to feel 12.4 miles north of town looking at the Des Moines skyline in downtown and realizing I am going to run that far!! Probably something along the lines of Marcy's poll about whether or not you have thrown up during a race. :D I'll be fine, I'm sure, just slow. I can't wait to see some friends and hopefully meet some new ones.

Someone said, "if you're a runner in Iowa, you have to do this race." (Dam to Dam is expecting about 7000!!) Well, then, IOWA AND INTERNET, I'm a runner in Iowa and I'm doing this race!! I'm excited that this is my first time ever being even close to fit enough to run this race. I have to remember and rejoice in that progress. I remember being totally in awe of a friend and her husband and wishing I had it in me. :D I also felt this way watching the amazing Hy-Vee Triathlon (a world class event that cycled within one mile of my house!!) last year. If I weren't going to Scotland I would definitely be doing a leg as part of a team or possibly attempting the whole thing. Now that's a year of progress. I've officially hit one year of fairly continuous running and for that, I am proud and humbled at the same time. In part, it is to blogging and all the great people I've met and who have supported me here. (Yeah, I get sappy and all gratitude-y when I race) I'm also going to go read Bingham's chapter on racing from Courage to Start. It always puts it all in perspective for me. Hope to be back with some racing stories....

Next week - Out of town for work

The Next week - SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be absent for awhile. Just a lot going on. And not much of it has been laundry. :P Anyone have a maid or a wife they could spare? I'm in desparate need.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Own Little Marathon

The Hub's away and I'm in the middle of my own little marathon. I stayed up way too late last night and not having fun like someone I know. I started one of my p90x workouts at 11:30pm!! Ugh. I only did about half of it because I had a stabbing pain in one of my quads. Crap. Have you ever sprung up out of lunges?? Ouch. After that, I topped it off with a little continuing education on-line. Doesn't that sound like a blast?

What I could use right now is a couple more hours in the day (preferably for sleep). The little one woke up at 3am wanting to brush his teeth! The boys and I have been having some fun time together, too. Here, the little bathing beauties thought that my hair towels were hilarious and decided to pose for their dad. We sent him this picture in Japan.

I managed 3.14 miles yesterday morning at a 12:14 pace (12:26, 12:18, 12:09, 10:59) on the trail at Raccoon River Park -- much more enjoyable than the time when the trail was all frozen foot prints and tire tracks. Certainly not fast, but it's what I had yesterday. I'm okay with that. I'm trying not to worry too much about that last failed long run attempt. Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement and words of wisdom. If I don't have enough miles in by now, it's probably too late. I am going to keep doing some medium and short runs until race time.

p90x is going well. It is something like 12 different workouts that are rotated at different times. The chest one is super hard - not sure I knew there were so many different kinds of push ups and pulls ups. Or, so many chestal regions that needed attention. hee hee. One thing I really like is they are good about showing you how to modify the moves if you need to. ( I pretty much suck at both push ups and pull ups!) Today I did Arm/Shoulders and Abs.

The Yoga session is a killer. I.Had.No.Idea. Yoga is hard, homies, and this is extreme yoga. All those poses POM has been giving us, well, dang, girl. I have new appreciation. And, ahem, I'm pretty sure I don't look like you do in the poses yet. :D Instead of giving you my hilarious and slightly sad variety, I give you POM doing it the right way. Yes, I stole this picture. Hope you don't mind. Some day I will look like this... (I'm really into men, but if I was a guy, I would totally marry POM.)

Oh yeah, and because I don't have enough to do...guess what just came in. :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching Up

After a virtual race, I like to let the results "sit" for a while. Plus, they take so damn long to do that I need a break. :D There is the added fact that I needed the break to get the chipped tooth fixed and shave the cavegirl legs!! Thanks, everyone, for making it another great race. I'm eyeing another one, I'll let you know soon. I know you are dying to have one more thing on your calendars. If you have suggestions, I always like ideas.

When I take this long of a break, I tend to overflow with stuff. I need to unload a few things:

Boston and Harvard: Great experience, loved the campus and the history, class was pretty good, scored a couple great books, loved the runs along the river (2 blocks from my hotel) although one of them was pretty rough. Had dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club and scored some great t-shirts. We all seem smarter when we wear them. Ate my weight in lobster rolls and clam chowder.

Boston Marathon Memorabilia - marathondudebill is the coolest eva. He sent me some stuff from Boston. Do you think anyone would believe I have an official bib, the warming gloves and a sticker that says I did 26.2?? Well, in my dreams would I be fast enough. My cabbie was cracking up when I said I hope to live long enough that age will offset speed. Thanks so much for the care package, Bill!!

p90x - have you guys heard of this?? some sort of extreme home work out, body shaping, boot camp type of program . I am still in search of runner body. You've seen me kicking myself, the epiphanies, the promises.... running just doesn't do enough especially when I have to rest my feet more than most people.

p90x was acquired through a lovely friend who shall remain nameless but knows who she is. We are loving it but it kicks our butts every day. I'd love to talk more about it if anyone has tried it. 6 or 7 days a week, minimum of 53 minutes per day but sometimes longer. Think Extreme - one day I seriously thought of phoning a friend for help in drying my hair!! Every day I think it might kill me and if it doesn't, I want to die. hee hee. This has to be doing something, right? I hope to have INCHES of results. I'll keep you posted. (I've completed the first 6 days)

My last long run before Dam to Dam sucked - I mean really really sucked. I was hot and red-faced and I had absolutely nothing. I walked and ran 7.2 miles but it was pathetically pathetic. Help??!! Do I chalk it up to p90x?? heat?? Should I try to repeat it?? I have two weeks before the race. I seriously need advice. Already planning to take it pretty easy on p90x the week of the race but I hate this because it seriously messes with my confidence. I've done two 6's, two 8's, two 10's, an 11 and a 12.2 so I know I can do this but crap, I couldn't even do 7.

I think that's all for now. The Hub is off to Japan and China this week so I am pacing myself with the kiddos and thinking about how to get all the workouts in.
Have a great week, everyone!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

10k on the 10th Cavepeople Unite: Virtual Club Run Race Results

Bloggy friends have united for a 3rd virtual race and the results are finally in. By most accounts, the race was a success.

There have still been some minor complaints about inappropriate (donuts and coffee) or non-existent race support. We are sorry for any inconvenience the run-your-own-route-at-whatever-time-you-like format has caused. There was also substantially less (maybe no) bribing attempts of the race director this time around. I guess we'll all have to live with the consequences.

Interestingly, I've never had more people fighting over last place and excited to be doing so. Perhaps you'll learn the subtleties of bribery next time? :D
Thanks to everyone who participated and thought about your friends out there running. Thanks also to everyone who said they wouldn't have run if not for this race. There were also many Cavepeople who ran with their club, celebrated positivity and just embraced the Cavishness. To you I say, BRAVO and rock on.

Speaking of rocks, some hairy dude is working on a batch of rocks for medals. Please don't anyone hold your breath.

And to all our friends who could not participate, be it injury recovery, taper time, race recovery time, whatever, please keep the club handy and know that we were thinking of you!! I'm sure there will be a next time.

We had some great pictures and inspiring reports, with many PR's to boot. Hope you enjoy a sampling of the pictures and the results with reports linked. Two lucky folks are actually getting a real prize compliments of Brianna K. Grant!! She has given me 2 copies of We Are Girls Who Love to Run. I've given these to Pokey and Lisa - Slow and Steady for their determination and grit and celebration of running. Please email me your addresses, Lucky Ladies. And big big thanks to Brianna - her book would make a great gift!

40:44 (6:34) The Running Laminator - It's a celebration !! A Legend in Loincloth
40:44 (6:34) Reid at Life Strides - Never fails with the cute pics and ran it again with a stroller! Another Legend in Loincloth

Nice race, fellas!! :D

42:08 (6:47) Nitmos - Problem with my aid stations? Fred's Favorite
47:27 (7:39)
Bob's Random Thoughts While Runninginclude nice outlined merits of the race. Thanks, Bob!! :D
48:00 (7:44) Tom from Runner's Lounge just went out for a leisurely spin around the Drake Bulldog

49:42 (8:00) Shoreturtle has nice scenery and is head BAM BAM BOY
51:09 (8:15) sRod got to run fast with the Laminator
51:27 (8:16) Brian is Running to Endurance and tuning up for 50 !!

52:43 (8:30) Vanilla at Half Fast - PR, you call that half fast?? We already knew he was a BAD BOY :D
53:34 (8:38) RazzDoodle - Wife made him do it
54:08 (8:43)
Kevin at 5ks and Cabernets - he called us a REVOLUTION!!
54:54 (8:51) Slow Sam played some pony tail games
54:58 (8:51) Aaron Runs Again and only engineers analyze that much!
55:04 (8:52) DC Spinster, Peter, ran this with his 10k training club

56:32 (9:07) akshaye - head rowser
58:14 (9:23) Zach at Knightburns hopped in at the last second
59:00 (9:30) Kevin has a unique reporting style using the letter H
1:01:50 (9:58) Topher may need some coaching on choosing routes
1:03:08 (10:11) Rob Dares to run a 10 mile race and cut us a split - nice racing!!

1:10:15 (11:19) Chad in AZ Desert ran double the miles - very DELIBERATE
1:10:29 (11:21) Eric is the Marathoner in Training who did this race three times!!
1:16:00 (12:15) William from gain health! is a new participant from Thailand!
1:25:00 (13:42) Scott Keeps Running on his way to Iceland

49:54 (8:02) Marcy is fast and funny and she's our Leading Lady of the Loincloth - Lord help us if there are pictures forthcoming :D

Nice running, Chica! :D

52:07 (8:24) Jamie wasn't to busy to run - First WHEEL
54:34 (8:38) Renae was so anxious she ran with us in April AND May
54:36 (8:48) Meghan has been working up her mileage
54:36 (8:48) Velma has a crimefighting blog but took the time to run with us
55:20 (8:55) Kristina is cracking open the introvert

56:15 (9:04) Amanda's the leading Bedrock Blazer
56:50 (9:10)
Nikemom does it all including spin class before a race
58:00 (9:21) Eat Drink Run Woman Betsy tried to DNF at 6.19 but Cavegirl dragged her in
58:23 (9:25) Karen at Working it Out... is an adorable late entrant - welcome!
58:42 (9:42) Jess was an early entrant and proud of her new age group
59:00 (9:29) Jenny got Tonya Harding'ed with a club - investigating Marcy :D

59:11 (9:33) Audrey experimented and it payed off with a PR - Very Ferral Feline
59:35 (9:37)
Shelley BEDROCKED this run - You go girl.
59:45 (9:38) Kaeti's been renovating and she was inspired to run her first 10k - YEAH!
1:00:08 (9:41) Laura was taunting us all as she did this run THREE times!
1:00:10 (9:42) Donna the RunnerMom gave us another PR!!
1:03:28 (10:14) Prehistoric Patty is not old, but sage and experienced. She is the only one to give herself a name!!
1:04:52 (10:27) Don't Forget to Water the Chia Runner - and stitch her up when necessary. ewww, so sorry.

1:06:00 (10:38) RunningNan fooled herself into 6.2 - She's Pebble's favorite pacer. (let me be clear - prehistoric means positively CAVEY and NOT OLD)
1:07:04 (10:49) Laura's new kicks are making her speedy
1:07:23 (10:53) Runnin Ragged - thanks us for getting her out there!! YEAH.
1:10:55 (11:26) Nancy, the original Cavegirl, gets a PR!!
1:11:48 (11:34) Lisa used the club. Her face is getting so skinny :D
1:12:34 (11:42) Nat worked out all week with the club. AWESOME.
1:14:29 (12:00)
Lily on the Road has some great pics
1:15:57 (12:15) Vivalicious had a new PR despite hurdles in the road!

1:19:00 (12:44) Eileen's the Running Knitter and Cavegirl with a Club - congrats on the new PR!!
1:19:00 (12:44)
Vickie's also carrying a big girl Club - she did 25K!! CONGRATS.
1:20:00 (12:54) Em included us in her HM
Amy at Runner's Lounge didn't keep track but ran pretty fast. She loved the drizzly conditions.
Lisa - Slow and Steady worked hard and enjoyed the moment
DAL Pokey claimed DAL with a big smile :D

Michelle J made it to 5 miles - YOU ROCK!!
25:17 Andrew smashed his 5k PR - WAY TO GO!!
25:42 Greg's speedwork is paying off in 5k PR - CONGRATS!!
Cranky ran a very real 10 mile race - Nice Going!

Great photo by
Laurel - thanks!!

Please email me if I have overlooked anyone. I checked posts to my blog but not my entire blogroll. I'll be happy to update if there are more results. Updated 5/13/08.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

10k on the 10th Virtual Club Run Race Report

God looked down on Cavegirl as she got ready to run.
Her tooth was chipped.
Her Bondi band was animal striped.
Her legs were hairy.
Her sausage shirt was tight and sleek.

He smiled and said,
My Cavey child, you are really working hard on this Cavegirl thing. :D
I have looked down on your world and many Cavepeople are moving today.
Many have already said they would not have done this.
And not only are they moving, they are happy.
They are confronting fears and negative thoughts.
They are countering with good things about themselves and their lives.
They have heard about your club.

You have done a good thing, Cavegirl.
You have made a great plan for yourself, too.
You have worked hard to confront your own fears and doubts.
This has not gone unnoticed.

And like the day I first gave you the club,
today you will have the run of your life.
It won't be easy, but you will have it in you.

I gave you the club, but you do have to carry it.

Cavegirl ran like she had never run before.
She ran away from sabertoothed thoughts that normally had claws and teeth.
She ran and ran and ran.

And every mile made her smile
even with the jagged tooth.
Her legs were hairy but they mostly were just strong.
Her heart beat wildly but she knew she had it in her.
Her sausage shirt even stayed in place.

Cavegirl decided that sticky fingers from gu would not bother her.
She laughed and smiled when He gave her a puddle to wash them.
She rejoiced at the beautiful day and He gave her clouds when it got hot.

When she stopped for a quick break,
her miles still stayed under 12, and she smiled.

And just for today, He allowed NO ONE to pass her.
People were only allowed to run toward her and be friendly.
Cavegirl escaped the sabertooth.
She lived to run another day.
She could care for Caveman and snuggle her cubs.
When the cubs asked if she got last, she just smiled and said,
no, mom won today.
Cavegirl realized she always has the club.
She just has to remember to carry it.
It might not be easy, but she has it in her.
6.2 miles ~ 1:10:55 ~ 11:26 pace (PR)

Wishing you all particularly cavey runs. Let me know when you have finished and posted your report by posting on my blog. Look for a full race report sometime Monday. Thanks, everyone!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Race Prep for 10k on the 10th

Have you:

g picked a 6.2 mile route (or how you might do your split if you are doing another race?)

g chosen a sexy Cavey outfit?

g picked up a sabertooth tiger necklace?

g chosen a hawt primordial pacer?

g let the body hair grow?

g thought about what your caveman name is? (sorta like your stripper name?)

g got your club ready?

Well, all I really need is for you to email me your time once you've run and posted a race report (nothing elaborate required but I will link to your report). The baubles are just for fun and growing your body hair is really at your own discretion. :D (no pics of this please!!) I do want to leave you with some thoughts.

The background on these virtual races is that I ran a HM last October and then struggled to keep motivated. 8 on the 8th of December was just an idea to put a made-up race on the calendar to keep me/us training - it came out of a suggestion I made to Vickie. We were joined by about 50 or 60 wonderful bloggy friends and the virtual race was born. We've also done 9 on the 9th: Sweetheart Shuffle. We had some really Lasting Lovers among our Romeos and Sweethearts. 10k on the 10th: Virtual Club Run is virtual race #3. I hope it gets you out there or gives you a break in the training or just something fun to look forward to knowing that many of us will be out there together.

The club and all of us uniting are the main inspirations for this race. I discovered my "club" one day when negative thoughts started flowing during my run as they often can, and I was successful at beating them back one by one. I emerged a little stronger that day mentally and feeling like a toughie Cavegirl carrying a club. Of course I picked one with a really cute outfit to depict this. :D Millions (or maybe a few of my most loyal readers) have carried the club running, biking, to the pool for laps when the baddies threatened to ruin their workout. Cavegirl has also been spotted on occasion. hee hee

Please keep the club in mind and use it whenever you need it. (as you can see from my blog, I believe that this can spill into other areas of your life and is one of the things that I am constantly working on. I'm thrilled to have so much help and support both at home and with bloggy friends) I'd love for you to celebrate during this race -- the power of the mind to be positive and combat the crapola that we can come up with -- and when the club fails, the power of your blogging buddies (your other club) to pull you up outta the muck. CAVEPEOPLE UNITE!! Y


Speaking of bloggy friends helping you out. I've had two miserable runs this week and was a little concerned about the long run. I had a fantastic run with Amy and Art on Friday. 12.1 heavenly miles. Amy picked us out an old RR Track trail that has been paved. 12 miles of flatness. The forecast was ominous but somehow we got a window of perfection. Not only that, the considerable wind was behind us the entire way. We decided it felt like the hand of God. The conversation was lively as usual and we had a blast. (except for the bastard gatorade bandit who raided one of our drops.) Amy even arranged for her Hub to be on call in case one of us (read that me) needed a sag wagon (our cars were 12 miles away!!) Thank, Jim! We all made it and for me it was record time. Thanks for one of my most favoritest runs!!

I'll have to tell you next week about the package I got......

I'll check in this week from Harvard if I have time. Hope to get some runs in while I'm there.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

10K on the 10th - PACERS

Pacers are here for your enjoyment. They can run with you, decorate your blog for the race or whatever else your little heart desires. Have fun....

You'd be surprised what she can do in those heels.

This girl is tough. Make sure you are up for the challenge.

Now, that's a Cavewoman.

Ahh, she's so cute.

Cool Cavey. The Jimmy Buffet of Cavemen.

Cavey Dude.

Hee hee. I think he saw a sabertooth.

Now, we're talking.