Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Real News Yet

Here's the latest on me. Thanks, everyone, for checking in on me and for your concern and caring.

I've been to an ortho who thinks I have an inflammed TFL. (that's the muscle that the ITB turns into at the insertion point) All I need is a little ultrasound, some stretching and a 4 week stint on anti-inflammatories. Ah, not so much. I'm not better by any stretch of the imagination. Pt Guy is sending me back and recommending an MRI. My next appt is Dec 4th. It has been a huge challenge trying to figure out if hip and back are related or separate and just what is going on.

Meanwhile, I have been doing very little, only a few swims. I'm afraid to run for fear it could actually get worse. I read an occasional blog but it is a little depressing. I'm wondering if I could still run a mile or two? I put running shorts on the other day for my treatment and they actually felt strange. Oh, that made me sad.

Don't worry, I'm not really sitting around moping. Too much to do, too little time. We celebrated 6 years of the oldest boy and 4 of the youngest. Parties galore, the piece d' resistance was 31 kids at Pump It Up. What chaos and what fun. There was only a small amount of blood shed and luckily everyone signs a waiver. hee hee.

The kids are growing before my eyes so I am making a conscious effort to be with them and enjoy, not always rushing them here and there and drill sargenting them around. We've now made pretzels and cookies in the new Easy Bake oven! (yes, they are both boys and they love it). First conference was interesting, the oldest is doing really well but I never expected the word "womanizer" to be used. What a kid. :D

Work has been really busy and we are awaiting another reorg. I try not to even think about it anymore. Although VIV brought me crashing back to what life behind the counter was like. :D Thanks for that. I love my job so I'm hoping for the best. We are also keeping busy with college basketball, 4 year old soccer, swimming lessons, and a few symphony and musicals. And December brings a bit of travel and whole lot of shopping. I'll try not to stay away so long.

Thanks for checking in on me. I am currently solidly in the nonrunner status but hopeful we will find some answers soon. Send good vibes...