Saturday, July 21, 2007

Seven, I'm in Heaven

Yes, 7.29 miles, in fact!! I started out up a big hill so went slow to conserve. My overall pace was 13:06 for 1:35:26.
13:28 (huge hill)
13:00 and the last .29 at a 12:07 pace.

Yeah!! I finished. I think this hurt joints a little more than last week, but overall, Cardio and nutrition were pretty good. I sometimes can't even believe I am able to run this far.

Thanks to all the gals who are posting and sending tons of positive vibes my way. You are really sweet to take the time and to care. I will be checking in on you. Yes, I did try the icy plunge, my land, that was painful. I kept noticing I was holding my breath alot to try to get through it. Hoping it pays off tomorrow! :)
Next week is going to be a big challenge ~ I travel Monday through Friday and need to do 3, 5, 3. It's one of those, we plan every minute of your day things, with extra early breakfast meetings and even evening events.... But at least I know what I need to do. As Anthony Robbins would say, if I want it bad enough, my mind will be working to figure out a way to get it done.


Running Ragged said...

Congratulations on your mile a couple of months you'll be saying "I only have to run 7 today" without even hesitating!

Keep up the good work!

Nancy said...

Hi lady, thanks so much for stopping by and for the encouragement. I hope I will be looking back like that. It is all sort of hard to believe! :) Yeah!!