Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Can Turtles Be Positive?

Today's run ~ 3.33miles ~ 40:06 ~ 12:08 pace.... some stride lengthening made this interesting and painful in new ways! Still a turtle but at least I am not struggling to make it, in fact 3.3 feels like baby stuff. Just when I start feeling good...some perky size 2 prances by, my husband starts running 10 minute miles (he's not even close to a size 2 or prancing, but he's still faster than a turtle), I read someone elses hilarious posts and feel completely inadequate and boring. Why do I do this to myself??

I am running farther than I ever have, more regularly than I ever have. I am doing it. I will never be a size 2 nor will I prance, and that is okay. And, it may be a while before I can do 10 minute miles but I can be really excited and proud for him. I am going to learn to be positive if it kills me! Just the other day some old guy goes by and I had just read about someone getting elbowed off the path by faster and extremely inconsiderate types. I decided to make a joke and yelled, "Hey, you're making me look bad!" The guy says, "hey, not at all, you're doing great." I think I'm going to go with that...


Brittney said...

Here is my theroy about blogging and running: you've gotta start somewhere.

I'm not a turtle, nor a hare. I'm more of a duck-billed platapus actually. I'm residing somewhere between reptile and mammal. :-) As for my blogging, I could care less how boring I am. I'm writing for me, and if someone else decides to read it then so be it.

And yes, turtles can be positive.

Running Hoosier said...


Be proud of the progess you have nade thus far... far better then when you were not running, perhaps, just lying there on the couch "thinking, man, I have do do something to lose this weight, and get in better shape." Remember this, A turtle will always move faster then a mountain.

Keep up the good work.

kate said...

Nancy! You're doing awesome! Remember when 3.3 miles seemed impossible?? Well, you've conquered that and you can conquer anything. I know I'll never be speedy and I'll never be skinny but I'm doing the best I can with what I've got. That's all anyone can do. Keep on keepin' on!