Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Running With My Club

3 miles in the books ~ 33:47 ~ 11:15 pace.

10:57 ~ this is techinically in the TEN's!!



Decided to go out and see if I could pick up the pace. Feeling really good after the weekend and it's only 3 miles. I suprised myself with a pretty good stride (well compared to my usual shuffle) and the first mile split made me really happy. (That reminds me of my two year old who seems to announce all his emotions right now, "I'm happy, Mom!")

I left the iPod home and just let the thoughts flow. It was absolutely amazing to me the negative things that just come to you. I have been working on and reading lots about these negative scripts that run through my head, about running and other things too.

"Marathon? What in the world were we thinking?" "IF I finish, I will surely be LAST." "Wonder if anyone will come cheer for us, I will probably look like death and either fall apart or collapse if I see anyone." "I will never make 10 this weekend." blah, blah, blah.

I actually felt like I had a club and every one that popped up, I beat down. It became almost comical as I imagined myself beating down the uglies.... I countered with: the health benefits, the fact that I haven't missed a run in weeks, the fact that my BP was 98/60, the fact that I ran 8 miles, the fact that I just ran a mile in the TEN's. I had to trail off some, but I didn't care. It felt like a decent clip and more importantly, it was a great run mentally. I was super winded but recovered quickly and had a mile walk home.

Two notes to friends ~ Patty, I tried high-fiving an innocent and unsuspecting old man walker. I startled the crap out of him when I yelled, "high five" in a total tribute to you and positivity and silliness. He understood about a step too late and we both said, "ooooohhh". He did think I was silly and actually felt bad for not obliging. I still thought it was pretty funny. I think I will try an earlier warning and maybe a younger subject next time! :)

Brian ~ Thanks so much for saying the "impressive" part was the steady pacing. No one has ever called my pace or pacing or anything related to my running "impressive". Clearly you still need hydration, man. Just kidding. I REALLY appreciated this!

Good Running and POSITIVE SCRIPTS - or at least go out armed with a club!! :)


kate said...

Look at you knocking MINUTES off your times!!! That's an awesome run you had there. I'm totally impressed =) Keep up the great work!

I LOVE the mental imagery of clubbing down negative thoughs like a cave woman as soon as they pop in your head. I'm going to try and remember to do this myself.

Patty said...

I AM SO STEALING the cave woman with a club image for those days when my negative message tapes try and take charge. What a fab idea!

Do ya think the old man thought you were trying to mug him? Ya know, knock him down and take his wallet? JK! I can't stop laughing at the image that your words started. I see you high fiving him and then go on to see him getting startled to the point of falling over with a heart attack, and you running back and trying to do CPR but being out of breath can't quite manage this, not to mention you are sweating all over him as you lean over...

But what fun. Things that are good for us CAN be fun. Especially when they spur us to do something we normally would shy away from, or are done spur of the moment. I am sure you made the guys day, but I agree maybe a younger victim might be able to give you faster feedback, while you are still within range of hearing it (I can make an OP joke because I am in the business).

Wallow in the postitive feelings of your fabulous three miles, and again, good job on the creation of your running club. Do I owe dues to officially join?

Running Hoosier said...


It was great to read your postive, upbeat, and humerous blog today. Don't you wish that all runs could be like this. That great time for mile one sparked a boat load of positive feelings I am sure.

I am sure that the older gentleman would have responded more quickly if he had not seen you beating those uglies as you approached. I bet he thought he was next, LOL.

Also, maybe the leapord skin outfit threw him off a little as well.

Keep up the fabulous work.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...


You know that "in the 10's" is the new 6's. Enjoy this great run!

Unknown said...

You ROCK!!!

Running Ragged said...

Your blog made me chuckle, I needed that...I can see that poor guy wondering what the heck was going on...like Patty, my mind played out a whole scenario...too funny.

Those running times are awesome! I am envious!

Brian Hawkinson said...

Thanks for the props, but I reiterate: keeping a steady pace is extremely important, and you have a very steady pace. Bring that to the marathon and you will have no problem.

Hold that club at the ready, because the absolute hardest part of completing a marathon is overcoming the mental road blocks that are involuntarily being thrown up. Most people assume they can't run a marathon, but in reality if they put the time in (like you are doing) and allow yourself to believe you can do it, then you are more than ready.

Oh, funny thing about the leopard skin. I ran a Half Marathon a little over two weeks ago and it was called The Jungle Run. Ha, there was a man running in a cave man leopard skin outfit!

Greg Johnson said...


Keep pressing toward the finish line! You are inspiring many.


Andria said...

That is such a great visual! The club is great. High fiving a random stranger - I need to try that!

Thanks for the inspiration!

psbowe said...

Running without your ipod, now that counts for some major points. Way to go on releasing all the negatives out on the course.

Fawn said...

It's great to just let those thoughts flow sometimes ... and to replace negative ones with positive ones. Congrats!