Sunday, July 29, 2007

Eight Was Enough

Well, folks, I made it! Set the land speed record for SLOWEST TURTLE out on a Sunday morning trying to look the part, but I made it, and I think that is the point of all of this. I actually finished only stopping at a couple street lights and once for a gatorade break. I had two gels, around 3.5 and 6.5.

Here it is ~ 8.2 miles ~ 1:50:40 ~ 13:22 pace
YIKES on many levels:
1. I can't believe I ran 8 miles!! Both Curtis and I have gone from occasional runners who do 2 - 3 to an 8 mile run in just a few weeks!!
2. The pace, I didn't feel all that bad but something happened around the 3.5 mile mark that slowed me up ~ man that was slow
3. Next weekend I am going to hit the 2 hr mark.
4. A few of my joints are screaming a little louder - at least the ibuprofen didn't rip up my stomach like last week.


That hill in mile 7 was tough but there is no way to avoid the hills around here. Just gotta do them and remember every step is making me stronger (hope that still holds true at slower than a snail's pace). I will be looking forward to trying double digits (the big 1-0) next weekend. Well, I will be looking forward to it in a few days anyway! :)


Running Hoosier said...

Great Job Nancy, eight miles is a tremendous feat. You have accomplished something that you probaly never thought possible when you began. Keep up the great work. Remember, them hills are your friends.

Running Ragged said...

That is awesome!!! Congratulations on another mile stone! Have you seen John Bingham's credo: "I am slow, I know....get over it." Makes me chuckle every time, because it's so true in my case.

There are many people who could not do what you did, slow or fast!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by. How exciting to find a Des Moinian (is that a word) and a running blogger. Since I am also a UNI alumni//fan - your note caught my eye.

Good job on your run. Maybe we can connect and run together! I am not going long, but Tom is in prep for Chicago.


Brian Hawkinson said...

Great job! What is most impressive is how you maintained a nice and steady pace, perhaps one of the hardest things to accomplish from the beginning to the end.

I've been running for a year now and I've just barely been able to get my pace to remain steady throughout.

Keep on keeping on.

Tom@RunnersLounge said...


Your progress is impressive, and you're going to be amazed as your long runs continue to increase and your body adapts. Amy has a good idea about connecting for a run. Keep up the great running and posting!


Single said...

That sounds like a great run. Keep up the good work--I'm going to add you to my blogs so I can keep track of your progress.