Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Non Runner's Marathon Trainer Book

After several weeks of sporadic training and wanting to get back into the swing (I was only running about 2.6m at a time), Curtis suggested we try the book. This would be a way of guaranteeing that we get our runs in 4 times per week. It would just be a given, we would have to get it in on our prescribed days. We made up schedules and decided on weekend long run days, mine are Sundays. Whether or not a marathon is actually possible and lurks at the end, who knows, but we would be on our way to being regular runners.

I started into the 3 mile runs early weeks and had some troubles with heat, energy levels, hydration levels. I have only gotten serious about running a couple of times (between kids and last fall) and it only lasted a few months - not very knowledgeable on the nutrition and hydration. Lots to learn and lots of progress made already.

Every 3 mile run I was thinking that I am going to give this book and the authors a run for their money. They say they have a great success rate -- only 1 student over the years did not finish the marathon. You just have to have faith and take 1 run at a time....

HOW QUICKLY THIS CHANGED from a great way to get those runs in, to hey, maybe I COULD do a MARATHON!!??

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