Monday, July 16, 2007

Seriously, Who Was That??

Well, I did the long run on Sunday ~ 6.5miles ~ 1:25:29 ~ pace 13:08 ~ and it felt.........GREAT!!?? I couldn't believe it. Who was that out there? The whole time, I was thinking "When is this going to get really tough?" It never did!! There were even hills and I seemed really to not have much problem. Yes, I'm still slow, but I am so excited to have had a run that felt good. And, this is the longest I have ever run. I had some stiffness and aches and pains but nothing that I think bears worrying about.

Because I am so slow, I had to go out packing hydration. I'm guessing most people don't need to do this yet at 6 miles but I was glad to have it and it was kind of fun. Between the fanny pack of Gatorade and tube to drink, the head phones, the watch, and the hat....I was feeling pretty wired up but then again, I almost started feeling like a real runner. YEAH! This should keep me coming back for awhile.

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