Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hills Kill

Well, I have been doing a little work on the side bar, thanks to tips in htmlgoodies!! Thanks for the tip, Red!! Exciting, although I don't want to get consumed. I do like this little spot and like making it mine. I love seeing the ticker too, although few leave a message. Thanks to jogblog for the great countdown timer.

I finished my mid-week 4 miler (4.36 in 55:50) and then 3.1m yesterday (39:52 - 12:51 pace, oh my). I felt better on the 4 than the 3 because I did a really hilly route. It seems like the hills just kill me. I never know what to think about that. I am always looking for less hills so that I can make the run. But is that the right tactic? Surely there will be hills to contend with, so I probably shouldn't be looking to lessen them in training? I keep thinking that every time I do them and have a yucky run like that 3.1, that it's still got to be progress....

And now, I'm worried about the next big step. My first 6-miler tomorrow. I hope I can keep going.

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Running Hoosier said...


Good job on the runs. Persistence is the key. Also the thing to think about when you are running hills is this, I think it each time I run as I had read it ina book somehwere. "HILLS ARE YOUR FREIND!" The will truly help you in the end. Great job on the sidebar. Keep up the good work running and on the html.