Monday, March 3, 2008

Quotes and Questions

Highlights of the weekend included 2 more cardio sessions. Class, can you say, SEVEN IN A ROW? That just doesn't happen in Non-Runner Land. :D

Saturday - 35 minutes on the bike - 12.6 miles and 20 minutes of weights. Oh yeah.
Sunday - Would you believe it made 60 degrees? I had the boys out doing hill sprints -- you can imagine the quality of these with a 3 and 5 year old. That kind of quality I like. :D Also got in a tough run as it cooled off and the rain started.

12:30 (this mile included lots of giant puddle and ice aversion which meant highstepping through snow banks. I thought I was going to die and never recover, especially since mile 3 contained a huge hill)
12:12 for .31
3.31 miles ~ 39:37 ~ 11:58 pace

By today, a major new blanket of snow. All right already. enough. That brings me to the Quotes and Questions - some highlights from the last few posts... Thank you all for your interest, support, encouragement, and all the laughs we share!!

Regarding some of the winter weather running and pictures
Marcy - Could this weather be done already?? apparently not.
Nitmos - Where are you running? It looks like you are running through every post card I have ever gotten! Mostly in Des Moines or West Des Moines, but also try to squeeze runs in whenever I travel. The picture of the bridge is at Gray's Lake in downtown Des Moines. This tells me a couple things, that I am working to enjoy my surroundings and apparently I am, and have been relaying that to you. Also, that I either take or look for pics of the area. I found a nice set of Gray's Lake pics on Flickr by turtlemoon. I try to give credit when the pics are not mine although most people will still comment as if they are?!
Megan Hall - Did it look like that when you ran? Well, yes to the snow cover and the bridge, but it was actually sunny when we ran.
akshaye - that's hardcore. tough as nails. I'd be the guy with the defrosters and heater on full blast. hee hee, thanks! I love being called hardcore!
Taryn - Good.Freaking.Goodness. You and Amy are hardcore. I would have met you and convinced you to grab coffee instead. One of my favorite lines lately!!

Meanest Thing
Shelley - We have daffodils popping up and down our street. okay, I'm not really bitter about winter, I've actually kind of enjoyed all the snow and this wasn't really mean. If that's the meanest thing I get, I'm pretty lucky!

Lily - when is your race? Dam to Dam is a 20k on May 31. This will be my first attempt!
Michelle - what is your usual daily mileage? HA HA HA HA - sorry, that just cracked me up.
Java, L*I*S*A, Lori, David, Mendy, Deene, Viv, Amy - Is there a tri in the future? well, I'm certainly starting to dream about them (and have been inspired by all of you!) but I've only been in the pool and on the bike 4 times. I might have a ways to go....

Four slow miles in Vegas
Jess - Just as long as you're spending your time in Vegas running and not high on crystal meth or whoring yourself out, I imagine that's a good thing, no matter that time. LMAO

On winning a couple trips and running with Wendy and Jess
Bill - I am so jealous that they get to run with you. Ahhhhhh, how nice is that? I consider myself the lucky one.
Nat - Did they have Ottawa as punishment? LMAO. Well, they don't actually "punish", but that might be good incentive to work really hard!!
Nitmos - My company gave us a coffee mug embossed with the company logo on it once. It was cool until the emblem washed away in the dishwasher. But still, the thought, right? Scotland sounds fine too. Another favorite line!

On husband and family
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about the pics. I figured the cheeseburger would be the favorite. It's mine too!
Lily - I really did met my hub on a blind date on Valentine's Day. :D
Taryn - You are right, smiley eyes, kind heart. The hub is a really great guy with a very kind heart and this isn't the first time I've heard that you can see it in his eyes.
Bill - I am a little biased but I don't think there is any greater blessing in life than family. They make the best of times that much more enjoyable and the worst of times that much more bearable. Amen, brother.
Greg Johnson - God has blessed you, Nancy. Yes, yes, He has.


ws said...

hmm. I thought you were just treating me to a day at the spa and a full meal, I didn't know I needed to go for a run to earn my spot in the non-runner family. you drive a hard bargain.

Marcy said...

LMAO! This was cute!

7 days in a row?!?! Dang that's pretty hardcore. I'd be lucky if I can do a 4 day in a row stretch LOL

And what is up with everyone having sweet temps over the weekend? Was NY the only place that got stuck in the 30's. Geez! ;-)

chia said...

We're sending it your way Marcy - The warmth is over Michigan right now which explains the 3 inches of water I got to slosh through during my run yesterday :-(.

This is such a fun post!! Thank you for all the giggles!

Michelle said...

Hi Nancy, wow i feel honored that i made one of your quotable quotes on this post!! Also, glad that i was able to "crack you up" It's what i'm here for!!

Great on the 7 days in a row! See, i can't brag about that :O)


Viv said...

Great post with the q&a session, I loved it. I think I almost peeded my pants with Jess's Vegas comment.
7 days in a row :-O you sicko u :-D
Great job!!

RunnerGirl said...

7 days in a row? You ARE on a roll sister!

Shelley said...

Mean?! I think my heart just broke.

J~Mom said...

Love this post!! I was thinking a tri was coming soon!!

Nancy said...

OH Shelley - I was only kidding. That's just me bitching about winter. I hope you didn't take me seriously. You are not mean! :D

Lily on the Road said...

You are doing GREAT Nancy! I'm soooo excited to be able to cheer you on (now that I know your race date), if I can do 20K, you'll rock!!!

thanks too for not one BUT two shout outs!!! I'm honoured....

hey, maybe your hub has a MUCH older brother, hahahahaha!!!


Jess said...

Lots of great comments!

So...wait, Wendy and I aren't going to Scotland with you? What did I agree to?!

Ben G said...

My father lives in Iowa and was telling me 2 nights ago how bad the snow has been. Something like 35 inches this winter???

akshaye said...

Love the post!

More snow? A few more weeks... We just inched past 70 today!

Bev said...

I like this post idea Nancy. Gives us a little more info. Thanks.

J said...

You are so funny! You crack me up!

Wow! for the 7 days in a row. You are rocking this week!

Lori said...

Aw, I love this post! You have been a workout machine lately! Keep going girlie! Glad you guys got to have a peak at the nice temps, too :)

Mendy said...

This post made me smile!!!

Loved the answered questions. From what I've seen of your time in the pool and the bike, you'd smoke a tri right out of the gate. I think you should go for it !! :-)

Yes, Yes, we had gorgeous temps over the weekend and it was nice!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run!

60 degrees, huh? Super jealous here. I think it reached 32 on saturday but sunday there was no travel advised as snow was blowing across the interstates and at one point they closed about 100 some miles of interstate! GO AWAY cold weather!

Jamie said...

You rock on the 7 days in a row. I am usually patting myself on the back for 3 in a row. I hear you on Sunday but we have ths snow coming this week. I want it over already!

DawnB said...

it was pretty nice today here as well, too bad I was behind a desk all day

Unknown said...

Way to keep up your workout streak. WoooHooo.

Also, I love how you responded to comments in this post.

I notice nothing that I have said has been significant enough to warrant a comment back, so now I'll try to leave something notable for future response.


(Tapping fingers trying to think of something notable)

(More silence)


Scott McMurtrey said...

i love snow so much i wish i lived in a snow house in a snow forest and was a snowman eating sno-cones.

Sherry said...

Ahhh... highstepping over obstacles! Gotta love (er, loathe) it. No snowbanks for me to highstep around here, but plenty of dogpiles and fire ant hills.

....and, you definitely need a tri in your future. :o)

Nikemom said...

You go girl - 7 days in a row. That rocks!

jahowie said...

Cool post. We didn't have sweet temps as Marcy put it here. we hit 40 degrees and it rained, melted the snow, and now today all the standing water has frozen!! Great job on the training. You have really been hitting it hard.

Robert Barker said...

I think it is a great gift you are giving your sons by showing them your commitment to fitness. One of the reasons I run is to show my daughter that it is important to be dedicated to your own health. Even at 4 she gets it.

Jeff said...

Great post, Nancy. I must say, I always smile when I read your blog. You are the Queen of Positive. And that's a good thing!

Vickie said...

Well we know this crappy weather they call winter will end soon. Good job on your workouts!

The Laminator said...

7 Days! Way to Go!
You're well on your way to 20K.
Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed your Q&A. Thanks for sharing.

Greg Johnson said...

You are the best Nancy!


Sonia said...

7 in a row? You rock Nancy!! I'm going on my 14 days in a row strike... but of inactivity... :S Not as nice as yours for sure! =)

My Life said...

I love this post. And not because I got 2 mentions ;).

And seriously... almost 13 miles on the bike in 35 minutes???? Talk about going nowhere super-duper fast!! It takes me over an hour for 15 miles! Let's see a pic of those weapons you apparently think are your quads...