Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Need for Motivation

It turns out, I still have a lot of motivation issues. Life gets in the way of my running too easily. Christmas treats get in the way of my diet too easily. (just about everything gets in the way of my diet too easily.) I'm heavy and I haven't been running much. I have a lot of work to do. I feel like I need an intervention. I guess there isn't much left to do except just do it.

This is the reason I did 8 on the 8th and the real reason for doing an encore, 9 on the 9th (of February) Sweetheart Shuffle. It was fun to see the response and put together the results, but most of all, I need to keep pushing myself to run until better weather and fun events can motivate me. Thanks for coming along with me and for all the support I receive. I also get a ton of support from family. Thanks, Honey.
(Picture on Flickr: Watching it Snow by Artamnesia)

For the race: 9 on the 9th Sweetheart Shuffle will be similar to last time.
  • Run 9 miles on the 9th (anywhere between the 8th - 10th is fine)
  • Post race report (can be wacky, fun, serious, long, short, or anything in between)
  • Email me with time for 9 miles and link to race report
  • Not to worry, I will remind you again.
  • Seriously hot Mansteak Pacer has already been reserved.

Regarding that awesome logo:

I was already thinking 9 on the 9th (yes, sometimes I think in BOLD AND RED!) and started searching the net for 9 patches (3x3 block used in quilting). I found this really adorable 9 patch with hearts and realized a Valentine theme would be appropriate. I emailed the artist, Gretchen at heArt a day, to see if I could use it. Would this be insulting or cool? I had no idea. Turns out, she lives about 100 miles from me in Iowa, is a budding artist and is totally cool with us using her art. She even put the words on for me. How cool is that? How cool are Iowans? :D How cool are bloggers? Totally cool. Thanks, lovely and talented, Gretchen!! I know all my running blogging friends thank you too.

Let's get out there and run!!
(okay, that is mostly just aimed at me!)


Wes said...

Cold weather can be so de-motivating. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an off season! All athletes have that. You need time to rest and recuperate.

Maybe you can find something to do inside while the weather is inhospitable, like yoga, or ninjutsu :-)

Marathoner in Training said...

LISTEN NANCY, YOU ARE NOT HEAVY. You can do it and we are here for you.

Heartaday said...

Aw, are too kind!! But then, Iowans are like that. ;)

Maybe I should have made red lettering on the art...hmmm.... :)

I'm pulling for you! You can do it! I will be sitting here on my butt. :)


RunToTheFinish said...

I'm guessing motivation isn't really your enjoy the running somewhere deep down inside, but it can be tough with the 8 million things on your plate (haha no food pun intended). So get out there lady! And boy do I feel you on the sweet treats I think they've invaded by mody.

Ian said...

I'm debating it. I'll probably end up doing it but I want to leave my options open. ;)

Topher said...

Awesome design, Gretchen, and Nancy, nice motivation as usual. Can you make just one rule this time, though? That people can't impose their mugs on that beeftart guy again. Totally creeped me out the last time, especially Betsy's. I would offer to pose as the beef, but I've had too many cookies this week and not at my best right now.

akshaye said...

I guess motivation is a big problem for a lot of us.. thankfully new years is right after christmas.. time to try and stick to those resolutions!

Stuart said...

It's real easy to let a bad day turn into a bad week into a get the idea, the trick, in my mind, is to break the cycle and start afresh the next day and go forward from there...easy said of course.

Just look forward to the New Year's Revolution!

Mendy said...

Nancy, that could have been me writing that first paragraph. Wow! I was feeling all that, just before I clicked on your blog. I'm in the same alley, girl. This Christmas, everything else got in the way and I made excuses for not running and eating whatever I wanted. We can do this! The motivation with running and loosing weight (even though I think you look terrific).


I'm in for the 9th!

L*I*S*A said...

I'm dealing with motivation issues, too, but I hope I can get a handle on it. It's easy for me to lose sight of goals with nursing school and working full-time. Ugh.

Love the artwork. Hope you don't mind if I post it on my blog to get out the word!

zanne said...

its really hard this time of year -the cold, the festivities, the errands, the food - everything seems to get in the way. now that the kids are home from school, i am taking advantage of it & sleeping in a bit - running later in morning. it takes HOURS to finally get out the door ... someone always needs something - but mama needs her run! i honestly think the only thing that works (at least for me & so its the only advice i can give) is to get out first thing in the morning before anyone is up. then nothing gets in the way. well, except the cold. the hardest part is getting out the door & then the first few steps.

it will all get better once holidays are over ... you need to cut yourself some slack! it is ok to back off a bit whether on purpose or accidentally -- you have found this thing you love to do & you are most definitley motivated. you'll get your groove back!!

J~Mom said...

We can do it!!! The 9 on the 9th is going to be fantastic motivation for all of us!!!!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

100 miles in which direction - I love her blog and work - I would love to see more - I have a home that is in need of some heart decorations.

Laura N said...

This time of year is just way too hard sometimes. It sounds like your job is extra demanding, too, and that makes life even worse (I've been there, and it stinks). It WILL GET BETTER! I love the idea of another race. I'm not sure yet if I can do it--gonna see how my training goes in January. 9 miles might be a stretch for me at this point, but if I have some good weeks in January then I'm gonna sign up. It's on my calendar at least, and I'll be working toward it.

You have a good weekend, girl!

Midwest said...

I'll try to do this one, Nancy... provided my knee doesn't keep me from it. :(

Pat said...

That's the weekend for the Canyonlands Half Marathon. Maybe we should all meet there? Count me in for at least 9, maybe more.

yeah, you should google that race, it looks amazing.

RunnerGirl said...

Okay, I'm in for the Sweetheart Shuffle. I will be chaperoning an 8th grade trip to Washington DC during that time, so I think I'll need the stress relief!

The Laminator said...

Hi Nancy! Will definitely run this one. Only caveat is that I'm on vacation in New Zealand, so I'm not sure where I'll be on those days, will definitely keep it in mind though.

Thanks for the motivation. Now I guess I'll have to start training!

Bev said...

Motivation can be tricky. Try shaking up your routine. Go run in a new location. Or try a trail run. The 9 on the 9th is a great motivational tool. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Yesterday was the first time I ran 7.3 miles, so the 9 should be just right to keep me pushing.

zanne said...

well nancy,

i take back all the advice i gave you about getting out the door first thing in the morning before anyone is up, so nothing can get in the way. PURE BUNK. i was up this morning ... dressed and ready to run. no one was up. but i wished neither was i. and it was 23 degress out. i went back to bed. i hope you have more luck with my advice that i do!

Viv said...

Nancy, I think my diary ended up on your blog. I am so feeling what you are saying. I am kind of glad the holidays are almose done as grinchy that may sound, but my will power gives into the food everytime. I am hoping I can get the mileage for the 9, but I am sure I won't. Can we walk some of the run :-D

onepinkfuzzy said...

i ADORE that logo!