Monday, December 10, 2007

8 on the 8th Official Race Results

The results are in. The race reports are posted. The participation has been fantastic!!

If you participated, you are a winner. It seemed like a lot of work to look up everyone's age and come up with age winners, plus I just said "everyone's a winner"... Here is what I came up with instead.

Each of you has achieved a new title for yourself that can be used whenever and however you would like. Require your wife or kids to use it instead of please, rename your blog, vanity plates, you get the idea. Congrats to all the Breakneck Brothers, Sultans of Swift, Queens of Quick, etc...

Each of the race reports are so unique and clever, I had to comment and provide links. Many people reported "seeing" each other, complained about the lack of aid stations, loved the start time, and of course, raved about the race directors :D Thanks to everyone for such great creativity and wonderful photography. A few samples of the pics are included.

This race was dreamed up by Vickie and Nancy about 5 or 6 weeks ago as they discussed needing something on the calendar to keep them going. Why don't we create our own thing? As it turns out, lots of people had a hole in their calendar and wanted something to keep them going. We've heard from people who definitely would not have been out there but for this race and others who were going to run anyway. No matter. We're thrilled that you joined us for this Virtual Race. And now for the results:

49:18:00 (6:09) Marathon Dude Bill- We'd hate you but you are so darn nice, we can't. CONGRATS, KING!!!
55:35:00 (6:57)
The Toronto Runner - Hate to see how fast he is hydrated and on dry pavement
55:37:00 (6:57)
Left Foot. Right Foot. Repeat as Necessary - Not thrilled with the lack of medals
55:53:00 (6:59) The Running Laminator- Would you believe this included 2 min in a portapotty?
57:26:00 (7:10)
David at Lust for Life - Very first blogger to post his report

1:01:41 (7:42) Bob at Random Thoughts While Running - Leadin the Brothers - Picture of polar bear sliding in honor of racers
1:03:04 (7:52)
Doug the Relentless Runner - Great pic of him in the race T
1:04:43 (8:05)
Shore Turtle Running in and Around New Jersey - Race report in pictures
1:04:48 (8:05)
Reid at Life Strides - Bitten by a dog (OMG!!), also a great finish picture

1:05:55 (8:14) Brian: A Runner's Journey to Endurance - our Head Sultan. Hiked 18 miles the day before!
1:06:00 (8:15)
Brian Sawyer - Furthest he's run since 2002 !!
1:06:31 (8:18)
Ted's Running Journal/Logbook - Great description of all the runners he saw in the race - actually saw Bill win.
1:07:27 (8:26)
Peter: DC Spinster - Squeezed us into his busy day of running
1:09:40 (8:43) Topher who will Run for Donuts - Great report with cute kid pics!
1:13:11 (9:09) Vanilla at Half-Fast - Distracted other racers by wearing heels, you Saucy Minx.

1:14:46 (9:21) akshaye's One More Mile - Better late than never.

1:20:47 (10:06) Wes at A Code Geek's Tail - 1st Sir... Approx from the first half of his marathon using pace
1:22:44 (10:20) jahowie - Gutted it out on the treadmill
1:22:00 (10:15) Dan at If I Can Do It, You Can Do It - You want data? He's got data!
1:23:14 (10:24)
The One and Only Tigger - Report by Playlist Hits - great tunes!!
1:25:46 (10:44) Joe at Learning to Run - Had fun despite the icy conditions
1:27:06 (10:53)
Pat at Note to Self - Offered to take a penalty for not having to deal with snow!
1:41:41 (12:42)
Rob at Run to Lose - Injured himself but kept on going

8:08:00 (61:00) Scott Keeps Running - In a class by himself. Instructions for doing this race in 8hrs 8min :D !!

1:03:00 (7:52) Kristina The Marathon Mama - Not interested in 26 on the 26th - Nice job, Queen Speedy!!
1:07:42 (8:27)
Maddy from Gotta Run! - Treadmill runner -- attire censored
1:08:31 (8:34)
See Zanne Run - 8:34 for 19 miles!!
1:10:00 (8:45)
Our Little World: Journey to 13.1…One Advil at a Time - Nature girl who nearly petted a deer
1:10:16 (8:46)
Marcy...I Signed Up For This? - New Yak Trax advantage
1:11:10 (8:53) Amanda at Run to Finish - I left her out on accident - SO Sorry!!

1:12:05 (9:01) Wendy - yougetwhatyouget - Lead Sista. Ran with a sore wheel
1:12:43 (9:05)
Laura the Lurker - no blog yet - Inspired to get off butt, jog, and maybe start a blog (she did!!)
1:14:03 (9:09) Jamie's Running and Some Sauce on Top - Part of her marathon this weekend!!
1:14:00 (9:21)
Ovens2Betsy: Eat Drink Run Woman - Ran this race twice today, great pictures
1:17:36 (9:34)
Database Diva - Got the gear down for the right temps
1:18:48 (9:50)
Angie the Tall Girl Running - Advantages of the virtual race, great pic
1:19:04 (9:53) Dawn from Life on the Run - Oh Girl? A Hilly Route?
1:19:19 (9:55)
Running with Jenny - Split calculated from 10 miler with 9:55 pace

1:20:26 (10:03) Jess at 21 Days - Looking forward to next year - She's officially our #1 Goddess. (insert wolf whistle)
1:21:03 (10:07)
Susan the Bridge Girl - Thought she was crazy til she got her groove on
1:23:00 (10:22)
Amy at Runner's Lounge - Used "NANCY" like a cuss word, but glad she did it in the end
1:26:00 (10:45)
Marathon Moon - Uses spoonlet of ice cream instead of a shot blok
1:28:00 (11:00)
Lisa - Slow & Steady: Chasin Bunnies - Found a way to get 8 miles in
1:28:55 (11:06)
Micki Just Wants to Have a Run - Felt damn good when she finished

1:30:00 (11:15) Mendy at A Side of Grits - Not too happy, but this one will make her stronger (Our crowned Princess)
1:33:03 (11:37)
Vickie's Living and Tri-ing in River City - Co-conspirator in the race and a peach of a gal
1:33:44 (11:43)
Christie: Why Do I Run? Because I Can - First time she's run 8!! "Felt no different than 5."
1:33:59 (11:43)
Run Audrey Run - Part of 16 miles today, training for Disney
1:35:57 (11:59)
Java Mom - Ready at the stroke of midnight! ??

1:38:51 (12:21) See Nat Run - Running with road salt (She's our Lady)
1:39:24 (12:25)
Runnin' Ragged - Would've only done 4 today!
1:39:55 (12:29)
Nancy from Notes of a Non-Runner - Smart alek race director
1:45:00 (13:07)
Patty's Perspective - Interesting gadgets for cold weather

1:14:09 (10:36) Viper with The Booze Hounds Inc - 7-ish on the 6th? - GREAT JOB GETTING OUT THERE!
1:20:00 (11:25) Amy in Belgium is Fit and Fabulous at Forty-One - 7 miles in yucky weather - WAY TO GO!!
1:17:00 (11:00)
Laura's Life of L - Had time to squeeze in 7 miles - WAY TO GET OUT THERE
1:01:59 (12:23)
Pokey: Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Slow Poke - Got in 5 on the 9th -- ATTA GIRL!!
1:19:31 (9:56)
Flo from Step Away From the Cake - Found a way to get 8 miles in running and biking - WAY TO IMPROVISE - IT ALL COUNTS

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS!! (there may be a few late additions, still waiting on a couple times and race reports.)


Wes said...

LOL! Thanks, Nancy! In truth, you were the best RD ever :-)

Nitmos said...

Nice job runners! Excellent virtual race directing as well. It went virtually flawless.

Kristina said...

you're amazing! i've never won a race, so i hope those last couple of runners to report don't bump me from my spot. figures the only race i'm ever likely to win does not involve a cash prize. super fun and thanks for organizing us.

Tri+Umph said...

Just for the record, I let Bill win.

David said...

How very creative! Thanks for all the work putting this together.

Mendy said...

Nancy!!! You and Vickie are the BEST race directors I've seen! Seriously, this was fun, and I really enjoyed it. Loved the race results report. That's awesome what you gals did!!!

((clap hands))))

Bill Carter said...

Thanks for doing this Nancy. You gave us all a little something to look forward to and the participation was fantastic for the inaugural race. I am constantly awed by the friendly, supportive nature of runners... and than I meet someone like you who takes it to a whole new level.
Sending you lots of positive vibes from Michigan. :-)
Just for the record Doug did part of his on his shiny, new bike...

Nancy said...

Sadly, BIll is now MORE THAN TWICE ss fast as me!! hee hee

Thanks for all the great comments. This was fun to do. Came up with the idea of "flights" from my golf days, and everyone is a winner so you deserve a great title to flaunt around.

David and Mendy are going to drive each other crazy, call me King, well I'm a princess. :D

Nat said...

I won a category! LMAO... :)Thank you. I am so making my coworkers call me that!

I think "with road salt" is an understatement. I think "in road salt" is more accurate.

Great idea... :)

Laura said...

Thanks Nancy! While I'm one of those runners who love the pomp and circumstance of the spectators at non-virtual races, the titles (and my highest placement ever) definitely made up for it. Sign me up for any future races you direct! Also, I have to love any race that inspires me not only to get off my butt and run, but also to finally start a blog. Looks like you tricked another one into the blogger community :)

RunToTheFinish said...

Now Nancy, I was the very first post in the Runner's Lounge, which clearly made me the official winner and so that's probably why you didn't include me...but SNIIIIFFFF you didn't include me.

renae said...

Nancy - you are the Queen of Race Directors everywhere! This was so fantastic - thanks again!

kate said...

Hey Nancy! You can put me DFL!! Took me about 24 hours but I got it in there. =) Thanks for keeping the finish line open for me.

The Laminator said...

Thanks again Nancy for organizing the race! I had a lot of fun, even if I had to spent 2 minutes in a portapotty.

We all want to know if you're going to do this again? I for one need a bit of redemption...

Unknown said...

Hat off to you for doing a terrific job of putting this together! I have enjoyed reading the bloggers' reports on "8 on the 8th". We ought to do it again!

Marcy said...

Nancy you're so stinkin cute!! Thanks so much for putting this on! It was soooo much fun!! ;D ;D ;D Next year I'm SOOOOOOO going to smoke Bill (on my bike of course LOL)

Topher said...

I'm glad at least one Kansas Citian (Amanda) placed (even though I "duded" her). Is duded the opposite of chicked? She and I have a bit of a competition going since she chicked me in our last real race. I have my donut medal, so that's all I need, 'cept maybe this remote, but I don't need nothin' else (reference to The Jerk - one of the funniest movies of all time).


Unknown said...

Awesome race directorship. You linked everyone, their times, and a snippit from the race report. Gosh, that was probably harders and took longer than running the darn thing.


PNW Runner said...

Oooh nooo, how in the world did I miss out on such a FUN event!!! I definitely had a shot at winning a category.... oh well. Congrats on the job well done Nancy!

akshaye said...

Hey nancy.. thanks for doing this! I just finished and posted my report.. so late that the RD should kick me off!

David H. said...

Maybe next year. :)

Christie said...

Nancy, thanks for putting this together. I'm looking forward to the next one :)

Bob A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob A said...

Thanks, Nancy and Vickie. Great job pulling this together. That was the smoothest start of any race I've ever run -- no bumping, pushing, stumbling, dodging feet, getting stepped on from behind. Everybody was so polite.

Official results are really creative. I can dig being a "Breakneck Brother"!


Scott McMurtrey said...

Congratulations on a wonderful turnout!

It was a bunch of fun. :)

Bob - said...

WOW I will say that you guys are the BEST Virtual RD's on the net!!

SOrry I wasn't able to participate but had a great time following along and look forward to running the next one...

Awesome and very creative re-cap...being in sales & marketing for 15 years I love to see the creative side of peeps and CONGRATS you both get a big flat A+ ...WAy to go!

Laura N said...

WOW, what an awesome job you did of putting everyone together. Thank you for taking the time, Nancy. RBF's are da bomb, and truly, one of the reasons I keep running! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

nwgdc said...

uh, me too. what doug said.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Thanks Nancy! This was the first set of race results that I have read and actually enjoyed reading!

You inspired me to do the virtual Holiday party because it was so much fun hanging out and running this race with everyone!

And when is the next one?

Brian Hawkinson said...

Great results page... I love the links... I'll refer to this a lot to read other people's blogs I haven't read before...


Michelle said...

Nancy, if you and Vickie decide to do another one of these virtual races, I am in!! I had a blast and didn't finish last!! Woo hoo!!!

Great job, everyone!

ws said...

thanks again, Nancy. I'll hold off on my lawsuit, I guess.

Debbi said...

Aw, this really makes me feel bad that I didn't try harder for a finish. Next time! I promise!

Great wrap-up, Nancy ... stunning, actually.

Jess said...

Wow, Nancy, you're one helluva race director! Thanks for coordinating and then going to the trouble to post the results!

I'm glad I fell right in the middle of the women. Feels just right there.

Pokey said...

Nancy, you are an AWESOME RD!!!

And've been TAGGED! Check my blog :P

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Sorry for the confusion Nancy with the results. Great job getting this together and working all the results. It was a blast running in the event.

jahowie said...

Awesome results page. Thanks for putting this together. :-)

Unknown said...

Hmmmm... shall we do this again on 08/08/08 at 08:08 a.m. next year for 8 on the 8th, Part II.

B. Kramer said...

Me, inspirational? PFffft! Yeah! Right!

Thanks for your organization.

Ali said...

Nancy, seriously, you should become a race director. You did an amazing job.

Topher said...

Sorry, I goofed, too. I posted my results over at Runner's Lounge, but didn't know to post them here also to get included. Here's my report if you didn't see it at RL.

By the way, are you taking time off work to do this? Or do you just have a really cool boss? Either way, you rock!

Susan said...

You get the award for best and funniest race report ever!
Thanks again...I'll be watching for the next one.

Vickie said...

Nancy, thanks for posting all the links. Very interesting reports! And let's keep the fun rolling and think up a challenge for January. How about run every day for a week or something like that? I know from past experience that one good way to boost your mileage and get the body used to more running is to do several days in a row. Nothing hard or long if you don't want to, just something every day for a week.

DawnB said...

thanks Nancy, you win race director of year :)

Unknown said...

This indeed was a real hoot! Thank you so much for organizing this.

Razz said...

VERY bummed I learned about the virtual race after the race! Maybe I should pay more attention. Congrats to all!

J~Mom said...

This is just awesome!!!!!!! You just have to do it again!!! Thanks for ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!

Viv said...

What an awesome race director. I love the comments you posted by the participants times. I was a spectator this time, I hope there will be a 2nd annual. Congrats on your 8!

Found your blog by some of the racers that raved about their race directors :D

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a great turnout for the race! I think it will definitely be something that needs to be done again! That way I can join in next time!

flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...

nancy; great stuff; very motivational....hope all is swell with you and yours...
da' hitman

Brooke said...

I'm so sad that I forgot the 8 on the 8th.

P.O.M. said...

You are the best race director ever. I didn't run at all (obviously). But I am up to about 4 miles now... gettin' there again. Hopefully soon.

sRod said...

Thanks for putting this together Nancy! Awesome idea...but next time, can we have it during a warmer time of year?

I finally got my race recap up today. Sheesh, am I a slacker or what? You can add me to the list just above Vanilla.