Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's About the Journey

There are advantages to working for Gi-normous Company, USA. I am out of town with a laptop crash, call some guy, and he fedexes me one overnight. A new one is waiting in my room by 10am the next morning, I type in a password and connect to the internet in less than 5 minutes. That was cool, well, except for the crash part. Hopefully the precious docs can be saved.

Been mulling over this name change thingy. There were some fantastic ideas. Probably the favorite was:

I'm a got a F%$#'en problem with that!!...Nancy" from Chad. Hee hee, that just makes me laugh.

By now you are saying, hmmmmm, I've been duped. She's not actually using that. There is no stinking poll. She promised us a poll. Well, actually, many of you said that you know me and are used to me as Non-Runner Nancy but also gave me some great suggestions. Nancy the Great and The Runner Formerly Known as Non-Runner Nancy are also favs. But I started thinking after I wrote the last post, that it really has meaning to me. The book, the life changes, the help my sweet hubby gave me around this project, the fact that it is a journey. And then Jamie said, she liked it because it had meaning to me. That spoke to me. :)

I hope you guys will understand, there is meaning in this, it is a journey and more than just about running. Some day, I may cross out the NON, but for now, THIS IS WHERE I AM. I don't mind the ribbing. :D

For being great sports with creative ideas and helpful hints, for making me laugh, for gently ribbing and also understanding that there is meaning, these are why I just love you guys. I've decided that since Chad's was my favorite and Jamie's gave me the nudge, I'm sending you both something. Hmmm, Starbuck's or halloween candy, you can let me know with your addresses at It will be a few days since I am out of town.

I ran recovery yesterday(2.81miles) and today (3.05miles). OOOUUCHIE. Not much energy and the tops of my feet hurt. I'm thinking either I didn't get my shoes off soon enough after the race or they are aggravated for some other reason, like, maybe, all day in dress shoes sitting in stinking meetings? No, they are not even cute heels.

I'm also going to start logging my PT exercises to see the progress and keep me honest. This is everything, but I will probably just log planks and pushups to see improvement.
  • Plank - 30 count (goal - 2 minutes)
  • L and R side plank - 15 count (goal - 1 minute)
  • Girlie Pushups - 15 (goal 50)
  • One leg balance while shaking head - 10 count (goal - longer with more body movements, eyes closed)
  • L and R lunges @ straight, 45, 90, and 135 degrees - 5 reps
  • Ball between leg squats - 10
  • Lots of hip, leg, foot and toe stretches.
I will let you know if I start to get runner body. Hee hee.


ws said...

blame the real shoes. I plan to invoke the "can't I just wear sneakers I'm training for a marathon" complaint this week since I'm traveling on biz too. enjoy the rest of your trip...

J~Mom said...

Chad doesn't like Starbucks so he said mail his gift card to me. ;>)

Hey, can your company mail me a laptop...did you read my computer crashed too?

Laura N said...

Sounds like a good decision about the blog name. It was fun reading other's ideas!

I thought of you yesterday when I ran 5 miles--because I'd just read your 10 mile race report before my run--and thought "wow, Nancy ran twice as long as I did and I'm wiped out!" Just bowing to your greatness here.... =)

Hope the rest of your business trip gos well.

Wes said...

I like your nic. Says something about it you, even if we don't believe it is true :-)

Feet swell when you run, you mighta had them a bit too tight.

Safe trip home :-)

RunToTheFinish said...

Agreed, running in every since is about the journey. Even if you are a runner who calls herself a non-runner.

My finance is from Mediapolis Iowa, which is near if you've heard of it then you are a true Iowan..err Iowanian..err Iowa dweller.

Pokey said...

I totally agree! It has taken me a while to accept the "it's a journey, not destination" thing, since I am an instant-gratification-kinda-gal.....but now that I have, it makes the running rollercoaster all that much more enjoyable!

It's great to be happy with who you are....even if it means being called a *non-runner* or a *pokey* LOL!!! :)

RunMama said...

Hey, thanks for stopping in to my blog. It has been so long since I have been in. No excuse except for a flooded basement, 3 yr old (no further explaination needed), and my embarrasing lack of running or moving my body at all for that matter. Life is slowing down and I will be more active. Look forward to reading your blog. :D

Bill Carter said...

Nancy... you are still the coolest. I tease you about needing to change the name because you have accomplished so much and have that runner (never give up) attitude. You may be Non-Runner Nancy in blogspeak, but you will always be one of us... A RUNNER.

Midwest said...

I have to be in a wedding this weekend and am going to wear real shoes. They are sexy, but I'm scared!

Unknown said...

Glad I could help. ;-)

Dress shoes are evil! They were invented by the same freaks who brought us neck ties and pantyhoes...evil!!

Have a safe trip!

J said...

Nancy- that is a great explanation of why your name means so much to you. I totally agree. I just didn't want you to have any negative thoughts about running, because you ARE a runner, and your race results were awesome! So, I guess, as long as you believe in yourself, than any name you call yourself is fine! I do like the sarcasm of Non-Runner! I tend to poke fun at my own self a lot too!

Database Diva said...

What a great idea to write your PT goals & progress. After my run tonight, I was thinking that I needed something equivalent to the Nike+ challenges to make me keep up with my core training and PT exercises. I think the hit & miss, once or twice per week isn't going to get me where I need to be.

Andria said...

Good for you for keeping the name! I like your reason for it, plus I don't like change very much!

Ugh, stinking meetings. But that is pretty cool about the laptop!