Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gratitude for my RBF's

Thanks to everyone who commented on my race report. I am so humbled by everyone's support. It means a lot to me.

I was telling my husband that I'm not exactly sure what it is about running that is doing this to me, but I seem to be able to keep plugging along and knock down all the ugly thoughts with my big imaginery club, despite some pretty long odds and things that have stacked against me. I am working on translating this to other aspects of my life. Despite what everyone thinks, I am not the Energizer Bunny of Positive Thoughts that Just Keeps Ticking. I get down like everyone else and think that I can't do something and want to give up, etc. I mentioned this in the tag line of my blog. So, anyway, it has taken awhile, but I think it might be actually working.

And, I just wanted to say thank you to all my RBF's (Tom and Amy's term for Running Blogging Friends, can we just make this official so I don't have to keep explaining? :) In the end, I make the changes, I decide my attitude, I do the work. But, blogging and the support I have received is definitely contributing to my attitude. Thank you all for continually coming back and encouraging me, making me laugh, keeping me going.... I certainly will make the caveat here, this is not to take away from the real life stuff at home, the sacrifices and support I have received from my husband. All of this was his idea to support me because he knew that I wanted to be a regular runner. Thanks, Sweetheart!!

I have taken a lot of good natured crap over Non-Runner Nancy. This was a direct reference to the book Hubby and I were doing to try to do the marathon ** Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer ** and I DO want to be and feel like a real, regular runner. I don't know about the logistics of changing my actual gmail and signature , but I might entertain some ideas for the name of my blog. Perhaps a Marcy style contest?? Starbucks or some sort of gift card of choice to the winner.... (thanks, Pat for the idea!!)

Some ideas so far:

Notes of a New Runner - (Jenny had suggested New Runner Nancy)
Notes of a New Runner with NON crossed out?
Notes of a Former Non-Runner (Database Diva)
Let's get some more suggestions, or let me know if you like one of these.

This is probably poor etiquette, someone can let me know, but I did not put all the hyperlinks in because I am traveling this week and don't have lots of time. I will try to go back in and put them in at some point, but I hope you will understand. (one of those We'd Like to Plan Every Minute of Your Day for You Meetings!) This also means that my comments to you all may be sparse while I am away.
And finally, my official time was 2:00:58 !! Better than I originally thought !! Still taking it a bit easy with some soreness but I feel pretty great!


J said...

2:00:58!!!! Awesome! So, I guess your time was officially posted, then? That's great! Going along with your positive thinking, I do think maybe a name change is finally in order, but of course, is totally up to you! I actually liked the Non-Runner name, but as you can see from your race results, you are now a runner. (Sorry, you are now!) I liked the idea where you have the "non" part marked out, but still there, of course, my vote will have to be for my original thought: New-Runner Nancy. I hope you get some good suggestions. Keep up the great work!

Wes said...

Despite what everyone thinks, I am not the Energizer Bunny of Positive Thoughts that Just Keeps Ticking.

I'll let you in on a little secret. No one else is either. What seperates us from everyone else is we don't let that stop us...

I don't think there is anything wrong with your nick or your blog title, but change it at will, it is yourn :-) I firmly believe that it should mean something to you, and if you are not ready to choose, you should wait until you feel it. IMHO...

Jamie said...

Way to go on the official time! Be sure to stretch and try to get some light cardio in to stave off some of that soreness.

And I too like the title of your blog as it means something to you. But if you put a vote button up for change you better believe I'll vote!

Marcy said...

Ooooooooo I love polls!!

I agree with Wes. I love Non Runner Nancy but that's only because that's what I'm used too (and I'm all crazy with my familiar things :P) BUT if you want to change I'd go for New Runner Nancy. Get a poll up here when you can chica! God, what's with the job taking up all your time :P LOL JK!

Jess said...

I don't think you have to change it, but I do like New Runner Nancy.

BTW, those of us who have been blogging for awhile, refer to the RBF as the Running Blog Family b/c of the directory where many of us originated from. If you want to view or link to the directory, check out the link to it on my blog. But Running Blog Friends works as well for the acronym.

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

Shall I break the mold? I'm thinking

"RUN nancy RUN"

is kinda cool. :)

Laura N said...

Just read your race report--you are amazing! That's an excellent time for 10 miles--wow! Great attitude and how awesome your little possee followed you around and kept you going. That sucks that the water stations packed up so quickly... what about the walkers, too?

On the name change... what happens when you're not a New runner any longer? Will you change again? Which I guess is okay, just thinking ahead--because you're not going to be a New Runner for long! I like Notes of a Former Non-runner, and Run Nancy Run is good too.

Or "Notes of the Energizer Bunny" ;-)

zanne said...

ok, i just read your comment on my blog, and thought to myself "she has GOT to change her name!" ... and i come over here & read your post ... too funny!

what about Runner Nancy ... because the day will come that you are no longer a "new runner" too.

Andria said...

What a great official time! Now about the name... hmm. It's tough to decide because we all know you as Non-runner Nancy. You could do it Prince style and be known as "the Blogger Formerly Known as Non-Runner Nancy." I'll take my starbucks giftcard now :)

Tri+Umph said...

I like the suggestions so far, heres a few more to consider if anybody likes these too!

Notes of a Non-Non-Runner
Notes of a Discovered Runner
Notes of a Revealed Runner

Of the ones so far, I like the idea of Non-Runner with Non scratched out.

P.O.M. said...

"One That Runs" - That's how the dictionary describes you!

ws said...

I don't have any strong opinion on the name change, clearly my blog title and nickname have nothing to do with running at all so I don't think I deserve a vote...

Besides, I think that book was excellent for all the psychological insights it provided.

Unknown said...

I'm in for "I'm a Runner...you got a F%$#'en problem with that!!...Nancy"

I guarantee nobody will give you any crap with that name. ;-)

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

How 'bout "Nancy the Great" :}

Hope you are having a great week traveling and in meetings! Take it easy!


Unknown said...

I kinda like "Notes of a Runner" with NON crossed out (but without the new that you suggested).

You did a great job on that race. I sometimes find it hard to stay positive as well, but I've learned that it takes the same energy to be miserable, happy, or somewhere in between - so I'm choosing to be happy - life's more fun that way :)

Running Ragged said...

That is a great time! You go girl!

I have to agree with Marcy. I like your Non-Runner Nancy title, because that's what I am used to seeing. Should you change it then I vote for New Runner Nancy.

I am not the most creative type but when I see your blog I think of as "Yes I Can Nancy". :)

Stuart said...

I guess i am late to the table on this and picked up the thread from Relentless Runner, firstly congrats on the race - great time. Secondly as a name change how about N.O.N Runner that way you cover New and Non in one fell swoop...anyway only my 2c with a value of about 1c! Congrats again

Pokey said...

I think Chad's name definitely packs the most punch, LOL!!!!

That IS funny about the Energizer Bunny in both our posts....great minds think alike - isnt that what they say? :)

I think the RBF's are the best too...I have found some great ones and they are what keeps me moving!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

WOO Hoo Nancy... I just read ur report below...SOOOO awesome and a HUGE HUG from FL...CONGRATS!!!

like RBF's also

Not sure about the name...Kinda like that one with Non- crossed out but don't know how U would do that--lol

but if u can, think that's the one!

Non -(crossed out)Runner Nancy :-)

Congrats again Hun

Database Diva said...

I totally love the idea of crossing out the Non. Chad's idea really speaks to me, too, but it sounds more like a name that I would use.

SLB+, our paths cross again ;)

Michelle said...

Nancy, I have ALWAYS thought of you as a runner! Never a non-runner! My DH is a non-runner, as he doesn't run -- EVER. LOL!

I hope you pick a new blog title you like. I am thinking about changing mine as I am bored with it. :-)

Great, great official time, BTW!! You rocked it!!!

Brian Hawkinson said...

Oh, congrats, congrats, congrats. I've been neglecting blogging the last few days and just now saw you're recent race! Nice... You put your mind and body to the test and you ran a 12:04 pace for 10 miles! Nice, very good.

Congrats again.

J~Mom said...

Sweet official time!!!!!!!!!!

I think you should just cross out the non part. Or just leave it. We may tease you but it's just because we love ya. :>)

psbowe said...

That's pretty darn sweet, a much ...MUCH faster time!

Nancy notes the elements of running.

Reluctant Runner said...

"Notes of a Non-Runner" attracted me to your blog -- I like it. It tells me where you were coming from originally, that you're on a journey from non-runner to a lifetime runner. But I understand also wanting to embrace running by removing the "non". Either way, I'll keep returning to read your blog.