Sunday, August 10, 2008

8 on the 8th Virtual Olympics Race Results

The results are in for the newest Olympic event, 8 virtual miles with running bloggers.

You all are such great sports to run at my whim. :D ( I think someone called me sadistic?? You didn't think I'd see that comment, huh?)

You guys know these started out to keep me training but turns out I love the creative stuff and connecting with all of you. How could we pass up 8 on 08/08/08?? I know lots of people were already going long but for several of us, this forced the issue a bit and got us going. Mission accomplished. I was also pretty pumped about the Olympics after my trip to Beijing where I had the brilliant idea to pick up some actual prizes from the Olympic store for this race.

So you know how I'm always saying everyone's a winner? (Well, that is mostly because I'm so slow, and mostly cuz there aren't prizes. hee hee.) No really, Everyone really is a winner just for being out there. We rock. (but only a select few get actual prizes from Beijing). :D But anyway, how appropriate is the Olympic motto:

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Great big thanks to everyone who got out there and then posted about your run with us. You are true Olympians in my book. Also, One World, One Dream fits the virtual racing concept pretty well, don't you think? All out there in spirit, united, running together??? Okay, Okay, I'll stop now.

There was some great creativity going on and some pics posted. I've included a few for your viewing pleasure. And as always, I've provided links to race reports so you can read up on other Olympians who participated.

Olympians with a medal (&) by their name will receive official olympic t-shirts for fastest man and fastest woman. Additionally, I picked up a few Olympic pins and these will go to clever race report authors ( % )who got in the spirit. One in particular, I urge you not to miss -- you might just see yourself!

53:49 &%Nitmos - Do not even try to understand this mind
54:26 Laminator - So much for marathon recovery
59:13 Byflynn - No dog run
1:02:39 Shore Turtle - PR and synchronized events planned for later
1:03:00 Slow Sam - Personal victory
1:03:32 % Reid - Everone gets medals…Please, you HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE if you go to no other race reports. Very cool.
1:05:16 RazzDoodle - Two-fer
1:05:39 David H - Great virtual race questions
1:06:48 &%Kristina - Tao enhancing at its finest
1:08:09 Bob - 8 of 12 for us!
1:08:18 Peter - Searching for a pitstop
1:09:27 Ovens2Betsy - Channeling her inner Deena
1:09:45 Marci - Always count on her for a Brit pic
1:10:24 sRod - 18 in…. Philly?
1:12:46 Kent - Olympians don't stop for a little blood
1:14:21 Jennifer - Funny pics
1:15:25 Marlene - Representing the Canadians in her first virtual event
1:16:15 Amanda - Be like water
1:17:07 Marci - Lame a$$ report - her words, not mine!
1:17:23 Andrew - Didn't mind lack of drink and spectators
1:17:42 thebets - Running in the zone
1:18:00 Tiger - 8 with us and 9 more
1:18:00 Flyers26 - 2 cool segments in NJ
1:18:57 Greg - cute cat!
1:19:21 Miss Alleycat - Crap, did I say 18?
1:20:00 Lily - Life's fun if you don't weaken
1:20:28 Christie - Nice spectator comment
1:21:07 Jess - iPod woes
1:21:27 Makita - Patriotic kids
1:24:28 RoadBunner - Shinbuster :(
1:22:52 Kristin Really did 8.88
1:23:00 Kathyrn - Hindered by pink eye
1:23:14 MCM Mama - Numbers geek doing penalty miles
1:23:05 Karen - Torch goes thru the UK
1:24:42 Wes - Tales of Hills with names
1:24:53 John - High fives all around
1:25:03 %Topher - Fantastic report in Chinese complete with bribery :D
1:25:11 %Runnin' Ragged - Interview with an Olympic non-hopeful
1:25:30 %Kirsten - Channeling Olympians and cool pics
1:25:33 Coffee Betsy - Challenges back home
1:26:36 US Jogger - 9 miles in a class of your own!
1:28:00 Michelle J - Multi-part event. Way to get it done.
1:28:53 Amy - Report by tv show
1:30:12 AKA Alice - Ode to the running partner and pictures
1:30:16 Xenia - Play-by-play multi-event fun
1:32:03 Merry Mishaps - One of many first timers! Welcome all!!
1:32:22 RunnerMom - Overachieving with 9 on the 9th!
1:36:53 %Lisa - Slow and Steady - Part of the torch relay - very clever!
1:37:30 Linden - Post-run entrant, no problem. :D
1:39:20 %Audgepodge - Pics in Beijing!!
1:45:56 Megan - We inspired her to do more!
1:47:01 k80k - Crossed the finish line
1:47:14 Nat - Did this very early just to be with us!
1:50:00 Em - great pics!
1:51:09 Running Knitter - 2 parter in monsoon season
1:56:16 AnnaBanana - not blogging at the moment but thanks for running!
1:57:00 Non-runner Nancy - Seriously? I just got last in my own damn race? Suckage.
Honorable Mention:

Sunshine - Plenty of trail miles…and turkeys!
Laura - 6+miles, injury, DNF non-report
1:11:20 Michelle - 5.6 gorgeous trail miles
42:57 Vava - 8k with us and the longest distance evah! YEAH.
Yasmin - Trail race and part of tri to make 8 with us!
Kate - Cycled with us and made us a great banner
Gina - Can't run but she rode her bike with us!
Spartan7 - Did 8+ with us, a couple times!

Thanks, Everyone!! Please let me know if I have missed anything. I can always update. If you won, please send me an email with your address to nonrunner at gmail dot com


John at Hella Sound said...

w00t! Thanks again for the awesome race organization. What's the next date that works? Or, maybe we do a race for the number of medals Michael Phelps wins?

E said...

You missed me, but that's OK. Congrats to everyone! Can't wait for the next one!

Jess said...

Wow, Nancy, you amaze me each time with organizing something like this! Thanks so much!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Thanks Nancy. It was brilliant. What's next?

Linden said...

You are so right--it is wonderful to connect to other runners through these virtual races. I meet at least three other running bloggers through this one alone. Can't wait for the next one! (When's it gonna be?? :))

Wes said...

Who needs an excuse to run? ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks again for organizing this. You are the best Virtual Race Director EVER!!

Michelle said...

Love you Nancy!!

Like everybody is asking...When is the next race! It was so much fun and i got to meet so many great blogger friends!!

Runners are the best people!!!

Marcy said...

Thanks Nanc! You're the best RD!! ;D ;D

Nitmos said...

Awesome. Since I won a prize, I retract that whole "sadistic" misunderstanding. I think Vanilla was borrowing my blogger ID name that day and posting under me. Blame him.

Thanks again! You are the Queen Bee of Virtual Race Directors.

Lily on the Road said...


Amazing how we all pull together for something that is so much fun and rewarding!


David H. said...

These are some great reports! Thanks again for doing this.

Sonia said...

Great job everybody! =)

Jess said...

Congrats to everyone who of these days I won't be rehabbing an injury and I'll be able to participate.

Aka Alice said...

Thanks again Nancy for organizing this! I have wayyyyy too much reading to do now (but am enjoying every minute of it).

Anonymous said...

Another great race and report Nancy.



Alisa said...

Dangit...I miss it! Next one you host I'll be running it!

Running Ragged said...

I had just as much fun running as I had putting the race report together and I have you to thank.

I enjoyed reading the race reports and I am looking forward to the next one.

Thank you!

chia said...

I forgot to tell you I ran the first 8 miles of my 15 mile training run Sunday in honor of you :-) (1:37:33). I'm the worst blogger evah - oye!!!

Nitmos really is my hero.

Vava said...

Nancy: Thanks for visiting my blog, and for including me in your honorable mentions list! This race is such a great idea and I can't wait to run the full 8 miles next time. The mind is willing, but writing cheques my body is still bouncing...

Wendy said...

What a great turn out! I'm not quite back up to 8, but I'm getting close.

Looks like your trip to China was a great one. What an amazing experience!

Marci said...

Thanks again for organizing, I promise to do a better report next time!

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

I Have just found your blog and it is great...Too late to compete in the race this time but I will be looking out for the next one!!


Mendy said...

You are the best!!! You know you have to keep doing these every few months. As soon as I'm able to run again, I'm in. You are such a great motivator!!

kate nesi said...

Thanks for posting this & putting up my banner :) I look forward to the next one!

Viv said...

Nancy way to host a great race again!! i wish I would have been injury free at the time.
Ummm no way you would have ben first in reverse order if I was running it. I would have finished in 1:57.01 becasue that is the kind of running pard I am :-)

J~Mom said...

Sorry that Karen and I missed this one. We had a whole thing planned out for you but her hubby got sick-sick-sick. :<(

Thanks for all you do!!!

Christie said...

You are the bestest race director ever!!

USJogger said...

May I make two suggestions for the next virtual race?

Nike is sponsoring a virtual 10 K on August 31. You can get details at

Also, November 9 is World Run Day. You can get details at

Of course, you may not want to plug into someone else's race.

teacherwoman said...

Congrats to everyone! :)

Anonymous said...
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