Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Practicing Run Walk

I was reading about how Wes ran his 5k over the weekend with 20sec walk breaks and had an awesome PR. I decided I was going to channel him and try this with my 5miler today. I went out pretty fast (for me!) and even decided to go up the gi-normous hill rather than walking up it and starting my run at the top. In retrospect this may not have been the best idea, expending myself so early, but it made for an interesting run.

11:13 - last time I tried to run 5 hard, I started at 11:51. 11:13 made me happy and nervous although I knew I was going to do some walk breaks.

11:19 - nice downhill, some *older* ladies on the path thought I was an absolute goddess. Well I WAS having another COORDINATED run, this time in beautiful shades of green, complete with yet another Bondi Band. :O) And pretty much anyone would have been a younger goddess to them. Hee hee. I think this included the first 20sec walk break.

12:08 - Getting a little more difficult. I think this included 2 - 20sec walk breaks!!

13:05 - Yikes, getting tougher, I think I did a 30 sec, and 1 or 2 60sec walk breaks. I'm starting to get addicted to walk breaks... hmmm. I am still moving along pretty well in between.

13:02 - I'm dying but I'm still moving. 2 - 60sec walk breaks but these are allowing me to run faster when I am running.

1:00:49 PR !! What?? How do I PR with something like 7 walk breaks in 5 miles?? Well, the obvious answer is that I am still really slow, but this also means there is lots of room and time for improvement.

I know I am putting up a good front on letting go of the marathon because of my damn feet, but I am still pretty bummed. I was doing the miles and cardio was coming along, but my feet just can't do it. I'm sure the half is do-able since I have already done a 14. I don't know if this run technically qualifies as speedwork or some sort of intervals (I am totally ignorant in this department as I have mostly just been trying to put in the miles and don't really have a "race pace"), but I decided to shake it up and do something different. I do need to come up with a formal plan for the next 5 weeks before the half.

On the bright side, I can work on some things like this, get some more miles under my belt for more of a base and keep experimenting with the feet so that I put myself in the best light for a future marathon. Heck I might even get excited about cross-training to improve my running! :^)


Marcy said...

Nancy you're so cute!

Awesome job!! Look at that! Walk breaks and a PR!! Were you wearing the animal Bondi Band too? You rock! ;D ;D

So when is the HM?

Nancy said...

I was wearing one with GREEN on it.

My half will be in 32 days...

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I like the walk breaks in my long distances, especially if I don't have time to train for the whole distance. I know it is personal preference about how and how long, but they seem to work for me.


Patty said...

Who knows better than me right now how much it sucks when your body lets you down, but we MUST clinge to the fact that it isn't about what happens to us, but what we do about what happens to us that is important. We will practice graditude and grace and learn what lessons we need to learn.

You have not given up running when many people in your sore feet would have, you are not quiting, just modifying.

Today practice some self-love.

Single said...

The PR is great!

You know that you're doing the right thing. I know someone who did the race with a stress fractured hip. It took her over a year and a half to recover from the race. I know that you're disappointed...but you're doing the best thing for you and your body.

Sorry just had to break out the soapbox!


Nancy said...

Don't apologize. I need to hear this stuff. As I said, putting up a good front on paper, but disappointed. Your comments all help so much!!

Bill Carter said...

There is certainly nothing wrong with taking walk breaks and it sounds like they really worked for you. There is also no doubt that despite those grumpy feet of yours you are making some impressive progress. It seems to me from my limited experience that running improves in fits and starts. Some ups and some downs.... but hopefully improvement over time. That is exactly what you are doing and I'm happy for you. BTW, we need more pictures....I am picturing the "beautiful shades of green", but there is nothing like the real thing. I know that I am a fashion car crash and maybe I could learn something??

J~Mom said...

I am a big fan of the walk break! :>) At some point I do hope to drop them but for now they work for me and get me where I am going!

Wes said...

Hey! Thanks Nancy! Being channeled feels SOOOOOO good :-)

If you want some more info on the run/walk thing, go to www.jeffgalloway.com. He has some charts with suggested run/walk intervals. The most important thing I have learned is to take the walk breaks from the get go. Take all of them (don't skip). Funny thing is, you can actually run a little harder knowing you get a walk break in 3,4,5 (whatever) minutes.

I would suggest one more really long run soon, then a series of shorter long runs down to your taper. Good luck with your continued success!!! Let's get them feet strong!

Midwest said...

Also, don't forget how many people couldn't do a half marathon if you paid them. You are still kicking butt and should be proud of yourself.

Andria said...

Woohoo for the personal record! Now I'm green with envy for you... Just kidding. That's awesome. I'm sad for your marathon too, but I know you'll rock the half.

Jamie said...

Congrats on the PR! There is nothing wrong with doing a half! So many can't. Be sure not to do too much too soon with your problem feet.

GB said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with NOT running a marathon. You are a runner at any distance. Do what you can do and be proud of it! And congrats on the PR w/ the walk breaks. See, you're rockin' already! Who needs the marathon. Don't even sweat it.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

I am a walk breaker tooo :-)

Great habit to get use to...as long as it's a focused PW (power walk) then u pick it up again...This will make u run longer/faster but also prevents injuries as well.

Great job on ur PR

RunToTheFinish said...

Oh, I've been dying to try this walk break approach, but afraid I would slow or well fine just not start back up..but you've inspired me so maybe I'll give it the old college try...wait, i didn't really do much in college..so the old err try.

J said...

Wow, a PR with walk breaks. That's awesome! I am always afraid to take too many walk breaks, but in reality, the days I have taken them for whatever reason, they don't really slow me down. Hmmm.

Pokey said...

I think the Galloway method is GREAT! There are many people who have trained for and completed marathons using that plan…and they swear by it!

I use it / have used it some also. I’ve actually never heard anyone say anything negative about it not workings….so I say go with it! Whatever it takes to keep us moving! :)