Monday, September 15, 2008

DOathlon for Life

DOathlon for Life sponsered by the local Osteopathic Society.

Amy had the duathlon on the schedule and got her husband to agree to do it with her. She was asking me to also, but I really am not properly bike equipped. In the end, I agreed to do one of the legs for her Hub and we became Team Underdog. Note the resemblance :D

It was a good thing to get my feet wet with one leg only. I am not really duathlon material either. We had quite the laugh checking out all the zero body fat hardcores and trying to find any one who even looked normal or.... like us. HA HA. None of them even wear lipstick. Can you imagine? I wish we had a picture of the bikes, the seats were the tiniest little slivers, I do not understand it!

Anyway, Amy and I did the first 5k and it was pretty respectable for me. I think we were in the 32:45 neighborhood. I'll take it.

I don't know how she did it, but Amy went on to the horrible head winds and hills of the bike leg and came back with an even quicker 5k. My hero!! Jim did a great job on the hills and the last 5k also and as Amy noted on her blog, NONE OF US WERE LAST !! After my leg, the DO students gave me quite the work over and I became their teaching case. Oh, look at her flexibility. Are there any tendons in there? Can you say hyperextension? How many times have sprained this ankle? Are you always that tentative when you roll over? Can you balance on one leg? Does this hurt? Anything in the name of science. :D

Last night I got a corneal abrasion, so PT and running are on hold for today. Nothing serious, I should be fine in a day or two. Tomorrow, an official meeting of the EWF running club!! Can't wait.


Nat said...

Well done! Nothing like a good 5K to get off right. As for Amy well we know she is impressive no?

I need so training buddies but think The Man might scoff at going to DesMoines.

Unknown said...

Good job being part of the tearm for a duathlon.

Hope the corneal abrasion thing is okay

Pat said...

take care of your eyes. Hope the running club has a great time. By the way, The Tumbleweed Running Club has a reciprocal program, so you guys can run with us down here anytime for free. That's right for free. LOL

chia said...

Doooode, I'm so stoked about dooooathloning! Anything that keeps me out of that water and still keeps my hardcore status is sweet with me (not that I'm all that hardcore and all but still).

I need to find the perfect lipstick for my first du :-D.

Fantastic showing girl! I hope you're alright!!!

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!! Heal up soon though!!

I don't know what Pat is talking's not free. He still owes his dues for 2007.

Marcy said...

YAY NANCY!! That is awesome!! YOu guys did great!

Yikes on the CA. Dang take care of those peepers ;-)

Wes said...

Yea, those du's are for wimps. You are a triathlete!!! :-D

Jess said...

Great job!

Midwest said...

They didn't wear lipstick? What kind of athletes are they?

Pokey said...

None of them wear lipstick?? *gasp* You really shouldnt fraternize with such folks...I knew those biker people were strange ;)

Bev said...

Awesome! Way to get out and move. I'll take your 5k time!

Michelle said...

Great job Nancy and ouch on the corneal abrasion!!

Hope it heals real quick!!


Ewen said...

G'day Nancy. Bill has some pretty cool friends :)

I think the seats are like that to give them incentive to finish the bike fast so they're quickly onto the good bit - the run!

I hope the eye is OK. I had a corneal abrasion once - luckily fixed with the drops and antibiotics.

Viv said...

Way to pull off a great 5K , Nanc!!