Saturday, May 10, 2008

10k on the 10th Virtual Club Run Race Report

God looked down on Cavegirl as she got ready to run.
Her tooth was chipped.
Her Bondi band was animal striped.
Her legs were hairy.
Her sausage shirt was tight and sleek.

He smiled and said,
My Cavey child, you are really working hard on this Cavegirl thing. :D
I have looked down on your world and many Cavepeople are moving today.
Many have already said they would not have done this.
And not only are they moving, they are happy.
They are confronting fears and negative thoughts.
They are countering with good things about themselves and their lives.
They have heard about your club.

You have done a good thing, Cavegirl.
You have made a great plan for yourself, too.
You have worked hard to confront your own fears and doubts.
This has not gone unnoticed.

And like the day I first gave you the club,
today you will have the run of your life.
It won't be easy, but you will have it in you.

I gave you the club, but you do have to carry it.

Cavegirl ran like she had never run before.
She ran away from sabertoothed thoughts that normally had claws and teeth.
She ran and ran and ran.

And every mile made her smile
even with the jagged tooth.
Her legs were hairy but they mostly were just strong.
Her heart beat wildly but she knew she had it in her.
Her sausage shirt even stayed in place.

Cavegirl decided that sticky fingers from gu would not bother her.
She laughed and smiled when He gave her a puddle to wash them.
She rejoiced at the beautiful day and He gave her clouds when it got hot.

When she stopped for a quick break,
her miles still stayed under 12, and she smiled.

And just for today, He allowed NO ONE to pass her.
People were only allowed to run toward her and be friendly.
Cavegirl escaped the sabertooth.
She lived to run another day.
She could care for Caveman and snuggle her cubs.
When the cubs asked if she got last, she just smiled and said,
no, mom won today.
Cavegirl realized she always has the club.
She just has to remember to carry it.
It might not be easy, but she has it in her.
6.2 miles ~ 1:10:55 ~ 11:26 pace (PR)

Wishing you all particularly cavey runs. Let me know when you have finished and posted your report by posting on my blog. Look for a full race report sometime Monday. Thanks, everyone!!


audgepodge said...

WOO-HOO!!! Go Nancy - Congrats on your PR! I just finished my 10K (inspired by you, of course) and will post my report later. Congrats again!

chia said...

Congrats on your PR!!! Thank you so much for bringing all kinds of kick ass people together again!

I'll post a full report later when my ego stops throbbing :-)

Unknown said...

Nancy -- way to go! Unlike lame-o me, who couldn't even finish :(

Unknown said...

Eric and I actually did the double (Eric actually did a 20-miler). So I will post both:

1:10:15 for the first 10k
1:11:15 for the second 10k

Awesome job on the PR!

Bob A said...

Now wait just a minute. How is it possible for the race director to get a PR in her own race? Something very fishy -- she must have bribed the timers. :)

Just kidding, of course. Great run, Nancy, and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your PR.

I managed to get out and back in the cave without getting stepped on by any dinosaurs.

Race report:

Age group: M50-54
Time: 47:27

Great fun! Great race director!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Great race, super race director, my vote for sexiest race director of the day!!

My time....1:23:15, far from a PR but I'm working my way back in that was fun to run this kind of race...hope we have another soon Nancy...way to go on the PR!!!! You rock!!!

Topher said...

Whew. That's done. Here's my report:

Ax said...

Way to go Nancy! Great run! Gotta love those PRs!

Here's my report:

Ax said...
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Pokey said...

Nancy, Nancy....check out them splits!!!! You are AWESOME!!!

I used your club was freaking awesome!

My race report is done and posted on my blog.....dont let anyone take the DAL distinction away from me....I earned it!!!! ;)

The Laminator said...

Hey Nancy, I liked your race report very much. Very inspiring. However, I noticed that everytime we have one of these virtual races, you seem to have a PR! Is your course accurately measured and USTAF certified? Or do you just run really fast when no one's looking? Hmmm...

HAHA! J/K! I love your races. I ran the 10K as a celebration of sorts. Got close, but didn't get a PR today. Maybe next time.

I wrote a dinky race report at the bottom of my post today. It might be hard to find through all the self-congratulatory junk I have.

Still, it was a great race! Much appreciated for the opportunity to run with you again!

Lily on the Road said...

Nancy, you cavy girl, with hairy legs....nice PB!!! Excuse me chipped tooth, here I thought the chip went on the hairy toe...(shoe).

Dino and I had a great run, Cave Lion Lily stayed away and T-Rex was no where to be seen....full details on the blog, thanks for all the fun!

Anonymous said...


Congrats! on the 10K PR today. I didn't get to participate in your virtual 10K, but I did PR on a 5K today. You can check it out at .

You are an inspiration to many.

Keep pressing toward the finish line!


Scott McMurtrey said...

awesome run virtual nemesis woman!

you can put me down for 1hr 25min. :)

Marcy said...

GO NANCY!! And sportin the BBand no less! Sweet sweet job chica! :-*

You're the best :-*

Kristina said...

In case you didn't see my time in my comment to your previous post--55:20. Thanks again for organizing! My report is at

Running Ragged said...

Congratulations!!! You rock!

And THANK YOU for making me go out there and kick my own butt 1:07:23 is my time, which I am very happy about!

Michelle said...

Only got to 5 miles Nancy!

William and Cindy Haynes said...

Hey Nancy! I ran the race in Chiang Rai, Thailand so this thing is "worldwide"! Here's my race report". I finished with a time of 1:16. Thanks a LOT for organizing this! From one non-runner to another, William

Kevin said...

What 10K I thought you said 10 Miler. Just kidding. Well my plan had a 10 miler today so I did the 10 mile. I forgot to lap my garmin at the 10K point. I wasnt having the greatest run. My 10K point was probably about 59 or so. Did the 10 Miler in 1:41 Full Report

Bev said...

Great job Nancy. Sorry I didn't run today. Too much life got in the way.

Kevin said...

Oh and congrats on the new PR

Nikemom said...

OK my race report is boring, so not fun like yours. Your ROCK Nancy!

Here's my borrring report:

I promise to kick it up a notch next time in the creativity department. :)

ShoreTurtle said...

Congrats on your PR. I participated in the 10K on the 10th today in New Jersey.

Here's my race report:

RunnerMom said...

Nice PR!!! I posted this in the comments from your last post before this one, so I'll re-post it here.

I did my 10K in a crazy race that was 5.5 miles (race organizers way underestimated the course), but I kept going to 6.22 (by myself--everyone else stopped at the finish! Does that make me first?) My race report is at

Thanks for organizing this! I might not have gotten out there otherwise. Oh yeah, my time was 1:00:10, a PR!!

J~Mom said...

Nancy~ We almost tied!! I came in just after you...I wanted you to win since you are the director afterall. ;>P

My report is up!!

J~Mom said...

BTW I forgot to say CONGRATS on your super duper 10k!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I had to miss it as I had a 5K on the 11th. Set a PR in that tho!

J said...

Nice run and awesome PR! I loved the report.

"Sausage shirt" had me on the floor laughing!

RunningNan said...

Great job! I ran 6.5 miles in 66 minutes. Thanks for pushing me that extra mile!

sRod said...

Thanks for the great race Nancy!!! I posted my report from yesterday's race already.

Can we do shorter distances as the summer approaches? Something like a Two Mile Pub Sprint? Not that I would use alcohol as a reward for running--that's Jess's shtick.

Jess said...

Nice job Nancy!

Mine time was 58:42.

Patty said...

From the fifty and older crowd Prehistoric Patty has this race report...

First, I need glasses,because when I first read about the race I saw 10 on the 10TH so on Wednesday I went and ran 10 miles (in 2:06:28) so I would be able to participate in the race. Upon looking at your post a second time I discovered the distance was 10K not 10 miles and since I didn't have a time for 6.2 miles and it is mother's day I conned my youngest into running 6.2 miles with me this morning and I am reporting a finish time of 1:03:28 which I am pretty sure is a PR for me but since I don't keep good track of those things...

So... Thanks Cave girl, THANKS a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy--

That's an awesome photo of you and congrats on the PR. My race report for my non-virtual 10 mile race is up --hope you're having a well-deserved rest.

E said...

Awesome job Nancy!

I did my 10K today and just posted a race report. I got a new PR too!

thank you so much for this. :)

Laura said...

Congrats on the PR Nancy! I actually ran one of my slowest 10Ks today, but since it was part of my longest run ever, I'll forgive myself. Race report is here:

Ian said...

I wasn't planning on running the 10K yesterday, I had an 8 mile run scheduled, (6 Tempo miles with a warm up and cool down mile) but the 6 tempo miles went so well that I decided to keep going for another 0.2 and enter my time in your 10K on the 10th. Anyway, the middle 6.2 miles of my run was completed in 52:43. Below is a link to my race report.

Nat said...

Did I email you my time: 72:34

Here's my report:

Viv said...

What a great report, Nanc!! I just love ya! Fantabaulous splits! Don't make me start calling you Lil' Miss 10ish!!
Mine is on the blog.
((high 5'ing you from here))

The Young Family said...

Finished my half!!

Let's see. My mind ofcourse blurrs out on all the numbers but I think ?I have it correct ~

6.2 approx time - 1:20
10 miles - 2:06

I looked at my watch both times and tried really really hard to remember, but then you get all screwed up with the 1/2 time after the race! I am pretty sure that is correct miles 8 and were down hills and I was cruising making up time!

My race report is up. More pics to come as I get them.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your PR.

I just turned in my PW (personal worse) and I may have the honor of being dead last in this virtual 10K due to a whole lot of walking today....1:27:54.

I'm okay with it though. You'll have to read the report.

Vickie said...

Nancy, good job! Awesome pace! You'll have to check out my blog for my 10k report. I am giving my unofficial 10k time as 1:19, since I forgot to look at my watch, since I was so busy in the porta potties.

audgepodge said...

Finally posted my race report - my time was 0:59:11.

RunToTheFinish said...

really lazy and may not get a report posted so
56:15 for me!!

Shelley said...

Awesome job Nancy. I'm still working on my report, but I thought I should get you my time...59:35, average pace 9:37!!...can you freakin' believe it! I can't...I guess us 40 y/o chicks w/some junk in the trunk (and the passenger seat, and the engine) still got it.

I'll post my link when I'm done w/ my report.

Kevin said...

First off, congrats on your pr.
Second, I found your blog from reading the blogs of others who've pointed me here.
I blogged about your blog on my blog, calling this an Internet running revolution.
I did a 10k on the 11th, if thats okay. It was a training run. 6.5 miles in 56:47. My report on my blog is here:

Nitmos said...

Great job Nancy!

My report will be up on Monday. For the (early) preview, I had 42:08 for 6.22 miles.

Thanks for directing this awesome event!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

You are a secret speed demon, aren't you? Come on...admit have been holding back....

Way to go! My report is out there. I didn't keep track of time - but me down as a minute later about anyone who was worried they were slow. Although..I will say, mine felt fast.

Michelle said...

OK, I am still recovering from the battle scars I earned last weekend during my HM. Needless to say, I didn't get a 10K in this weekend.

I will have a couple hours to myself tomorrow, so I might try to bang it out then. If I do, I will let you know!

Mendy said...

Woo Hoo girl!!! You did awesome on that 10K. Luv those digits!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

peter said...

Hi Nancy: Nice togs. I ran with my club, to keep within the theme. My running club, that is. 55:04 for the 10K.

Jamie said...

Way to go Nancy! Congrats on a fantastic PR. Thanks for putting on another incredible race! I'll send you my results later ;)

akshaye said...

Nice work nance! I love your post :)

I finished 56:32. Full post soon!

Shelley said...

My report is up...sorry for the late entry.

Velma said...

I hope I can jump in. Great blog, but I have never commented before. I ran the 10k in 54:36. My blog is only crime-related so no recap for me. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy! My race report is posted here:

Thanks for inspiring me to run my first 10K!

renae said...

PR!! Woo-Hoo - you rock!!!
Thanks again for organizing this race Nancy!! I ran my 10k on Sunday with my weekend long run.

Sam said...

Thanks for the race. It got me up and going on Saturday.

Time - 54:54

report -

Nitmos said...

My smallish race report is up.

Thanks Nancy!

Midwest said...

Way to go, Cavegirl! That picture of you is hot. You look fierce, my friend.

Aaron Cunningham said...

First 10K real and virtual in 54:58.

Race Report here:

I thought about all the other runners in this race when I was on the course and it brought a welcome smile to my face.

Jess said...

Nice job Nancy! I'm sad I was gone all weekend and didn't participate this time. I'll definitely do the next one though!

P.O.M. said...

I love your report!

Jeff said...

Great job on your run, Nancy!

Wish I could say the same -- you won't find a report on my web page. Guess I was still hung over from the full mary the weekend before.

Gotta get those feet moving again!

Thanks for doing another outstanding job as race director!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the race Nancy! I am bumbed I didn't get to participate, but I am thinking there will be another virtual race down the road?!

Anonymous said...

...and is the next one on the 11th?

Michelle said...


I have to bail on this race. I feel crappy about it, but I am just not healed enough to run a 10K this week. I did run four miles today, but they hurt thanks to my injury.

I hope to be a part of the next virtual race!

Anonymous said...

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