Monday, May 12, 2008

10k on the 10th Cavepeople Unite: Virtual Club Run Race Results

Bloggy friends have united for a 3rd virtual race and the results are finally in. By most accounts, the race was a success.

There have still been some minor complaints about inappropriate (donuts and coffee) or non-existent race support. We are sorry for any inconvenience the run-your-own-route-at-whatever-time-you-like format has caused. There was also substantially less (maybe no) bribing attempts of the race director this time around. I guess we'll all have to live with the consequences.

Interestingly, I've never had more people fighting over last place and excited to be doing so. Perhaps you'll learn the subtleties of bribery next time? :D
Thanks to everyone who participated and thought about your friends out there running. Thanks also to everyone who said they wouldn't have run if not for this race. There were also many Cavepeople who ran with their club, celebrated positivity and just embraced the Cavishness. To you I say, BRAVO and rock on.

Speaking of rocks, some hairy dude is working on a batch of rocks for medals. Please don't anyone hold your breath.

And to all our friends who could not participate, be it injury recovery, taper time, race recovery time, whatever, please keep the club handy and know that we were thinking of you!! I'm sure there will be a next time.

We had some great pictures and inspiring reports, with many PR's to boot. Hope you enjoy a sampling of the pictures and the results with reports linked. Two lucky folks are actually getting a real prize compliments of Brianna K. Grant!! She has given me 2 copies of We Are Girls Who Love to Run. I've given these to Pokey and Lisa - Slow and Steady for their determination and grit and celebration of running. Please email me your addresses, Lucky Ladies. And big big thanks to Brianna - her book would make a great gift!

40:44 (6:34) The Running Laminator - It's a celebration !! A Legend in Loincloth
40:44 (6:34) Reid at Life Strides - Never fails with the cute pics and ran it again with a stroller! Another Legend in Loincloth

Nice race, fellas!! :D

42:08 (6:47) Nitmos - Problem with my aid stations? Fred's Favorite
47:27 (7:39)
Bob's Random Thoughts While Runninginclude nice outlined merits of the race. Thanks, Bob!! :D
48:00 (7:44) Tom from Runner's Lounge just went out for a leisurely spin around the Drake Bulldog

49:42 (8:00) Shoreturtle has nice scenery and is head BAM BAM BOY
51:09 (8:15) sRod got to run fast with the Laminator
51:27 (8:16) Brian is Running to Endurance and tuning up for 50 !!

52:43 (8:30) Vanilla at Half Fast - PR, you call that half fast?? We already knew he was a BAD BOY :D
53:34 (8:38) RazzDoodle - Wife made him do it
54:08 (8:43)
Kevin at 5ks and Cabernets - he called us a REVOLUTION!!
54:54 (8:51) Slow Sam played some pony tail games
54:58 (8:51) Aaron Runs Again and only engineers analyze that much!
55:04 (8:52) DC Spinster, Peter, ran this with his 10k training club

56:32 (9:07) akshaye - head rowser
58:14 (9:23) Zach at Knightburns hopped in at the last second
59:00 (9:30) Kevin has a unique reporting style using the letter H
1:01:50 (9:58) Topher may need some coaching on choosing routes
1:03:08 (10:11) Rob Dares to run a 10 mile race and cut us a split - nice racing!!

1:10:15 (11:19) Chad in AZ Desert ran double the miles - very DELIBERATE
1:10:29 (11:21) Eric is the Marathoner in Training who did this race three times!!
1:16:00 (12:15) William from gain health! is a new participant from Thailand!
1:25:00 (13:42) Scott Keeps Running on his way to Iceland

49:54 (8:02) Marcy is fast and funny and she's our Leading Lady of the Loincloth - Lord help us if there are pictures forthcoming :D

Nice running, Chica! :D

52:07 (8:24) Jamie wasn't to busy to run - First WHEEL
54:34 (8:38) Renae was so anxious she ran with us in April AND May
54:36 (8:48) Meghan has been working up her mileage
54:36 (8:48) Velma has a crimefighting blog but took the time to run with us
55:20 (8:55) Kristina is cracking open the introvert

56:15 (9:04) Amanda's the leading Bedrock Blazer
56:50 (9:10)
Nikemom does it all including spin class before a race
58:00 (9:21) Eat Drink Run Woman Betsy tried to DNF at 6.19 but Cavegirl dragged her in
58:23 (9:25) Karen at Working it Out... is an adorable late entrant - welcome!
58:42 (9:42) Jess was an early entrant and proud of her new age group
59:00 (9:29) Jenny got Tonya Harding'ed with a club - investigating Marcy :D

59:11 (9:33) Audrey experimented and it payed off with a PR - Very Ferral Feline
59:35 (9:37)
Shelley BEDROCKED this run - You go girl.
59:45 (9:38) Kaeti's been renovating and she was inspired to run her first 10k - YEAH!
1:00:08 (9:41) Laura was taunting us all as she did this run THREE times!
1:00:10 (9:42) Donna the RunnerMom gave us another PR!!
1:03:28 (10:14) Prehistoric Patty is not old, but sage and experienced. She is the only one to give herself a name!!
1:04:52 (10:27) Don't Forget to Water the Chia Runner - and stitch her up when necessary. ewww, so sorry.

1:06:00 (10:38) RunningNan fooled herself into 6.2 - She's Pebble's favorite pacer. (let me be clear - prehistoric means positively CAVEY and NOT OLD)
1:07:04 (10:49) Laura's new kicks are making her speedy
1:07:23 (10:53) Runnin Ragged - thanks us for getting her out there!! YEAH.
1:10:55 (11:26) Nancy, the original Cavegirl, gets a PR!!
1:11:48 (11:34) Lisa used the club. Her face is getting so skinny :D
1:12:34 (11:42) Nat worked out all week with the club. AWESOME.
1:14:29 (12:00)
Lily on the Road has some great pics
1:15:57 (12:15) Vivalicious had a new PR despite hurdles in the road!

1:19:00 (12:44) Eileen's the Running Knitter and Cavegirl with a Club - congrats on the new PR!!
1:19:00 (12:44)
Vickie's also carrying a big girl Club - she did 25K!! CONGRATS.
1:20:00 (12:54) Em included us in her HM
Amy at Runner's Lounge didn't keep track but ran pretty fast. She loved the drizzly conditions.
Lisa - Slow and Steady worked hard and enjoyed the moment
DAL Pokey claimed DAL with a big smile :D

Michelle J made it to 5 miles - YOU ROCK!!
25:17 Andrew smashed his 5k PR - WAY TO GO!!
25:42 Greg's speedwork is paying off in 5k PR - CONGRATS!!
Cranky ran a very real 10 mile race - Nice Going!

Great photo by
Laurel - thanks!!

Please email me if I have overlooked anyone. I checked posts to my blog but not my entire blogroll. I'll be happy to update if there are more results. Updated 5/13/08.



J~Mom said...


J~Mom said...

Could you just slap me for being such a dork?

Nancy said...


J~Mom said...

Thank you Nancy!! We all appreciate your hard work!!

Unknown said...

Yes, we do! I vote we rename this The Race Director Appreciation Post!
How much do we love our awesome virtual race director?

She is the bestest RD ever (as one of my tiny patients would say!) You rock Nancy! Woohoo!

J~Mom said...

Nancy rocks! Nancy rocks! Nancy rocks!

J~Mom said...


Andrew is getting fit said...

You rock Nancy. When's the next one?

Lily on the Road said...


wouldn't be great if all our races were this much fun???

thanks for all your time and effort, you put together another ROCK'N Race!!!

congrats on your PB....

The Laminator said...

Hi Nancy...

My evil twin strikes again. That "leslie" guy was me, under a different alias! (Apparently, that's who I turn into when I stay up past my bedtime!) Either way, thanks again for a great race!

You are so awesome, it's beyond words.

RunningNan said...

Great post! Thanks for all the updates! WE all did a fabulous job! I can't wait for the race next month!

Bob A said...

You are good, Nancy. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

Actually, looks like there was no need for bribery. Without a bribe, you knocked 5 minutes off my time giving me a big time PR! It doesn't change my placement, but my time was actually 47:27 rather than 42:27 (I wish I could run that fast).

Viv said...

First off thanks Nanc!! I had insomnia last night and peeped while you were working your tail off to bring us such a great report. You are the BEST!!

Congrats to all the cave runners out there!

I can't believe we even had a runner from Thailand. These races will be worldwide known soon. Gatorade will send the RD truckloads of G2 trying to be a sponsor :-)

Nancy said...

Whoa Bob, That was cool. Just like that, 5 minutes lopped off. Thanks for letting me know. It was correct in my spreadsheet but must have transposed it incorrectly.

Please let me know of other errors or omissions!!

Thanks, All!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing all this work!

Nitmos said...

Thanks for staging another great race Nancy (aid station difficulties aside ;)).

Look forward to the next one.


Neese said...

congrats to everyone!
I hope to join ya'll next time!

Marcy said...

What the heck is Lisa doing? ROFLMAO! Are we having a contest to see who is "first"?

Ummm Wow, I was not expecting to be the Leading Lady LMAO!

Thanks chica! You're the bestest RD ever :-)

sRod said...

First race where I've placed top 10! Woo hoo. Best. Race. Ever.

Laura said...

Just want to remind you that your 8 on the 8th was what initially got me started in blogging, as I needed someplace to post my race report. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great race report Nancy!


chia said...

Best RD ever :-*

Shelley said...

You are the best Nancy...these races really bring our virtual community together more than anything else out there...and they are so motivating and fun. Thank you!

Razz said...

What? No picture of my treadmill?????
Awesome job from an awesome race director! (APPLAUSE)

Kevin said...

this was a great report. fun.

Hawkrew said...

Great job Nancy! Thanks again, looking forward to the next one.

Robert Barker said...

Nancy, as always this was a great idea. I wonder what you have in store next?

David H. said...

Congrats to everyone who participated. One of these days I'll take part!

Pokey said...

THANK YOU NANCY!!!!!!!!!! You are the best Race Director EVER!!!! ;)

And you are right....there is no way I would have been running on Saturday if it weren't for all the Cave People :P

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for the gift! What an honor. :)

akshaye said...

Best director eva! You are great organizing these - we appreciate it!

Tri+Umph said...


Looks like I missed a good race!

audgepodge said...

Nancy - you are the best! You do such a great job with these race reports. I am definitely one of those runners that would have been parked on the couch had it not been for your fun races. Thanks again for getting me out there!

K80K said...

I didn't get to write a "real" race report, but I was out there with everyone running my 10K. I just did it a day late. :)

Unknown said...

Can you please apply to be race director for Boston? You're SOOO forgiving, I'm thinking I can run a 4:20 marathon and you'll still say I qualified!

Thank you again for such a wonderful race.

Jess said...

Thanks for putting on such an awesome virtual race, Nancy! You're the best!

Bill Carter said...

Hi Nanc

Just getting caught up with all my bloggy friends.. and still in a bit of a post Disney haze. What is up with the PR??? Could it be that you are getting so fast that we will have to revisit the whole "NON RUNNER?" thing again. A great job and sub 11:30 for the 10k is definitely not anything to sneeze at. Congrats on both running and running a great race.. from what I have read most everybody was happy with the organization and the race amenities. Wish I could have been there, but I believe at the time I may have been on the Dumbo Ride:-)

Sonia said...

Congrats everybody! And thanks Nancy for organizing this, which is always fun =)

I was so pumped on Saturday to run 10K instead of my double Sat/sun 5Ks. And I did it! In 1:10:40 but completely forgot to came back and post here hahaha I think I'm starting to really feel on vacay!

Carly said...

Congrats to all the runners.

I am so sad I missed this virtual race!! I am so in for the next one.

Sunshine said...

Great race; great reports.
What a great thing you have created, Nancy. Congratulations.

Sherry said...

Congrats to all!!!

I'm totally joining you next time around! :o)

Deene said...

good job at organizing the virtual race. it was fun reading!

Sarah Kathryn said...

Congratulations to all the runners!!

Nancy, you do such a good job with this - I love your blog - it's a fun corner of the 'net for sure!!! You are so dang creative!

I had to defer my entry for next year due to my injury :( Will you hold my entry fee? ;-)

Scott McMurtrey said...

damn, is that last place for me again! :)

Vickie said...

And thanks for putting on another fun event, even if it wasn't fun running it at the time!

RunningLaur said...
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Anonymous said...

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