Monday, February 11, 2008

9 on the 9th: Sweetheart Shuffle Official RACE RESULTS

Once again, the results are in and the race reports are posted. This virtual thing seems to be working out.

I might be a little more sappy this time (understatement) -- I think because I realized a bunch of people are out there running 9 miles, because I said I needed a reason to keep training. You are all SWEETHEARTS in my book and certainly, you are all WINNERS. Thank you so much for getting out there and for indulging me on these virtual races. If you are new, check out the inaugural race, 8 on the 8th.

A word of thanks to Gretchen at heArt-a-day for designing our lovely logo. She's a budding artist and we met by chance on-line, only to find out we live only 100 miles apart. Thanks for the perfect logo and your generosity for our little shuffling blogging gang. XOXO

Again, the race reports are pretty fun so I've provided some official race pictures, links to reports and highlights for your perusing pleasure. It was quite a competitive race, lots of reports of fantastic race directing, aid stations and crowd control, and the pacers seemed to be well accepted although some people brought their own (Derek Jeter, Beckham, etc). There were some reports of attempting to bribe the RD with lipstick, G2, Cliff Bars, and Sport Beans. Well done! :D My most favoritest thing to hear, "I wouldn't have done this today if it hadn't been for this race." AMEN. Mission Accomplished.

Before I get started, special shouts to Laminator who had wanted a second shot at the title and instead is recovering from a broken bone, we all hope you are recovering well; Bill, our previous KING, who is tapering and planning to completely ROCK his marathon next week, and my nemesis, Scott, who thought about running 9 minutes and thought that should count for something. My friend, after Rocky Raccoon, you get an honorary finish.

Be sure to use your titles wisely. You have so earned them. Make your significant other use them at least once. If you don't have one, at least you got called a cutesy name for Valentine's Day. (know that you are loved!) Although, doesn't everyone just want to be a Lasting Lover? That was one of my better ones. :D Also, the hearts are your race medals. ENJOY!!

59:25 (6:36) Doug is the Relentless Runner - finally feeling 100% - He's fast, he's really fast. And he is our King.
59:29 (6:36) Nic from Left Foot. Right Foot. Repeat as Necessary - How fast would he be without 4" of new snow? Also, a King of our Hearts.

1:08:23 (7:36) Bob has Random Thoughts While Running - 14.11 miles and a new PR!! Such a Romeo.
1:08:25 (7:36) Reid at Life Strides - another great pic, Sweetheart Shuffled with his wife
1:14:36 (8:16) Brian's Journey to Endurance - 2 days before a marathon!! How do you approach a hot woman walker?
1:17:00 (8:33) Tom at Runner's Lounge waited until the wind whipped up ?
1:17:06 (8:34) Brian Sawyer - damn ankle pain
1:17:22 (8:36) ShoreTurtle - battled a nasty headwind
1:20:33 (8:56) SLB+ at Quadrathon ran this race THREE times??!!

1:25:00 (9:27) Topher Runs for Donuts - unfortunate injury - broke a bone!! #1 Cupid
1:28:12 (9:48) akshaye at One More Mile - had an interesting neighborhood pic
1:29:20 (9:55) Eric's a Marathoner in Training and a PR'ing bad boy with tattoos and plumber butt
1:29:29 (9:57) Peter the DC Spinster

1:32:00 (10:00) Running to Oz - Stealth over speed. Said the RD is brilliant. Of course, that gets him 1st Lover status.
1:39:00 (11:00) Bob Gentile - ran for 3 hours (9plus) - great pics
1:40:12 (11:08) Wes at Code Geek's Tails almost didn't do it but got it done and kept his HR in zone 2.
1:47:05 (11:53) Rob at I Dare is making some definite progress
1:48:27 (12:03) Jeff at Formerly Fat Running Guy - persistence paid off in 3 segments

1:06:46 (7:25) Sarah's a smoking hot Blue Stocking Runner who ran part of the Boston course - She's our #1 Sweetheart!
1:14:00 (8:13) See Zanne Run - this little rocket was doing a full marathon and got a big PR!!
1:15:03 (8:20) Christine the Runnin' Duff was adamant she get a race medal. :D
1:15:11 (8:21) Wendy ran this once with Jess but took a mulligan and ran it again!
1:16:32 (8:29) Our Little World was actually scaring people off at the gym!
1:17:14 (8:35) Marci at I Signed Up For This?? - Great pics with her pacer!! :D
1:17:45 (8:38) Kristina, the Marathon Mama, interprets signs for delirious runners

1:18:30 (8:43) Amanda at Run to Finish - our leading Cupcake! :D
1:20:42 (8:58) Laura at Absolut(ly) Fit ran a half mary today and credits us with getting her started blogging!
1:20:50 (8:59) See Jenny Run for 13.1 and get a PR under 2 hours!! She's a beast.
1:21:38 (9:04) Kathryn is Jenny's running partner and quite the harlot. Also a big HM PR!!
1:23:00 (9:13) Marathon Moon described all sorts of man scenery

1:32:00 (10:13) Run Audrey Run - would not have done 9 today and now she's our featured Darling!!
1:32:26 (10:16) DawnB Lives Life on the Run and always has the urge to go further.
1:33:49 (10:25) Country Cruiser - not much time for blogging but still running!
1:34:03 (10:23) Ovens2Betsy did 9+5K with a perfect HR.
1:35:06 (10:34) Taryn's Life and Running experienced silent spectators and live ducks?
1:35:43 (10:38) Laurel at Lily on the Road - intrnatl entrant - battled vehicles that slipped through race support.
1:36:35 (10:44) Database Diva - did 10.25 and then ANOTHER 10!!
1:37:05 (10:47) Jess at 21 Days had fun with Wendy despite delays

1:40:05 (11:07) Motleyblog had buff pacers and the shirts were flying!! She's our Honey.
1:42:46 (11:25) Patty's not blogging right now but she's still running
1:43:00 (11:26) Michelle's first time for doing 9!! YAY, you!
1:43:08 (11:28) Vickie did a reverse TRI and just kept going...
1:43:47 (11:32) Sonia, the Solo Running Chick, was a last minute entrant who would've bailed early if not for the race.

1:50:27 (12:16) Bev's Journal of a Slow Texas Runner - 1st timer, now 1st Muffin. Wore lipstick in my honor!! :D
1:57:06 (13:01) Pokey - vultures actually circled, but she and Lisa weren't dead
1:57:06 (13:01) Java~Mom - documented in pics, offered to bribe RD with lipstick!! :D
1:58:05 (13:07) Katie at K80K - tried out new gear and shot blocks
1:58:29 (13:10) Barb, the Running Jayhawk, did 9.2 while keeping her HR low.
1:58:45 (13:12) Nancy, race director, put on heels that night like Katie Holmes. Still needs a bra.
2:ish (13:20) Amy at Runner's Lounge almost let work bury her but she pulled it off!! YAY.
2:09:00 (14:20) Nat did 18 miles and gave us great excuses for walk breaks.
2:37:24 (17:29) Cheryl from Velocity Challenged used inspirational signs to keep her going. You go girl!

58:25 (11:41) teacherwoman did 5 after a hellacious rock concert -- great rock pics.
1:14:44 (12:27) Viv at I'm Not Fit kicked hubby a$$ for 6 miles. He's so lucky :D. Atta Girl!!
1:20:00 (11:26) jkrunning 7 of 9 is awesome! Thanks for joining us!

Congratulations and thank you to all the participants. I hope you enjoyed the race!! Please let me know if I've left anyone out or there are late entrants. I will make updates if this occurs. (updated 2/15/08)



audgepodge said...

Awesome, I'm so excited to be a featured "Darling"! Thanks so much for inspiring us to run and thanks for the fun wrap up report!

Can't wait for the next one!

Kristina said...

You've done it again! A great race summary once more. And I love how this field has gotten deeper. Does that mean that Dean Karnazes or Kristin Armstrong might do the next one? They've got blogs, too...

Wes said...

Big hugs {HUGS} for the RD :-) Let's make it a 10K next time!!! ROFL!!!

Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhh Nancy thanks so much for doing this! You're the best RD eva!! And OMG I can't believe you actually used a pic of me and Hector ROFLMAO! He's such a stud :P

So when are you doing the 26 on the 26th? I'm KIDDING!

Topher said...

Awesome work, Nancy. I've been checking Google Reader all day anxiously awaiting the results and you outdid yourself, again.

I agree with Wes; maybe a shorter race next time (5 on the 5th in April or something). I wonder if a shorter distance might encourage some newer runners who aren't up for longer miles yet. Either way, count me in, but I won't be wearing lipstick in your honor. Cherry-flavor Chapstik, maybe.

akshaye said...

na nance..dont listen to them! you gotta go for 26 on the 26th.

Yay to the best race director!

akshaye said...

na nance..dont listen to them! you gotta go for 26 on the 26th.

Yay to the best race director!

Jeff said...

Thanks again, Nancy -- the challenge definitely got me 3 miles I wasn't planning to do.

How about 31 on the 31st - - uh, NOT!

Great running, everyone!

Viv said...

Awesome race summary, Nancy!
You are the suhweetest!!
Loved the pics, and the little captions about everyone.
I loved my Valiant Valnetine. That rocked I put it at the top of my blog.
Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Lily on the Road said...


I've been chatting up your race and hopefully we will get more "across the boarder runners", I'll do my best for your next virtual! Thanks, I'm soooo excited to be a "Darling" how cool is that!!

Thanks for all your hard work putting this together, the "sportstats" are awesome!! Thanks for including me in the picture presentation! Too Cool.

All the very best and I'm looking forward to the next race.....WOOO HOOOO!

Laurel (Lily)

Ian said...

Great Job once again Nancy! Sorry about my lack of participation, I was thinking about doing it even as recently as Friday this past weekend but life got in the way.

You know how that goes.

teacherwoman said...

Thank you so much for including me in on the race report! I wasn't expecting that! :)

What a great turnout for a race, once again! I hope this will happen again in March?!?!

RunnerGirl said...

Wow - you had a great turn out. What an excellent race director you are! Next time, I'm in for sure.

Sonia said...

That was so much fun! thanks for taking me in at the last minute =) This rocked!

Bob - said...



well I try my best, sometimes it's ummm not so lasting BUT it's always LOVING :-)

Great Results Re-cap--Your an Awesome RD!!

Scott McMurtrey said...

I'm blushing!

You put on a good show. Wow, you're awesome. The best RD ever. Seriously.

Sarah Kathryn said...

Hey cool! I'm a cupcake!

Thanks for doing the math for me - my math muscles are still sore from yesterday. I just told my husband that this means Jenny beat me in TWO races. ;-)

This is such a good idea! I hope there is another one in March, too!

Bob A said...

You've gotten this race directing thing down. Thanks not only for pulling it together but for doing all the work in putting together the full and entertaining official results page. I, too, checked for it all day.

Bob "Rapid Romeo" Allen

Bev said...

Great job Nancy and everyone. How fun!

Michelle said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for giving me a shot at doing the 9 on 9 virtual race! I should have done the 3 miles 3 times but i couldn't do it all in one day! :O(....So, maybe next time? I love that there is such a wonderful running community out there with blogs and information! It's so inspiring to me!!! Thanks again!

Tri+Umph said...

Thanks for putting on a great race, Nancy! I couldn't be King of everyone's Heart if you didn't put on the race!

My first win ever, by the way, I perpetually live in 2nd place!

P.O.M. said...

Wahhhhhhh. Miso sad i didn't get to run so I could be in a cool-erific catagory.

You really are the best race director EVAH.

Shelley said...

Love you Nancy, we have to do this again! So much fun and really good motivation. I think I planned out my race report more than thinking about the run itself. I'm a Honey!

I think topher is on to something with a Lipstick themed race...hmmmn, the wheels are turning....

J said...

Love your race results! Thanks so much, miss race director pants! I love your categories you give us!!! Do it again, K?

Jess said...

Thanks for once again putting this together Nancy! You're one helluva race director!

zanne said...

aw, nancy - you're the swetheart!! this was a lot of work for you to put together!! you rock ... love your enthusiasm & fun spirit!!

Neese said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!! :o) And Nancy I love the candy hearts! :D Sorry, I couldn't do it this time, just didn't have it in me to go from post flu-like-illness to running... maybe in March!? :o)

Unknown said...

As always, you did a fine job with the results!!

Good job to everyone who raced. It was even fun sitting on the sidelines and reading the reports. :)

Running In Oz said...

Already I was amazed by the awesome organization and motivation that the race provided. Now these tremendous shout outs and race bling? Again, I must say, you are brilliant.

Michelle said...

Yay for us!!! :-)

So what month will 10 on the 10th be?? ;-)

J~Mom said...

Nancy you are the best RD ever!!!! Thank you for motivating so many to get out there and run!!!!!

Bill Carter said...

Hi Nancy

I didn't have a chance to run with you all this time, but I would say it was absolutely a success. And I give all the credit to the amazing and wonderful race director:-). I hope you know what a difference these kinds of things can make in other people's lives.

Best of luck to you and when is the next race??

Brooke said...

Wow, I'm in with the directer enough to only run 7 miles of a 9 miler? I love it.

Offical time: 1:20:00. I was on a treadmill, so that's why the time is so precise.

Nitmos said...

Nice job everyone. I'm virtually sure you all had a great time.

CewTwo said...

It just takes me so long to do anything anymore. I did much the same. I ran 6 on Friday and a humble 3.5 on Saturday. Thanks for your inspiration!

Sunshine said...

Enjoyed reading your race report. You do a great job.
Keep fit/Keep warm/Keep thinking spring.

Mendy said...

So very cool Nancy!!! You are the best!! I wish I could have done it but have been with very little energy with the sickness.

Once again, I'm impressed with the race results.

The Laminator said...

Hey Nancy,

Gret job with the virtual race as always. Thanks for the shout out and the encouraging words.

Will come back and reclaim my rightful place on your leaderboards as soon as my broken clavicle becomes unbroken.

Good job with the valentine nicknames too. They are awesome.

My Life said...

Love, love, love the recap!! (&& I like being a Dashing Darling! :)

Happy Valentine's Day you lovely lady!

Cheryl said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks, fabulous Race Director. Great compiling of everyone's stats. Thanks for providing the motivation to get going.

I'm a muffin! I love it!