Monday, November 26, 2007

Fog and Fate

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."
Robert Burns, telling me it wasn't in the cards today...

I certainly had well laid plans.
Even planned my flight to arrive in daylight.
I would resurrect Regular Runner Girl
in White Plains.
She would run glorious cart paths and lope like a gazelle.
Except I am in Chicago since 9:30am.
With sore hooves, I mean feet.
led to
led to
mechanical issues
led to delays
followed by a cancellation,
and a couple failed stand-by attempts.
Something about it being difficult to land.
Zero visibility.
RRG will have to wait another day.
No luggage, you see.

Cloud City on Flickr by Bay 3

I am holed up in a hotel room a couple miles from the airport. The O'Hare Hilton apparently thinks they are worth $375. Good Lord, do you know how many beers I could have at the Radisson at only $199 a night??? (I'm still in sticker shock, when did this happen??) Actually I stocked up on some make up and opted for diet pepsi. I know, I know, no one who knows me will ever believe that!

I really wanted to get that run in and see my friends this evening, but it just didn't work out. However frustrating today should have been, I've surprised myself with a very cool-as-a-cucumber attitude. There really is nothing that can be done and no use worrying or being upset. (maybe all that self-improvement stuff is finally paying off? :D )

I will try again tomorrow around 7am and hopefully still make the bulk of the class. Maybe tomorrow will be my day.
Thanks for all the great comments and support about my slowdown and wanting to resurrect RRG. You are the best!!


Nat said...

You and me both this week my dear... alas.
Stay strong. Tomorrow is another day!

Unknown said...

Oh drat! It stinks to be stuck when travelling. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!

DawnB said...

Nancy sorry you had such a rough time traveling today. I know the feeling its no fun at all. I hope tomorrow brings wonderful things your way.

DawnB said...

Nancy sorry you had such a rough time traveling today. I know the feeling its no fun at all. I hope tomorrow brings wonderful things your way.

Database Diva said...

Travel can drive you crazy! Too bad your running shoes weren't in your carry on or you might have been able to use the treadmill in the hotel gym (a $375 hotel room has to come with a fitness center, right?) to run off your frustrations. After the day you've had, the mini-bar might be a better choice except the bottles are too small. Hmm, I'm feeling so bad about your situation, I think I'll go pour a couple shots of Baileys into some low-cal hot chocolate in a show of support!

L*I*S*A said...

Drats...I hope the airline paid for your accomodations, though.

RRG will be back in full force very soon!

Jamie said...

Best laid plans always go awry when traveling. I know how frustrating it is! I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me so I feel your pain (I don't know if that makes you feel any better). I hope you make it out tomorrow morning and I don't see you when I arrive at O'Hare at 3pm. But just in case I'll keep an eye out...
Good luck resurrecting RRG later this week ;)

The Laminator said...

Sorry Nancy for all your traveling misfortunes. On behalf of NYC, I apologize. Here's to hoping you find RRG real soon, 'cause the foliage in New York is pretty nice during this time of year.

Michelle said...

And that is why I hate traveling via plane. LOL!

Hope tomorrow goes more smoothly for you and you can get out there and run!! :-)

ws said...

ahh, I can feel your airport pain. I usually find myself people watching on those kind of days and usually I can find someone (who may or may not look like my mother) acting like if she complains really loudly and obnoxiously it will fix everything. Those people make me laugh.

Hope today is a less stressful day for you.

Wes said...

That stinks! But yes, tomorrow is coming! Woo hoo! Hope the rest of the trip goes better for you!!!!

Nitmos said...

Tomorrow is always Your Day! You'll be back on track in no time.

Tri+Umph said...

Travel is always stressful, no matter what! If I don't get stuck in traffic on the way to the airport, my flight gets delayed and I miss a layover. If I don't miss a layover, my luggage gets lost. And if my luggage doesn't get lost, I miss the bus by two minutes and have to wait an hour and a half for the next one!

You're not alone, I think RRG can wait a day!

Pokey said...

Traveling and running can be the PITS! Way to keep a positive attitude....tomorrow is another day.

I am not looking forward to traveling to NC next week...the weather this time of year can be pretty UNfriendly!

Jess said...

Sometimes there are forces out of your control.

Lori said...

I'm super impressed you were able to keep your cool with all that hoopla! I would have been ready to gnaw my arm off with the frustration. Hope today is a better day to run for is looking like I'm going to get a good one in after all, too!

Marcy said...

Uggghhhh that totally stinks Nancy!! I would be irate and probably act like a fool in frustration LOL. Hang in there chica!!

akshaye said...

thats crazy... hope it gets sorted out and you get your luggage in time to run tomorrow

J~Mom said...

Oh man!! Try to keep your great attitude!!

Midwest said...

I would just be psyched at not being in an advanced statistics class. Silver lining, woman!

Laura N said...

Oh girl, I'm sorry you are (were) stuck, and without luggage. What a bummer. At least you have your positive attitude to keep you company. Hang in there!

Very cute picture of your boys on your previous post.

Hope you find RRG soon!

Deene said...

my alternative when travel messes up my run plans is to find a fitness channel and hopefully they have a cardio program on and follow along.

PNW Runner said...

A good time to do situps and pushups...yes no? worth a try, you see it all the time in the movies and they get ripped abs in no time. oops sorry if I'm not much help.