Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Move with me, People!

It's more than time to dust off the ole blog and to get moving again.  I did a lot of running and blogging in 2007 and 2008, but injury forced me to stop.  I'm still not healed, but I need to figure out where I'm at and that involves MOVING!! I'm also not too happy about what all this (mentally and physically) has done to my body.  I promised a virtual race and even dubbed it, the DIAGNOSIS DASH, to get me back on track and moving through the holidays.  Unfortunately I really did almost nothing to promote it.  A little word of mouth and a little prodding of friends...

Anyway, it did get me moving over the holidays so that part was successful, and it's also gotten me to be a little more honest with the scale.  We were definitely going in the wrong direction. 

SO, I did my 5k this morning.  About 1/3 was jogging, the rest a brisk walk.  It was just me, the dog curled up in a soft blanket, and a good re-run of CSI. Oy, the life of a dog!  The crazy thing is, it is the fastest 5k I've probably managed in at least couple years and the scale was the lowest it has been in several months.  Trust me, neither of these data points is anything to write home about but at least we are now trending in the right direction.  It was a low bar.  :D

Anyway, if NO ONE did this with me, it was still a success in my book.  And from what I'm hearing, a few people really ARE joining in -- either in spirit or moving along with me.  My sweet niece has suggested we make our virtual run a monthly event.  I think it is a great idea, especially since she could probably do 6 in the time it takes me to do 3, but virtually, it doesn't matter:  we were out there together today and we had a ball.   :D 

If you decide to move with me, either today or tomorrow, post something here or on Facebook, and I will include you in the "Race Report." ( no need to duplicate if you've already let me know).   It won't be as fancy as some of the Virtual Race Reports of the past, but I will try to make it interesting. 

Thanks, everybody!!  HUGS!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I started blogging when I started running, and I fell in love with both. I was not a good runner, not even an average runner!!  However, life at the back of the pack brought out the best in me!  I'm not terribly used to being so bad at something, but it forced me to develop a persistence and positivity that suited me well.  I even ran through the pain of torn cartilage for several months.  I've had some issues trying to get through the injury, and two surgeries later, I'm still dealing with it.  I'm not running right now, but I decided I can stand to get the attitude back.

I have long been a fan of self-improvement, specifically, health-related behavior change and how to help patients find their motivation.  Just because I teach the stuff, doesn't mean I'm always good at it!  When I was a little more successful with my diet, I had a little trick called the "One Pound Decision."  Any decision could mean the difference of a pound on the scale tomorrow.  I realize this might be a bit of a stretch, but it helped me immensely in the moment. I've decided to reinstate the One Pound Decision through out my life. What could I accomplish if I made these decisions with... my husband, my house, my work, my diet, exercise?  I plan on having fun finding out!

Thanks to everyone who has followed me here and to those who have given me encouragement for the past several years.  I still miss running like crazy and miss the community, comradarie and creativity.  I wish I could say I was healed, but I am not.  I am deciding next steps on possibly a third surgery, but there is no reason I should have things on hold forever.  It may be a bumpy road back, but I'm going to give it a try! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

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Man, You People are Loyal

Thank you so much to everybody who didn't dump me!!
I remember now how much you all mean to me and how you've helped me to stay positive even when I am at the back of the pack. I've missed you all, even my nemesis. :D

I think you've inspired me to work on the blog. I have to migrate away from http and I need to migrate away from 26.2 as a goal, at least for now. I was driving and thinking about a lot of things, my life, you, my husband, my house, my weight (blah), the decisions I need to make, the actions I need to take and follow through on.......
An idea was born.
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a start! I have no idea if the migration is going to bring you all along or not. Hopefully it will. If not, I'll try to let you know some other way when it is complete.
I'm excited!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Been a Year...

and I'm guessing no one will even have this in reader any more. Oh well. I need to get a few things off my chest. I met with Amy and Art today, running buddies extraordinaire, and I decided I need to do something.

I had surgery in March of last year to fix torn cartilage, rehabbed all summer and did not really improve although I had some killer muscles in my legs. We started investigating things and decided I probably had a lot of scar tissue tethering in my hip. I had another surgery in December only to find out the tear was still there and the stitches were gone, and yes, scar tissue. After fixing it a second time, I was in heaven for about 10 days. Then all the pain came back. :( It isn't awful, but it seems to be always with me.

The latest, after another MRI, is that we think the plastic anchor of the stitch came loose and is sitting in my joint. We can't be sure, but he thinks that is what it is. A big piece of plastic in my joint!! I have to decide do I want him to go back in a third time or maybe send to his colleague in Vail to get his opinion. I am sick of this and you see why I am not blogging. I'm heavy, sedentary, and kind of a mess. I have nothing to say about running and no encouragement to give. I used to be Miss Encouraging, Miss Positive, Miss i don't care how bad I suck I still love running. I feel like that was someone else now. (see why I don't blog? I read old posts and I can't believe that was me. I love that me but I feel like I lost her...)

Still, after seeing Amy and Art, I felt a little encouraged. I really don't care if I have to have another surgery. I just want to be better. But maybe I could at least get back to some decent workouts. Amy had done a slow 9 and Art is working out like a fiend. Man, I miss them.

Trying to decide what to do with the blog. It is not going to be supported much longer so need to migrate to a blogspot. I used to the love the nonrunner thing, now I just hate it. :P and Nancy 26.2 is out of the picture. :( I'm still waiting for some inspiration... I guess I better think of something soon.

I miss you all tons and keep up with you on Facebook if you are there. I still am in awe of all your accomplishments. I feel like I know so many of you and you have been such good friends to me. Thanks for all the encouragement and hanging in there with me. Keep running as long as you can and enjoy every step.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few days after surgery

Hey Everyone!! Thanks for checking in on me. It's been fun keeping up with people on Facebook but I've decided to do a post since I've been away so long.

My surgery was scheduled for March 6th but was delayed by 1 week due to the surgeon working on a trauma patient all night. It was an ugly phone call that morning as I had a lot of things ready to go (my mind being one of them) but I quickly decided whoever it was needed him more than I did (after a couple tears and some help from the Hub).

So I had arthroscopic surgery on my hip to repair the labral tear on the 13th. As it was explained to me, repairing this is a bit odd in that I am not a young athelete, but the surgeon wanted to do the repair to give me some stability for the Freakishly Flexible Joints. The repair is generally not done because there is little blood flow and it is difficult to heal. I'm finding that out.

if you follow the crescent that is the socket all the way out to the tip, you can see a white space that looks like the tip is cracked. that is the tear in the labrum.

I have a restrictive brace (6 wks) and crutches (3wks). I am about 12 days into that. I've had more pain than I expected or at least for longer. It is still bothersome to sit very long so I hang out a lot in bed with everything I need around me!! (books, mags, laptop, tv, phone, remote, movies, knitting, tray for food and drink, newspapers, purse for on-line purchasing - hee hee) (if anyone has fun websites to check out I'd love to get recommendations - nothing nasty please!) :D Actually nothing is very comfortable with the brace on all the time, but I am trying not to get too worked up about it. At least I can shower now!! I had to wait about 10 days until I got the stitches out. I just cleaned up and washed my hair in the sink. Weird, but I made it through that.

the brace. this will be the only time you will ever be granted a close up of my hips with no lipstick to bring your eye upward. the boobage will have to do. interestingly, that is my lair in the background. i can't for the life of me figure out how my crutches are clear over there. i haven't been cheating I must have slid to the egde of the bed and hopped into place but i don't remember doing it.

this is a picture of me showering...

what you can't see it? hee hee. jk.

I have never been so rested. Wow, 12 days mostly in bed. But, it has been the most comfy place so far and I have lots of stuff around me to do. I am reading 992 page novel, Pillars of the Earth. I never get time to read so this has been good! We did have poker last Friday and I made it down the steps and won the first game!!! (9 people, thankyouverymuch) We've had some dinners but mostly I hang out in the bedroom. One of the poker players nicknamed me Cyborg for all the metal. :D

That's about all for now. I still have a little trouble with blogs. Every time I see a run or read a race report all I can think to comment is Lucky You or I'm jealous or something preachy like ENJOY IT, at least you are running. I figure people would get tired of that so I am trying not to do that too much. I guess I have a ways to go on dealing with the not running but I'll get there. I did meet the Tri coach at our gym and she gave me her masters swim work outs so maybe I will get excited about that when it is time to get in the pool. I don't think I even start any rehab until 6 weeks.

I have knitted 4 scarves - they are an Easter Egg colors one with Fun Fur, a snow white fuzzy one, a ribbon one that is light and more for clothes accent than coat, and a big variegated brown and cream one for my mom. She picked out the colors. I didn't like it but it is what she ordered. My MIL thinks it looks like a stole (translation: dead animal). eeuuww.
The ribbon scarf up close. I haven't quite mastered good pictures of these like Running Knitter.
My boys tonight at bedtime. They've been great little helpers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Freakishly Flexible 5k (FFFK) !!

Imagine my shock upon finding this!!!

I gasped, I laughed, I cried... you guys are so cool. USJogger set this up: a race in my honor!! I really don't know what to say. Thank you so much. I so wish I could run it with you. Go to his site for more details. I'm still cracking up that he used that picture and made a logo.
I am hanging in there. My surgery is March 6th. Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words. All the support is really helping me.
I can't wait to see the outcome of FFFK.